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  1. VE Heres another reason: www.911loosechange.com Great flick, done well, cheaply, and interesting. Sylvia ok, Im not good at this-its a film called 911-loose change. you can find it under 911 conspirarcy theories. My link didn't work. Check it out anyway. It 80 minutes, and worth watching. Try this: loose change 2nd edition
  2. Sylvia

    Rude friend

    Libby Its so okay. I just wanted to let you know that you do have many people who care about you, regardless of the day to day Ms. MAnners shit that happens. Syl
  3. Sylvia

    Rude friend

    Libby You will never forgive me for this, but be appreciative of the friends and reponse from those friends, that you have. I follow your thread, and you do have a "circle of friends." It might not be in real, skin time, but you have it. When these type of things happen I do think about what I do have. Don't be mad at me, or be mad at me....but I could write a thread about how you didn't respond to me on my Springer thread....after you left a message....see, it always comes full circle. MY NAME IS EARL. sob..sob...sob...sob... Love, Syl
  4. good lesson learned, I imagine in a rough way- I too had one of those experiences, all the rest were mind fucks, which can be also very hard. S Going to bed now.
  5. Do you hvae any tranqs to take. That always helped me when I was in the middle of a panic attack. Hope the rest of your day is better. Sylvia Be pragmatic---use what works at the moment. It won't last forever.
  6. Years ago there was an Oliphant cartoon I saved. A guy and gal were having dinner, he was babbling about himself, when she started talking, he began yawning. S9, right on. Syl And remember, as mama said...there's alot of fish in the sea, don't choose the carp.
  7. S I have seen chewable calcium in a chocolate flavor. I, as well, could not tolerate those huge pills. Feel better. Sylvia
  8. Yup, ...got that right. How far are you from Pittsburg? I will be FINALLY leaving for WV in two weeks. Remember...we still got our front teeth. They will love us there! And guess what...from or own perspective, you speak the truth. Syl P.S: And because I decided to stay up all nite, I have edited this post to reiterate and quote my separted at birth twin, S9, FUCK THEM ALL. Aren't we just charming ladies in waiting?
  9. As a victim of sexual abuse at a very young age, I became a very provocative young women. It was part of the pathology. I would wear outfits to attract a man's attention, and then become angry that they viewed me as a sexual object. It was very fucked up, to say the least. On one level, I enjoyed their attention, and at another level, I resented it. It took years of therapy to work through that. But, now I dress to please myself, I do miss the attention, but at 58 I know that ship has sailed. Syl
  10. Ido You are absolutely correct about the sexism that existed then. But, as far as I am concerned, at many levels, it still exists, in many areas. We know it has gotten better but on a political and business level, the numbers of women that have managed to break through is dismal. But...a breakthrough did occur back then. The status quo was rejected. We got rid of Tricky Dick, women started to reject the 50's norm. Women were able to get protection from abusive spouses, through changes in the law, and the creation of shelters. I could go on and on, because I was involved in many of those changes through my career in social services, working with women, low income families, and minorities. The truth is there will always be an underclass, that is part of the capitalistic system. I don't like it, I have tried to fight it, but to no avail. I am an aging hippie, and before I was that, I was a victim of sexual abuse, powerless, and angry. Then I was a young women who saw that equality would always be a hard battle, and my road to recovery would be difficult. I always root for the underdog, because I was one. Thank you for your thoughtful and knowledgeable response. I attempted to do my part to create change, as many, many others have. I am discouraged and I am extremely concerned regarding the present state of affairs, we are not in a democracy, we are in a right wing theocratic society, and that scares the shit out of me. Syl Syl
  11. Would it be in the library yet? It sounds like something I would enjoy. Syl Can I join in and change my name to "Who really gives a fuck?"
  12. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I am still here, an aging dinosaur hippie and proud of it. Commune, cross-country trips, feminism, protest marches, et. al. I still wear my hair long, but have discontinued the promiscuous sex part. I still use recreational drugs, and I still believe the system, and the man sucks. Its about the capitalistic system - its all about the money, and how to keep it,and how to keep the underclass in their place. Its only getting worse, and then they blame Jon Stewart for turning this new generation away from the mainstream. Abbie Hoffman, why did you off yourself? Sylvia
  13. N I don't know if you realize how important your sharing has been. It is hard work, emotionally, to have to protect yourself at all times. The opening of our heart is a great and wonderful experience. Know that this state will not always be continuous, but you now know it is possible. Keep the faith always, Love, Sylvia
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