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  1. ill regain control soon,but is it okay ? if for the next five minutes everythings not okay

  2. and while you where looking for yourself, did you naively belive. You would accept something that caused you so much pain.

  3. perhaps you can space the times you take the meds out if you are really worried about seretonin syndrome. maybe one in the morning and the others in the evening?
  4. people dont understand the silence that goes with apathy. they think somethings wrong. they end up standing in the doorway yelling in frustration. you stand inert and silent. till they leave : (

  5. yea i do the scarecrow thing every year. its loads of fun, I recomend something that you can make a little noise with. I have a clear bucket with fake eyes in it. it makes a weird bubbling noise when i lightly shake it. It helps if you wait till they are near you and then make the noise. It builds suspense
  6. yea i was going to recomend a night shift job if you could work it into your life style. Considering most of the population has a somewhat regular sleep schedule. It might cut down on necessary interactions
  7. insurance wants a 250 deductible for latuda and then again in january since its a new year looks like ill be off meds for another month or so

    1. Wooster


      ouch... patient assistance programs?

  8. during my last tdoc appointment. As i was leaving and my pdoc said "at least your smiling" i laughed and agreed. It wasnt that i was happy or wanted to, in fact i felt kind overwhelmed, It just feels like an automatic response. something to use in order to blend in its not even a bad thing. But im just annoyed that i display this happy persona because doesnt everyone else? anyone else have any default responses, like laughing. That they use to appear normal even if it betrays your real feelings
  9. latuda is supposed to make you sleepy although it doesnt for me, albeit i sleep longer on it
  10. ugh i either feel awkward or i talk way too much and feel awkward about talking alot afterwards

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