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  1. i dont have any personal experience with this, but ive heard good and bad things. my boss has been on depo for 10 YEARS! shes gone against all odds - no weight gain, no breakthrough bleeding, no mood swings, no...nothing! shes the poster girl for this shit. now, two of my girlfriends had terrible experiences. no period for 3 months then 1 month of continuous bleeding, body aches...and the moodiness was through the roof. my doctor suggested it to me after i had tried the patch (i couldnt stand it) and i asked if HE was fucking crazy. no thanks. ill stick to my good ol' tricyclen.
  2. am i the only person who has lost their sex drive taking lamictal/topamax? i have been taking this combo for a lonnnng time and have completely lost all ability to have/want any sexual contact. i will go months - and when the SO attempts i shake him off right away because i KNOW i/he will just be disappointed although, sometimes i wonder if i just dont want to have sex with HIM because i can sometimes achieve O by myself... who knows. it could be a psychological factor as well because of the constant TRYING on his behalf and the frustration. i do strongly believe that it has something
  3. i found that 300mg and over makes me dopey, but nothing like you described. 275mg is the perfect dose for me. like AM said, speak with your doc about the xanax. if anything, its the only med in my cocktail that will knock me right on my ass. tal
  4. i take 150mg in the morning and leave 75mg for the evening. but as you said, im taking it for a different reason than you so i don't know if this helps much. i find that it makes a big difference taking the bigger dose in the morning because im mega spazzy then and it makes me sleepy or at least, sedates me a tad. 400mg broken out worked really well for a long time but then out of the blue made me stupid. tal
  5. did he tell you how long it would take for the mortgage info to come back? in MY opinion, i would wait. if its only going to take a week or so...i wouldnt jump the gun any quicker than that. i KNOW its scary. but if youre interested and you dont ask, youll never know! my anxiety gets the best of me most of the time and i kick my own ass when i dont get up the nerve to do the things i want/have to do. but when i DO, i always feel 123% better. did that make sense? i hope so. tal
  6. i dont have any personal experience with Buspar, but from what ive read from other websites a lot of other people had noticed that their appetite had improved. in some cases people had TERRIBLE weight gain. tal
  7. you have to remember, sales men are sales men. they will do anything for that sale. i got screwed around by one a few years back - i was pissed!!! but the advice from everyone else is good. either way - mortgage or no mortgage... a coffee is harmless and youll definitely see where you stand. good luck
  8. much like what her tommy said...normal for me is crying & laughing for the appropriate reasons, and actually realizing it. it makes me feel good. tal
  9. i participated in the poll and i HAVE gained weight from AD's (effexor) - approximately 25-30lbs. from being put on topamax, i am one of those people who lost weight, and have lost all of the weight i put on and THEN some - which now puts me anywhere between 115-120lbs (im 5'4). my doctor is very unhappy with the weight loss but my mood has changed drastically (for the best). i do NOT have a flat stomach whatsoever. it seems to be the only place that the weight has not dropped from...which is where i have always been heaviest. i currently fit into a size 4 or 5 depending on the make... w
  10. bernard, i completely understand! EVERY ONE of my girlfriends has either had a baby or two, or is having one within the next few months. i feel so left out...but on a side note i know that i am not ready. baby this, baby that...GAH! i hate it...(how selfish is that...) ive had a scare as well, though. a few years ago i was told that there was a chance that i may not be able to carry a baby properly due to complications from a medical procedure 2 years ago. im awaiting test results on my cervix from 2 weeks ago and im praying they come back normal. from this, all i want is to have a b
  11. hmm. i have always questioned my GP/allergist(s) with this. i have taken (what feels like ) every drug/nasal spray on the market for my allergies and nothing seems to work. in fact, my allergies have been SO bad this year, that i dont get ANY benefit from one pill anymore - i have to take 2 or 3 with sometimes no relief at all. ive suffered from allergies for as long as i can remember, and ive switched from one to the next, to the next, etc. this is after taking them religiously AND as my doc's have recommended. although, i do know many people with terrible allergies that hav
  12. i found this website quite some time ago...its GREAT! im sure itll be awesome for your motivation - keep us posted tal
  13. all depends on the person, i guess. meds seem to have affected my alcohol tolerance. i can drink ALL night without getting sick or getting a hangover in the morning. topamax helps that though - its taken away a lot of my urge to drink. period. while i was on effexor, i could drink more than i ever could before...which was really scary. in turn, i just wanted to drink more all the time. tal
  14. its a good idea to drink a lot more water - there is a risk of developing kidney stones as well. as far as BC pills - my doctor wasnt overly concerned but yes...there is a risk that your pills may be less effective. i take ortho tricyclen. tal
  15. i cannot explain how closely i identify with your post. tal
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