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  1. I've found abilify, resperidone, latuda and Rexulti to have AD properties. Sometime pdocs say zyprexa but was not my experience.
  2. You'll never know until you try it. For example, I never got weight gain when I was on full dose zyprexa
  3. My quote is just a joke from an Eels song. My voices are nasty too.
  4. Clozapine has cured my psychosis like 90%. The only pain in the ass I get from it is weight gain. I wouldn't worry too much about the low white blood cent count. My current doc has never had it happen to one of her patients. All I can say is I was terrified of taking clozapine before but now I'm glad. I think it should actually be more aggressively pushed for people with psychotic disorders.
  5. I just wanted to add that Rexulti took a little time to work. It wasn't instantaneous like other APs.
  6. In general, I really don't do well on ADs. I've tried virtually everything. Though I've taken a TCA (clomiprime), I would not be thrilled about taking another one (really bad side effects). I'm trying to treat depression, OCD, and social anxiety. So every time I've read about luvox on the internet it has been negative. I rarely see it on the med combination of people with OCD on the boards. At my last appointment, my pdoc mentioned it but I was scared of trying it and asked to be put on effexor again. I'm finding effexor not working that great this time though I'm not at a higher dose. If I quit the effexor, it seems luvox is one of my only options left. Can you share your experience if you've taken this drug. Thanks!
  7. My bottle says nothing about not cutting the pills in half so you probably can.
  8. I hear you. I've been diagnosed with everything under the sun and I use to be obsessed about my diagnosis. But as people on this site told me, you should focus on treatment. Whatever works, go for it. Diagnosis is just for the insurance company.
  9. I find rexulti to be very tolerable, just some sedation so I take it at night. I take the maxmium dose of 4mg, which is for schizo diagnoses. It has really helped with my depression and mood. I'm not sure about psychosis because I also increased my clozapine to 400mg at the time so I don't know what is causing what. Same goes for weight gain. I honestly don't know why it is compared to abilify. I just find rexulti to be cleaner.
  10. All the AAPs can lead to weight gain and the only way of knowing whether or not it will is to try one. For instance, I never got weight gain from Zyprexa. We are all different but in terms of efficacy, I find risperidal, zyprexa, and clozapine to be the best for psychosis.
  11. I highly recommend Rexulti for bipolar depression. It has helped me and so far no side effects.
  12. From my personal experience, I actually find antipsychotics to be better for anxiety than antidepressants. Can you tolerate increasing your clozapine to 250-300? I would say try that before adding another antipsychotic.
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