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  1. I have severe OCD and no med has been able to touch it. Some tdocs/pdocs say that therapy is the best treatment whereas others say a combo of meds and therapy work best. I'm lucky to have a therapist that specializes in OCD and I have an OCD group I attend. For me, exposure has been the best treatment. The goal isn't to eliminate all OCD but make it more manageable.
  2. We use this book in our OCD group...you could try the exercises on your own. https://www.amazon.com/Mindfulness-Workbook-OCD-Overcoming-Compulsions/dp/1608828786/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=ocd+mindfulness+workbook&qid=1579554742&sprefix=OCD+mi&sr=8-2
  3. No medication has also not worked for my OCD as well. What has partially worked for me is exposure therapy. Can you ask your tdoc about trying this? It is standard OCD treatment so he should know it. My old pdoc and current therapist say that therapy is the gold standard for OCD and not medication. I'm still looking for a med to help me though.
  4. When I first took this med about a year and a half ago, it did wonders for my mood (not sure about psychosis because I'm also taking clozapine). Now it seems to have stopped working and my mood is no longer calmer than it was when I first took Rexulti.
  5. I think if you've tried multiple antipsychotics and they have not worked, you should be a candidate for clozapine. However, I think you should try risperidone/invega, which also has a good track record, first.
  6. I saw my pdoc yesterday and we are going to try viibyrd. She said that one of her books says it can be used off label for OCD. Just scared of the possible GI effects but actually it's side effect profile is a little bit better than other SSRIs. Anyone take this med and have advise?
  7. I really like my pdoc and think she is way smart but I'm disturbed now that I know that. She wanted me to titrate to 200mg luvox and stay on 300mg of clozapine. No wonder I was fucked up.
  8. I attend an OCD group and see a therapist that specializes in OCD. We use a combination of CBT, exposure therapy, and mindfulness. These have been helpful but OCD as I understand is also a chemical thing going on in your brain so it seems like you'd need a medication as well. I find exposure to be the most helpful. It's scary and hard work but worh it.
  9. Has anyone had success with depakote for depression and/or OCD? I now it's primarily used for mania. I was thinking about trying it again but scared of more weight gain and sedation.
  10. I'm doing a little better. Thanks for asking Cheese. I am hoping to enter an outpatient program next week. I just can't believe how long it takes to get treatment and I have good insurance.
  11. Yeah I've read it can cause really bad GI problems. I think I'll suggest it to my pdoc next because its an SSRI and am wary about trying a TCA or MAOI.
  12. OCD intrusive thoughts, suicide ideation, lack of energy, extreme self criticism, isolation etc... Note: I had forgot to list it but I have tried Lexapro. I don't want to do paxil because I'm already having trouble with sedation. I seriously doubt I could do an MAOI because of the food restrictions. Food is one of the few joys in my life.
  13. I just tried Luvox and it was a total failure. It increased the clozapine in my system to the point where I became bed ridden because I was too sedated to move. I was so hoping it would work. I have an appointment with my pdoc on the 25th and for once I'm out of ideas for what to replace the Luvox with. Any ideas? Tried meds are in signature.
  14. Fuck life. Life is a fucking joke. Once I think I gain control, I loose it just as quickly. There will never be a cure and I can never explain to normal people what I'm going through. I can't be completely honest with anyone. If I desrcribe what I am fully thinking and feeling to my team then I'll be hospitalized, if I were to tell an ordinary person, they would run as quick as hell from me. My pdoc gave me luvox and it put me out in complete meldtown causing me to sleep all day and be severely depressed. To make matters worst, my pdoc and tdoc have been out for 3 weeks? Wtf? The covering doc has not been helpful. I'm trying to get maybe outpatient program.
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