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  1. All the AAPs can lead to weight gain and the only way of knowing whether or not it will is to try one. For instance, I never got weight gain from Zyprexa. We are all different but in terms of efficacy, I find risperidal, zyprexa, and clozapine to be the best for psychosis.
  2. I highly recommend Rexulti for bipolar depression. It has helped me and so far no side effects.
  3. From my personal experience, I actually find antipsychotics to be better for anxiety than antidepressants. Can you tolerate increasing your clozapine to 250-300? I would say try that before adding another antipsychotic.
  4. For me, social anxiety is extremely debilitating and keeps you isolated when you do desire to be social. Everyone experiences some form of anxiety around meeting other people but they are usually able to work through it. For me, I have such strong social anxiety that I can't date or make new friends. All I can do now is talk to my therapist and hope I can someday get a girlfriend and meet some more friends.
  5. I'm sorry for your loss. Having to say goodbye is the hardest part of being a pet owner.
  6. Have you thought about talking to someone you trust about your MI and religious path? I'm a practicing Buddhist and had practiced for awhile before I caved in and told Roshi I have a MI. I'm so glad I did because he was compassionate about it and now he can understand if I engage certain behaviors that its the MI, not me.
  7. Why are you so insistant that your not ocd? I would discuss it with your pdoc and see what they say and most importantly get help with the ruminating thoughts. Most people think ocd is just clean freaks but it can manifest itself in so many different presentations.
  8. If you can, find a therapist that specializes in OCD and/or find an OCD therapy group in your area...these are the two things that have helped me. I find medication doesn't really do anything for ocd.
  9. Can you take an activating antidepressant, antipsychotic to counter these effects? Is there ANY stimulant you can get where you are?
  10. I have to take 2 antipsychotics too....as long as the combo is working and you aren't suffering from severe side effects you shouldn't worry
  11. Whenever a mass shooting happens, I get paranoid thoughts that people with severe MI are going to get rounded up and incarcerated for a very long time.
  12. I wish I knew the answer because I'm having the same problem. All I can counsel from it getting worst is take a mild/medium dose of clozapine and augment it with an antipsychotic that is better on weight.
  13. For me, as distressing as the thought is, I can at some level recognize that it is my OCD (even when going through the compulsion). When my OCD flares, aside from feeling anxious, I feel shame and like an idiot for giving into my OCD. Psychosis, on the other hand, I usually find I lack insight and its only a medication change or ER/hospital visit that can reverse this state. As far as treatment for OCD goes, I found only CBT and exposure therapy work. None of the ADs including clomipramine.
  14. taking night time meds hours before sleeping and a stimulant are what has worked for me but sometimes I wake up so tired I just want to sleep all day
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