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  1. My pdoc wants me to take my abilify via an injection shot now. She says it will make the medicine work better. I always thought injections were for people who refused to take their meds. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  2. I have your problem too. Stimulants work but then I build up a tolerance and my new pdoc is taking me off them anyways. I too am interest in sunosi but my sleep doctor didn't even know what it was when I brought it up I assume you do CPAP. If not that might be something to look in. I do CPAP and I know its helping my health but it doesn't make me wakeful. I think its the APs. They are just so sedative.
  3. I know this may be mean of me but I literally believe that if he died hundreds of thousands of people not only in the US but around the world would be saved. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to humanity and the planet and is a sociopath. Trump WILL NOT BE BE CHANGED BY THIS. If he survives, he will say see this virus is no big threat and its just the democrats trying to rig the election. Trump has no empathy for anyone but himself. HE HAS ALREADY ENDORSED WHITE SUMPREMACY AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE. If he looses the election, he probably won't step down and may launch a coup. Our environment may no longer be able to recover from his rollback of environmental protection at home and abroad. Here in California we now have perpetual fire season. I hate him so much. I have no sympathy for him.
  4. You need to get on medications that treat your underlying conditions and also get therapy and some kind of drug rehab.
  5. Just curious if you get excessive sedation and weight gain? Clozapine works really well for my symptoms but I can't take the side effects and will probably discontinue it soon which is scary because I've basically tried everything.
  6. I'm dealing with this right now too. Since my new pdoc took me off my stimulant, I have my usual winter hypersomnia PLUS the sedation from clozapine. I've slept in until 2 pm and only been able to stay up until around 8-9 pm. I don't know what med to ask for that is not a stimulant and I've tried practically every AD that is suppose to be stimulating.
  7. It doesn't weaken your white blood cell count automatically but in rare cases it CAN, which is why you get a blood test when your on it. I wouldn't worry yourself to death. My pdoc of 40 years said he only had to get patients off clozapine twice due to low white cell blood count. I would worry more about protecting yourself against coronovirus.
  8. I wish I had stayed on zyprexa. It was the first AP I took and it worked really well and astonishingly I didn't gain weight and my glucose didn't rise. But I was stupid and young and went off of it when I wanted to go on an alcoholic binge.
  9. I think the fact that you know the delusions are your ocd shows that you have ocd and are not psychotic. However, antipsychotics can sometimes be used to treat ocd especially if antidepressants fail. You can have very delusional ocd symptoms. A hospital pdoc even told me that extreme OCD can come with psychotic symptoms.
  10. You're lucky if you've been good on one drug for awhile. You might also want to consider augmenting with abilify too.
  11. I've read that risperdal can be good for treatment resistant ocd. As far as mood goes, are we talking bipolar or just mood disorder NOS? In the case of bipolar, risperdal can be effective. It helped me but then I developed some bad side effects and had to quit. I often think about trying it again. From what I've read, low dosage of risperdal can be effective for depression and ocd whereas higher dosage is for bipolar and Schizophrenia.
  12. I have issues with cleanness and control over my environment. My room has always been majorly messy to the point where my parents have threatened to kick me out of the house and roommates have complained. But then my OCD also kicks in and I can't stand like the hall light to be on when sleeping or too many people to be in my house or things out of place. In college, I threatened a roommate because he was getting onto my OCD and I almost got kicked out of the housing unit. I am trying hard to be less messy but it's just my nature. I'd rather read a book or learn a language than clean. Oh and I'm bad about cleaning bathrooms, I feel so sick about it but once again it is a matter of priorities. I've gotten better about personal hygiene but I am unable to brush my teeth everyday and I'm scared to visit the dentist because they are always so critical and I get freaked out plus I don't know if they are even seeing people during coronovirus.
  13. lithium can also be used for depression. If your having mood issues, you might ask your pdoc to consider a Schizoaffective disorder diagnosis.
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