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  1. I've read low dose risperidone can be effective for treatment resistance OCD. Also have you tried therapy? I never found a med that would help my OCD but therapy has helped me a lot especially exposure therapy and mindfulness exercises. I worked one on one with my therapist and attended a OCD group two times. I still have OCD (it's impossible to completely get rid of) but it doesn't have complete control of my life anymore.
  2. I didnt agree with everything he said but I loved watching his videos and miss him. I wonder if he finally got in trouble in terms of an ethics issue or something and that is why he had to take down his videos.
  3. Has anyone taken this? I really want to get off of clozapine but my only options would be vraylar or caplyta, I'm not even sure my pdoc would try something so new.
  4. I don't take dexerdrine for ADHD bit it is my favorite stimulate. My doctor will only let me go up to 60mg. Only problem is I eventually build a tolerance and have to go on a drug holiday, which leaves me bedridden for weeks on end. I never know what to do. Sigh.
  5. Strangely, none of the usual meds used for OCD helped me (SSRIs, clomipramine) but since I've been on depakote I've seen a major reduction in OCD symptoms. This could also be from working on my OCD over the last two years in a private and group therapy setting. BTW, for whatever its worth, both my pdoc and tdoc say therapy is the best treatment for OCD. Do you see a therapist?
  6. I agree. Depakote has been a godsend for me too. I don't know why people bash it so much. The only side effect I got was strong sedation the first month.
  7. Basically it means you have psychotic symptoms outside of a manic or depressive episode along with manic and/or depressive episodes
  8. I Could Be Dreaming by Belle and Sebastian
  9. Ability made me manic and gave me severe insomnia. I stopped at about a week.
  10. Cheese I don't know what to say about the calls. They should be returning them. Sometimes the nurses at the treatment place here are overwhelmed and it takes 2 days. Can you email your pdoc directly? That's what I do when I have a problem and dr. usually gets back in the same day. In terms of getting accepted by a private tdoc, I just wanted you to know that I see a private tdoc and he had no hesitation when I told him my DX. You just need to shop around and ask the therapist if they have experience with helping people with DXs similar to yours.
  11. Maybe if PRNs don't work, get a sleep study.
  12. Yes. Winters are always the worst and when historically I've been hospitalized.
  13. Entitlements is a propaganda term used by the rich and their allies in politics to confuse the public. Polls show that people overwhelmingly support taking care of the poor and disabled but when the term welfare is put in the poll, you see a drop in empathy. If you have a mental illness and struggle then your receiving benefits is just a drop in the bucket compared to what the taxpayer pays for corporate welfare. In this country, we have rigid free market capitalism for the common man and nanny state socialism for corporations. You should not feel guilty about getting public assistance if you need it.
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