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  1. Unfortunately I can't switch my HMO right now because I'm in a particular situation where I can stay with this HMO and get good coverage because I'm disabled. My pdoc eventually prescribed me Restril. Plus there are some pdocs that are completely anti-benzo. Fucking pdoc when I was last hospitalized wouldn't even give me a benzo for sleep even though I was sleeping only around three hours for several weeks and psychotic.
  2. Clozapine was definitely effective for me but I became obese on it and the sedation was rough without stimulants so I had to stop.
  3. I would like to try it for sleep but marijuana makes me very paranoid. This may be though that in the past I was smoking some very strong stuff. It's legal where I am now and thought about trying something mild but not sure yet.
  4. Was reading about this today and it's real now though not FDA approved yet. https://nyulangone.org/news/nyu-langone-health-launches-home-virtual-brain-stimulation-program
  5. I see my pdoc next week and thinking about asking to be put on a TCA. I'm currently doing TMS and having mild to moderate results and think I will still need to find a medication solution for my depression after it is over as I've decided against ECT. The pdoc running TMS says you can't make major med changes during it as you could get a seizure. But I would start it after TMS. I have already tried clomipramine but none of the other TCAs. Are they all generally the same or are there differences? Seems most people try Amitriptyline.
  6. I personally think you are overmedicated. I can't even imagine being on clozapine AND zyprexa. You also just started brintellix so it will take awhile to take effect. You could also be suffering from negative symptoms. My pdoc says what I label to be depression could be negative symptoms instead. Bring this all up with your pdoc.
  7. That's great news! I'm so happy for you. Perhaps volunteering or taking a class at a community college? I don't know if working would be too stressful.
  8. Can you do Transcranial magnetic stimulation? I'm currently doing it and seeing moderate improvement and I'm not even half done. No side effects like ECT.
  9. It depends on how long you need relief. Klonopin is the longest lasting, valium is medium and Ativan is the smallest lasting.
  10. One asset of having a MI is it has allowed me to be more compassionate to others suffering. People may think that with my diagnosis that I suffer more than someone with say MDD but I know that it can be just as severe to the point of someone comitting suicide. We're all in this together.
  11. My pdoc too put me on metformin for weight loss and I cannot tolerate it pass 1000mg or I get bad diaherra and stomach ache. It hasn't helped with weight but my blood sugar is normal and I'm on two APs so I'm not sure if it'd be good to stop. My pdoc says metformin has a good track record for controlling blood sugar. The only thing that sucks with it is when I get hospitalized they all think I'm diabetic and I get the stupid low cal zero sugar meals and no one believes me until I get my blood sugar checked lol
  12. Sadly I doubt we will reach herd immunity due to a substantial anti-science part of the population.
  13. I'm so happy about this too. I hope my HMO will allow therapy groups to resume. I am so curious to see how everyone has been doing over the last year. Things were so different back then!
  14. Seroquel below 100mg is usually for sleep. Probably you'll just feel sedated? I've taken trazedone and seroquel together for sleep before. It was pretty potent back then (trazedone no longer works for me.) I've never taken Seroquel XR but a lot of people find it helps for depression at a higher dose then your taking. I'd ask for an increase if you don't find results with your mood.
  15. Just wanted to share two books that I recently read on ECT, which helped me to make an informed decision about it. The first is Shocked: Insider stories about electroconvulsive therapy by George Kirov. The book is written by an ECT doctor in the UK. Each chapter is about a certain presentation of MI and the doctor's determination about whether ECT will help or not. This is very important as ECT only works for certain presentations and not others. The book is also very detailed about the procedure itself and all the medical considerations that have to be taken into account when doing ECT. The one thing to keep in mind though is that it deals with how the UK does ECT. ECT laws are very different in the UK then the US. Shocked: Insider stories about electroconvulsive therapy: Kirov, Prof George: 9798630913944: Amazon.com: Books The second book is Shock: The Healing Power of Electroconvulsive Therapy by Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye. This book is half about the history and science (or lack of scientific understanding) about ECT and the other half is Kitty Dukakis's story of struggle with addiction and depression and her choice to finally do ECT. The book is extremely even handed and fair. It basically is pro-ECT but does not sugarcoat the side effects of ECT. Shock: The Healing Power of Electroconvulsive Therapy: Dukakis, Kitty, Tye, Larry: 0735918014503: Amazon.com: Books Anyways, if your considering ECT read these books!
  16. I take two antipsychotics but that's for treatment resistant schizoaffective disorder. I think it'd be okay with rexulti since it's really an antidepressant though technically an antipsychotic. My philosophy is whatever it takes, so long as the side effects do not outweigh the benefits, to feel better it is okay.
  17. The Republican party has become so radical that Reagan would be considered a communist today.
  18. I'm too socially inept to have friends or date. MI + being an introvert and possible Asperger's. It use to make me very suicidal but I guess I've just come to accept it. It really sucks though. The thought that I will never marry or have kids. I've thought about going to work but I have no work experience due to being on disability my whole adult life and I'm scared of losing my top notch insurance. I've always also been scared of revealing my diagnosis to others because I've done it in the past and people just assume someone with bipolar or schizophrenia is either a invalid that can't do anything or dangerous. My pdoc says this is all a sign of negative symptoms.
  19. In researching ECT and TMS, I've constantly come across this therapy. I googled it and found some studies being done on it last year. One in MDD with suicidality, which held promising results and another on depressive episodes in bipolar (the results weren't published.) It does induce a seizure but with magnets instead of electricity like ECT. Apparently the memory loss issue is less. You still have to be put under anesthesia. I guess there is a whole school in psychiatry that revolves around brain stimulation. Some of it like TMS and MST sounds promising but some of it sounds scary like vagus nerve stimulation and deep brain stimulation (you plant a device in your body surgically.) Sounds like modern day insulin comas to me but who knows? Anyways, I was just curious if anyone has participated in a study on MST? Is it going to be approved soon? Is it just being done at university research centers?
  20. My pdoc has prescribed me benzos but I think there is intense pressure from my HMO to not prescribe them. I went to the ER after barley sleeping for several weeks and all they gave me were three ativans. My HMO also banned doctors from prescribing Xanax.
  21. If you don't want to try the med then you don't have to. I'd just refuse rather than lying.
  22. Hard to say. I haven't been manic since being on caplyta but it's only been two months and I am also on lithium and seroquel. The pdoc that prescribed it to me it was his first time prescribing it so he said he didn't know if it had mood stabilizing properties or it was just helpful for psychosis for which I was prescribed it for. My own pdoc knows nothing about it. If you can get it, I think it's worth a try because the side effects are less. The only common side effects are sedation and dry mouth.
  23. My last two pdocs were okay with me taking stimulants to counter AP sedation and I felt it helped and I don't think it destabilized me. The problem always was building a tolerance to a particular stimulant and having to switch to a new stimulant. However, my current pdoc opposed me taking stimulants stating they could increase psychotic symptoms. So there you go. That's my experience.
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