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  1. Cold. Too cold. My fingers don't work.
  2. Oh, I know about this.. This happened to me in August. It was bad.I bitched out a lady at a bakery over a donut. I was edgy. And just not me. I came off my Cymbalta ... my pdoc thought it was that, I still had ragey bitch attacks, so she increased my Seroquel 100mg..It took about 3 weeks until I settled down. Def talk to your pdoc! Good luck!
  3. First off... $2 , was it a 64 oz? Dang. She has to earn something back, like she can't be entitled to it. I think she is getting pretty used to you buying her/doing what she wants.
  4. I took Effexor back in 2004-2007.. worked well , very well. Then it stopped working. But , let me tell you.. do not miss your dose.( learned my lesson..dry heaving and sweats etc) It sort of has the same effect as Cymbalta. I lost weight on Effexor like crazy and it did trigger my mania at first. But overall , not a bad drug.. if I had to rank it on the psych award scale I give it 6.5 stars out of 10.
  5. Not sure if this an accomplishment.. but I've never taken an uber , today I lost my uber V card. It was different than a taxi. I had to get my windows tinted on my car and needed a ride. So check that off.
  6. Damn, I'm sorry about your studio ? That's terrible. But the kitty survived!!
  7. Thanks!.. I no longer live there, but It would make me sad seeing my house damaged, and YES 10 feet on the side of the house... Omg he is such a loud angry man too, him and his wife would yell and each other haha. Dude... throwing your back out is no fun. You need to lay on the floor , preferably a wooden one. No carpet. And stretch.
  8. Not sure what to think, Today the house I used to live at, the house next door caught on fire and burned down; it was only 10 feet from mine. I couldn't see if my house was damaged. But their house was gone. Luckily they weren't home but their kitty was ( hopefully he is ok ) It's a really weird feeling when you see something destroyed by fire. Esp something personal. This was over an hour after and like 5 Fire Trucks.
  9. And just like that... Mania faded. Yes, at least they aren't being paid by the hour. haha. The one contractor is our neighbor so it works out too . Tdoc is really trying to help me cope without playing with my meds so quickly and try to process things instead of numbing me up.
  10. So I'm back to the velvet underground.

  11. This was posted In July... lol.. hopefully she is ok and her medication is adjusted.
  12. Anyone talk a lot and will not shut up? I have become a Ms. Chatterbox lately with the contractors at my house. Like to the point where they don't leave until 8pm. I mean I talk about random shit. All over the place, somehow they follow.. I think people who do labor work are a little ADD too, which works out. Anyway .. I need to zip it. Maybe a little mania is coming.
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