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  1. Yep! 😀 Omg. I forgot about that! I used it a couple months ago for some scars etc and it helped a lot! I swear Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for a lot of things. 😀
  2. Crazy. I can’t see your post.
  3. Ok. I have had horrid skin issues since April/May. I thought I found a cure. My Dr. prescribed a Medication called Elidel. 💰💰💰 Any-Who it worked awesome for about a month. It still does, but it isn’t taking everything away. I still have a few of these red bumps only on one side of face. Yes, it is a mystery even she said. Now my face seems to have a typical breakout. Have any of you guys had or have skin issues? If so, what helped you? I don’t have enough money for Laser or Photo Light therapy. So, now what? I have to say I think having blemishes on your face is one of the most embarrassing things you could have on your body, of course minus some nasty herpes. 😜
  4. Ugh. Rolling anxiety / tightness in chest For about a day now. My chest has been super tight and I am very Hyper Vigilante. I am off balance as well. Not sure if this is my good ol’ Pal, Anxiety coming to visit. I have been trying to distract myself. But, it keeps lurking. My face is a super mess. I have an interview tomorrow. And, they judge people on their looks. For some reason when I see blemishes on my face, it makes me feel like a dirty person. 🧼
  5. I am ancy. I wanna go outside or something. But, it is dark and there are a ton of feral cats. Stomach is a little iffy. I think it’s a nervous tummy. Bad food combo prolly too? Time for some Xanax Tums.
  6. I hate conflict. Even tho I am the one who doesn’t start it.
  7. The more I learn about people the more I don’t want to be around anyone.
  8. Worried. I think I am gaining weight. The scale is giving me 3 different readings. I hope it’s not the first one. That would mean I gained 5-6 pounds this month. 😔
  9. Good to know! I think my Dr. gets sick of me asking for certain meds lol. I Keep forgetting they are the Dr. not me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. Yes... man, drugs are weird. I feel like there is always a down side to them aka withdrawal. I def wouldn’t be making a habit of it. Probably only use it a few times. I have this odd perception thing. I have had it a few years, seems like it is a mystery. Pdoc said it’s a form of high anxiety. It makes me very disoriented and then it makes me panic. Vicious circle. It is almost like I can’t look forward like I feel like I am falling into the horizon. Creeps me out. Makes me sound wacky. Do you prefer Airplanes over Driving?
  11. Thanks for the reply! I am sorry you suffer from motion sickness. Usually I am pretty good in cars if I don’t look down or sit in the back seat. For me it’s how the way I sit. I usually go in my sisters Jeep and it can be bouncy. I talked to the Pharmacist and he said that Meclizine could make you dizzy...yet it is for dizziness lol. My concern is like you said, is being able to function after. This is prolly an irrational fear. But, can you actually stop breathing from mixing the two drugs. 🤔
  12. So, I sometimes experience Vertigo or Pretty Bad Nausea. ( Not sure if it is caused by my meds ) has anyone experienced side effects from this drug? I may be traveling and I want to be knocked out. Has anyone also taken this with Xanax?
  13. Trouble on my left, trouble on my right. I’ve been facing trouble almost all my life. (It’s a song) 

    1. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Hey, I know that song. Sorry you're feeling that way though.

    2. KnickNak


      Great Song. But, I am doing good 😀

  14. I am guessing you aren’t from The States. Haha College here sucks. You have to pay at least $50-60k for a BA Degree. And even then the jobs here are soo limited that people who have degrees can’t find any work. So, you have to either get lucky or find a career that you know that you will be employed. I totes get you on the feeling out of control with the drinking. That’s the only reason I don’t drink too. Well, I don’t like the spins and throwing up. When I have drank, it was always very little. Plus, with meds everything is 2-3x potent. So, 2 Vodkas can really mean 4. Thanks for the feedback. 😀
  15. Wow! Congrats 😀 I agree. If you can find the right cocktail of meds it can change ones life. I am seeing a new therapist, I am hoping she can give me a different perspective on how I think. I wanted to go to a hospital but there aren’t any around here, or any that would I would benefit from. No Surprise tho. I hope you continue to be well!
  16. Nice. I give you major credit for going to school. That alone is very hard. That’s the thing I was concerned about if I could handle a job or be considered reliable. Restaurants are huge triggers to me. I had to go for my Mom’s Birthday to this Steak House. As soon as I walked in. I said FUCK. It was one of those restaurants that it’s super dark in there( Romantic Lighting ) and it was packed. When I am out with people of course they ask what I want to drink. But, I just say I am on Medication. Sometimes it’s hard to have a good time when you’re sober and it can be a hard time connecting with people. I am at the age where I am content with going out once every 2 months haha. I get bored easily.
  17. Yay, for getting out of the house! That sounds good by the way 😃 🍔 You sound like you may have a mild form of it. It usually starts off of what you are describing. I slowly lost confidence and was avoiding a lot of situations where I know It would cause anxiety. I always said the same thing. It’s like I felt jealous of how they don’t have to worry about getting anxious. Can I ask how old you are and if you work?
  18. I used to do the same! I have been called flaky, rude and bitchy. It is harder trying to pretend that I don’t have it. I usually just say , I have bad anxiety and that I have certain limits and boundaries that I have to stay in. Sometimes if they really want or care to know I will tell them my triggers too. How are you doing otherwise with it?
  19. I was literally going to write the “ Fake It Til You Make It” quote. Haha. Thanks for understanding. It is Grey ATM. I have been here before. I tend to look back on these posts to see what kind of place I was mentally . I do have support. But my family’s support has transitioned to not listening to me anymore. And that I have to figure it out on my own and they can’t fix me. I just started seeing a new therapist last week, so far she seems great. I am hoping she can give me some tools. Without having to rely only on meds. I do see a pdoc as well for over 7 years now. Currently increasing the Seroquel a bit. Things have been bumpy. I am hoping this will pass soon and instead of being severely depressed I will just go back to feeling apathetic. Thanks for the response, it helps.
  20. I have too much insight. Sometimes it would be nice to be oblivious. 

  21. Just curious. I have gotten a lot better from where I was back in 2012-2015. But, I am not where I want to be. Has therapy “cured” you? I have noticed I can pretty much be anxious anywhere no matter where I am. I am more open to people about it, instead of having to lie and making up excuses, (so I don’t have to explain what it is.) Sometimes I get the Deer In The Headlights Eyes when I explain it to people. Oh Well. I am going to make a goal to go somewhere that I haven’t been to in a long time.
  22. Ok. So it’s no secret. I am depressed and have been for months. If I get a glimpse of happiness or hope. I know that it’s short lived. I have heard this over and over again “No one or something can make you happy, you have to find it or want it.” When you lose desire, good luck. I have pretty much given up. I can whine all I want. But in reality it’s not whining anymore, it’s the truth. I try to focus on others and their happiness instead of how sad I am. How long do I have to pretend? I am waiting for my happy fairy. Man. I am a sad sack of shit.
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