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  1. Thank you for replying to my post. I agree, internet DX'ing is not the best idea, and isn't what I was hoping for. Really just looking for others who may have had similar symptoms in the past, especially the disordered thought patterns. The one pdoc that suggested this course of medication suggested that it seemed like a very mild presence of psychosis or psychotic tendencies with respect to the jumbled thoughts.
  2. So many years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. My pdoc at the time had also mentioned I had a tendency to ramble with my speech, circumlocuitous speech patterns, where I'd never get to the point and provide extraneous detail about whatever topic was at hand. So, after getting the Adderall dosage right, we tried adding a novel AP, first starting with Risperdal (terrible for me). Next was Geodon, this one was an interesting combination. Before any of the wacky side effects showed up (tremors, spasms), I recall clearly that my mind was just very calm, and could see very clearly. At the time I was in dance classes, as well as self-studying several advanced mathematics materials. That one month on Geodon, those tasks seemed effortless... I did not have that internal chatter/anxiety/whatever going on, and I was able to just see how things connected in my thoughts and easily connect them in my actions/communication. Then the side effects kicked in. Since that time, I have tried going back to Geodon 3 separate occasions, each time with that clarity of thought though also followed by those nasty side effects. So I am hoping one of you out there has run across something similar and can suggest possible diagnoses to check with a new pdoc, or alternatives to geodon/adderall that are worth exploring. Just looking to have a clear mind, that's all!
  3. How about trying to use a LiveScribe setup: http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/ This way, you record the meeting and take notes. The pen helps you only listen to the words discussed while you were writing specific notes, providing you with faster review of the recorded material. Worth a look ...
  4. So i've been going on with adderall as a primary treatment for ADD/ADHD, though the past few years have really taken a toll on my body, now diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and taking other meds (thyroid/cortisol) to help my body recover. Lately, my brain has been feeling very hot from the inside, specifically the part behind my forehead. Has anyone felt this before? What have you done about it? I have not changed up my meds recently so I am having trouble pinpointing what may have caused it. Actually, I have reduced my adderall intake to about 45mg daily, spread out with 3x doses of 15mg.
  5. Interesting that you mention Yerba Matte - love this stuff, it's amazing how this works. Definitely on my regular shopping list. Any more natural suggestions in addition to the amphetamines would be great! Thanks, - Luis
  6. I mentioned Mexico because I can have relatives mail me medication from there if it is available. As for location, I will be in major cities in Colombia. And yes, this is legal - I currently get monthly prescriptions for Adderall XR and IR and know that I will need them while I am out of the country. Thanks! - Luis
  7. I will be in South America for several months and will need to have some medication with me while I am there. Does anyone know whether Adderall is available there or whether it is available online? Who/Where can I call to check for availability? Thanks! - Luis
  8. Thanks for the suggestions - I should clarify a few things here. I have a good grasp of planning when I get to it, I also understand the steps or pieces needed to get to a certain goal. What i have trouble doing is acting on those known steps, it's as if something blocks me from using mental energy on those steps, and my mind shuts down. Instead, my mind wanders off to looking at "new" stuff: new ways to do what i do, new ways to do things my coworkers do, anything new gets my focus over anything that is known. I *know* that if I were to complete a particular project and follow through with it, it will lead to significant rewards - both careerwise and compensation wise. It also promises to give me a working life that I claim to desire, yet I cannot focus my energy on this project. There are a few such projects I can take on right now (yes, I do realize that I am in a very fortunate situation), yet I just can't seem to do it. Something's just not right, and I'm close to freaking out again because my only solutions seem to be finding a new job, new country to live in, new anything. I know this can't be the solution though, too many things seem too right at this moment. The most frustrating thing is that these projects that I am not following through with are projects which I have frequently stated I enjoy, things that make me feel good when I work on them, but now I'm at this block and can't progress. The projects are currently at their most complex point - going through now means lots of intense concentration, which may also be a problem. I dont know what to do. help
  9. Pills: Adderall XR 30mg morning, 15 IR afternoon, Lexapro: 20mg evening (stopped 2 weeks ago) Notes: used to take risperdal / geodon to help with this. They helped a lot, but had other side effects that were just no good. ie - penis wouldn't work (didn't work with lex either, barely showing any signs of life these days). geodon also gave me nasty EPS, embarrassingly nasty. I am having a lot of trouble connecting my short-term decision making with future outcomes. How have you been able to cope with this? It frustrates me to no end how I have such a limited capacity to choose where I focus my energy and concentration. This is true in a professional and a personal sense. For example, there are several topics related to work which, if I would follow through on learning them and the projects around them, would almost certainly lead to a very promising future with my industry. These topics interest me, I enjoy reading about them, thinking about them ,but I cannot for the life of me finish any projects related to them, I get sidetracked by other related info, and in the end, nothing gets done. How can I channel my energies better? This is killing me and it feels like I'm running into a brick wall every single day. Any suggestions? I'm at wits end and have no clue where to turn. I really need to get my sh*t together, it feels like its turning point time.
  10. so my doc gave me geodon to help my anxiety (instead of just giving me a f'ing AD like the literature i've read has suggested all along, esp. given side effect profiles, WTF!). I have beenn off Geodon for 3 weeks now, but I still have an essential tremor. It flares up pretty bad under stress (meetings, tennis) and wrhat's worse, I seem to be developing extra tics - the corners of my mouth suddenly jerk, so do certain muscles in my legs. Much like muscle spasms. My pdoc has royally pissed me off; she does not seem concerned enough with the side effects and insists that i keep taking crazy pills, but the side effects keep gettinng worse. She suggested it oculd be the adderall, but i have been on adderall for 7 months now, wouldn't I have noticed tremors prior to the addition of geodon? I was on geodon for just 1 month...
  11. WTF i have been off the geodon now for about 3 weeks and i still have tremors. they get really bad under any stress (playing tennis, meeting with boss)...how long will i have this bullshit? is it permanent?
  12. What is EPS? I swear I never felt at all wacky until I was given crazy pills. WTF
  13. Currently taking 60mg Adderall XR in the morning, 20mg Geodon before bedtime. I was on this combination for three weeks before pdoc added 10mg lexapro. 2 or 3 days after starting Lexapro, I developed tremors (bad ones), heavy nausea, and a sense of disconnectedness between what I wanted to say and what came out of my mouth. I stopped the Lexapro after 1 week, the side effects kept getting worse over the course of that week so I blamed Lex. Now it's been about 4 days and I still have tremors, I get dizzy very easy (forget about playing tennis, cannot do this anymore) and just have a sick, unwell feeling inside. Is this from the Lexapro or is it something that developed over time with Geodon usage? I've been on Geodon for close to 5 weeks now. I hate this feeling, it causes random brain zaps while I'm talking to coworkers (I got zapped while speaking with a partner, WTF!) Regardless of my craziness, I *DO NOT* want any such side effects to show up at work, that is intolerable as far as I am concerned. Any ideas about what could be wrong? If I stop Geodon, what is withdrawal like and how long does it last? FYI, I was given Geodon because my PDoc thinks I ramble too much (her words: You over-elaborate, go into far too much detail and don't get to the point quickly enough). Thoughts?
  14. I do tend to ramble, though it has never been problematic. If I don't take the adderall, my mind gets spacy and can't stay on track at all. I've definitely tried - it seems as if the Geodon magnifies its effect. I have also thought a reduction in my Adderall dosage (while takingn Geodon) will help, but when the geodon is taken out, adderall loses its effectiveness. This behavior is consistent with Amen's literature - if type 3 is present with type 1, the adderall is expected to lose its effectiveness because of activity in the obsessive components (anterior cingulate gyrus). I have not missed a dose of Geodon however, and the side effects I've mentioned happened from Day 1 of taking lexapro.
  15. My Pdoc decided on one of the AP's b/c she said I rambled too much. I had trouble getting to the point and I explainend far too much detail than was usually necessary. I first tried Risperdal, but that led to a very strange effect. I became very poor at communicating, like there was a disconnect between my brain and my words. It also became difficult to 'connect' with people during conversation. I've been on Geodon for about a month. I did not have any of the side effects until I started Lexapro just over a week ago. Then the confusion/jitterinness started and kept getting worse. When I stopped, I started feeling a lot of the symptoms that are associated with lexapro withdrawal. What happens with Geodon (also with Risperdal) is that the obsessiveness grows to a point where I sit at my desk for the entire day without leaving to do anything, I get so obsessed with unimportant details and don't get anything done.
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