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    I love movies, tv, reading, and sometimes writing. I'm a geek in every way, mostly superheroes. And Star Trek.
  1. Being a teenager, my parents don't want me started on any real medications. They don't think I need it. That's the only reason I take OTC things because my parents don't want me on prescription things. Hence the natural products.
  2. I started going for an eating disorder. And have discovered all my other issues. I take over the counter anxiety meds and her and I were discussing those when she mentioned St Johns Wort and that it might be good for me. She's never suggested a pdoc.
  3. Anybody tried St. John's wort? My therapist recommended that I start on it. Anyone used it? If so, what was your experiences with it? Thanks!
  4. No, I haven't I didn't realize she could help.
  5. I've never tried sleep meds, and I see a therapist. I'm a teenager. I don't think I'm more stressed than usual though..
  6. So, my entire life, I've required a lot of sleep to function. In the past year, I slept about 10 hours every night. But starting about 2 months ago, I don't sleep hardly ever. I lay in bed almost all night and get maybe 2 hours of sleep. I feel terrible all the time. So for about the past month, I have started living on coffee and other forms of caffeine, but making sure not to drink any past 4. What caused this? Why can't I sleep?
  7. Maybe things had to hit rock bottom to get better.

  8. I really don't want her to know about my problem...
  9. When she said she hadn't eaten, I had watched her eat a few hours earlier. I also know, that when you are going through something like that, it's your secret. The last thing you want to do is tell someone. I know she has issues, I just don't think that an eating disorder is one.
  10. I was with a group of "friends" tonight and one of them tries to act like she has an eating disorder. Everyone ordered pie, and she was all, if I order something sweet I will have to throw it up because I haven't eaten today. She just talks like that. I know she is not suffering. Is it wrong that it makes me want to relapse, just to be better then her?
  11. Thanks guys. Since I found this site, I don't feel so alone. My recovery is doing a little better now. It's not easy. But, I hope it will be worth it. Thanks again guys.
  12. Hey everyone. I'm Nikki, I'm somewhere between a struggling and recovering anorexic. I found this site today and realized I'm not the only one who's "crazy" I feel really crazy sometimes. If anyone has stories that they feel like sharing, message me Lets hope we all get better someday
  13. I've been in recovery for anorexia/bulimia for a month now. I didn't have some glamorous story, I didn't almost die, nothing like that. I was just a teenager who got caught. I was doing really well recovering, until I found the scale again... I've lost three pounds in a week. The worst part is, everyone thinks I'm still recovering. I have to see my nutritional therapist this week and she will weigh me.. This stuff is scary. I also have lots of OCD tendencies. Can I hear other people stories? My height is 5'8 I was at 100. Then I got up to 108 and now I'm back down to 105. Have an awesome day, hope everyone is well
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