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  1. I've had almost exactly the pain you're describing, but it sounds like I probably had more pronounced pain in the sternum. Still, it radiated across my ribs and into my mid-back. It started after a couple weeks of attending exercise boot camp. I saw my doctor about it, and she guessed it was probably costochondritis or a pulled muscle or something of the sort. It went away on its own after two months. So I'd definitely stop running for the time being. As healthy as running is, it can do some weird stuff to your body. Everything will most likely be right as rain in a little bit. Good luck!
  2. I agree. That's another reason why switching to something else scares me. He wants me to take Kadian every day, not as needed. Rather than having short peaks of pain relief from vicodin, he wants me to have constant continuous pain relief. I'd need to maintain a certain level of medication in my body for it work that way, so I'd be taking it both in the morning and the evening until I decide not to be on it anymore. It's not really a question of whether or not I'll become "addicted" or grow physiologically dependent on it... I will. And eventually I'll need to take more for the same pain relief. That's opiates for you. My obgyn was prescribing me Vicodin initially, but she referred me over to a pain doctor so I could discuss possible surgical options and other magic pain control ideas that she hadn't thought of yet. Swapping Vicodin for Kadian was his first idea. I mentioned above in my reply to dilemma that his intent was to keep a stable amount of pain medication in my body at all times and to avoid the short peaks of pain relief that Vicodin provides. I will ask if the acetaminophen is part of his concern. Asking for plain hydrocodone could go either way, though; I'm a new patient, so I haven't earned his trust yet. Example: I asked when I should start feeling the effects of the Kadian, and he replied, "It's not like Vicodin, you don't feel it!" He thought I meant the "feel-good" side effects. Not the pain relief. /facepalm ^THIS. I don't understand why your DR wants to change something that work. Kind of like the phrase, "Don't wake a sleeping baby." I agree : (. Is it really necessary to risk taking something that might not work quite as well? Especially during the busiest time of the school year... ( I did convince him to hold off the switch until at least June.) I didn't really think I had a problem either. And actually, during my last appointment he prescribed me ten Vicodin for the whole month. I don't know if it was out of spite or what. I'm really lucky that I have some leftover from my last prescription. Still, I'll be in huge trouble if I have a bad month.
  3. I have chronic pain (a peripheral neuropathy). The only thing I've found that actually reduces the pain is vicodin. I've tried tramadol, gabapentin, cymbalta, other SNRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, lyrica, physical therapy, massages, acupuncture, meditation, CT guided nerve blocks, medical marijuana, nitrous oxide, muscle relaxers, ice packs, hot baths, tens unit, topical lidocaine, and probably other things that I'm forgetting. None of these gave me pain relief, and several made the pain worse. Vicodin works, and it's made me a functional human being. I take 7.5 mg hydrocodone pills once or twice a day. Some days I can go without taking it. My pain fluctuates from terrible to bearable, and I like the fact that I can choose when to use the medication. It makes me feel like I'm less likely to grow dependent on it. My pain doctor wants me to switch over to Kadian (extended release morphine), 20 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. This freaks me out. I don't WANT to take opiates every day. I'm scared that if I start that, I'll be on them FOREVER. I know withdrawal is awful, and I don't want to have to deal with it. With Vicodin, I can go days without taking it and not feel any problematic symptoms. My pain doctor insists that sporadically taking Vicodin is no different than taking morphine every day. I... don't understand that. I'm not asking for medical advice here. Just opinions. I've been taking Vicodin for two years without any need to raise my dose. It still works great. Am I being unreasonable? Should I get over myself and switch over to morphine?
  4. When was the last time you had an MRI? It could possibly be an issue with the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Like transverse myelitis or MS. I brought up TM because my friend's mother was recently diagnosed with it. She had pain and numbness from head to toe, predominately on one side (I don't remember which). My friend made it seem like it was pretty severe, though. More so than what you described. Also, from the mayoclinic website,,, "Multiple sclerosis is a disorder in which the immune system destroys myelin surrounding nerves in your spinal cord and brain. Transverse myelitis can be the first sign of multiple sclerosis or represent a relapse. Transverse myelitis as a sign of multiple sclerosis usually manifests on only one side of your body." I don't know. I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility, haha. Hopefully the doctor will figure out what's going on and fix you up : ).
  5. Um, either he has very bad nutrition or he has something else entirely going on. I know plenty of people who have lost 100 pounds and over (including myself) and this didn't happen. He should see a doctor and find out "Why?" for himself. Speaking of which, I'm not entirely sure if we are allowed to ask about people other than ourselves on here. Or maybe I made that up.
  6. My experience was similar to water's. It made me very dizzy if I took a dose late or didn't take it with food (you can take it with or without food, you just need to be consistent about it). I thought it wasn't helping, so I got off of it. Turns out it helped a lot without me knowing. I would get back on it, but the dizziness was too inconvenient.
  7. What you're going through here sounds eerily similar to what I went through. I completely understand the guilt from being unable to give your partner sex. Like the other two mentioned, pain during sex can have many causes. Doctors, however, aren't always great at pointing out half of those reasons. Even obgyns. They don't learn much about female pelvic pain in medical school. Get all of the obvious things checked out, but don't lose hope if it doesn't give you answers. Peripheral neuropathies like vulvar vestibulitis (provoked vaginal pain) and vulvodynia (unprovoked vulvar or vaginal pain) are very common in women and can also be treated. I had to go through five obgyns before I found one that had even heard of vulvodynia. Just from my own personal experience, I wish I had been more careful about telling my doctors that I had been raped when I was younger. If they had found something structurally wrong during the examination, I think it would have been appropriate to mention it then. But I told all of my doctors during my first appointment. When they couldn't find any obvious issues during the examination or from tests, they started ONLY paying attention to my rape and disregarded any other pain triggers. A few began throwing around ideas that all of my vaginal pain was in my head and that I needed to be treated by a psychiatrist. It was a terrible experience. I couldn't stop crying when I finally found a doctor that acknowledged my pain was real. Thanks to her, I've finally been able to get my pain under control. I'm posting this just in case it's something you go through. Either way, be your own advocate. No one should have to suffer through painful sex. If this ever becomes relevant to you, please feel free to PM me!
  8. Lexapro actually worked great for my anxiety, but I randomly developed an allergic reaction to it after half a year. Other drugs in the same class have worked similarly well for me. (I obviously took those before the surprise!allergy to SSRIs.) But yeah, it SUPER helped get rid of any social phobia I had, and I had fewer repetitive, negative thoughts. Klonopin, on the other hand, made me irrationally angry . Just a note: SSRIs have always given me trouble with weight gain. Zoloft made me gain 100 pounds, all of which came off without diet when I quit. Lexapro made me gain 20, and it also came off without diet after I quit. It doesn't happen to everyone, but I wish I had been more careful with controlling my food intake while I was on it. I was apparently eating a LOT more without realizing it.
  9. I've been on this med for a couple of weeks (maybe longer? I've lost track). It gives me orthostatic hypotension, which is great fun. Nothing like standing up from your seat and falling back down again! My anxiety has also worsened. So, those are my side effects.
  10. I've been on Neurontin for chronic pain for around two years. I never knew it could be used for anxiety! I'm currently on 1200 mg in the AM and 1200 mg in the PM, and I've gone up to 3500 mg total in the past. I have not noticed any difference in my overall anxiety levels (or pain levels). It has given me no noticeable side effects. I also had no trouble tapering onto it or tapering off of it in the past. For me, it's sort of like a sugar pill that my pain doctor insists I take. I honestly think some people are just more sensitive to it. Hopefully it works out for you! Also, brain fog is a VERY common complaint among the people I know who have taken Neurontin. So you aren't alone there.
  11. So, under my doctor's supervision, I've begun to limit my oxalate intake to around 40 mg a day. Low oxalate diets are traditionally followed to help prevent kidney stones, but it's more recently become a supposed "diet-that-might-cure-everything-in-the-entire-world-who-knows-guys!!!!!". I've jumped on the bandwagon to see if it helps ease the pain associated with my pudendal neuralgia, because why the hell not. There's vague evidence from literature that it might work, and that's enough for me at this point. Anyway, people are trying this diet for plenty of other things, including autism spectrum disorders, yeast infections, whatever. Has anyone else on this site ever been on it? If so, what was your experience like?
  12. Urghhh, I hate the bias people have towards heavy people. Your psychiatrist kind of of sounds like a jerk. I really don't have good advice for controlling binge eating (the "cure" is different for everyone)... but I did have a four year period where I gained exactly 100 pounds. So I can relate to you on that. I also used to binge on salad. Carrots, actually. God I loved carrots. Every week I would buy three bags and finish all of them in around two days. I did eventually lose all of the weight I gained. It was after I went vegan. It helped me pay attention to what I was eating, I guess. I wasn't trying to lose weight on purpose, it just happened. Nothing else ever worked for me. And eventually you'll find something that works for you. You're actively seeking help, and that's fantastic. If the professionals you are sharing this problem with are unsupportive, you should find someone more understanding. You deserve that much. Good luck! ETA: I just read your interests and you're a fellow vegan! Lovely to meet you, and I love your username .
  13. First off, I'm sorry you've had to spend so many years in pain without knowing what's going on. That's horrible. Doctors are great at lots of things, but most don't excel in dealing with or identifying the cause of chronic pain. If you feel your symptoms are consistent with ON (and they do seem consistent to me... especially the scalp thing and the headaches), bring it up to your GP. He/she/ze should be able to refer you to a specialist. I would also bring up the arm thing. That seems like a separate nerve issue. Do you get numbness in your right arm often? Good luck, hope you get all this figured out.
  14. Damn you ulnar nerve issues. Now I have to type everything with one hand >:(

  15. Before I give up soy for a few months, it's time for a soybean extravaganza. Hello, tofu drizzled with soy sauce on a bed of edamame with an ice cold glass of soy milk!

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