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  1. Thanks AnneMarie, I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I think if Nardil doesn't work the next step is Saphris or other AP's; we're trying to find something similar but less ridiculous than Geodon. The reason I hate Geodon so much is not just the crippling side effects but because it really, really worked. It completely smashed my depression so having to stop taking it was like a slap in the face. But not only was I having severe Parkinsonian side effects I had crippling insomnia that couldn't be stopped by anything other than benzos, plus I had a bad reaction to the Parkinson's med that stop
  2. Fuck! Sorry, I just really, really hate serotonin syndrome. Last time I got it so bad I couldn't walk more than five steps for a month. Hopefully if I do get it this time it'll be the less nasty variety because I can cope with that... Is the new drug combo working for you?
  3. Hi everybody! A while ago I asked about switching to MAOIs from tricyclics. I ended up switching from imipramine to clomipramine instead with (surprise!) no results. Now I'm actually making the switch from clomipramine to Nardil/phenelzine. I just wanted to know of anybody who has been on Nardil, what side effects they had and how they found it, especially those suffering from severe or treatment resistant depression. I have a history of serotonin syndrome which worries me a bit but I'm going up slow (15mg a week) with a seven day washout. Hopefully, since my SS is usually caused by combin
  4. 13, but was a really anxious child who panicked about everything from watching videos with adult ratings to interacting with other children. I was an odd little muffin Received treatment at 14 and stayed on the same meds until 24 and am now going through antidepressants trying to find one that works because my illness is now severe and treatment resistant. So I see it as having two different onset periods.
  5. Thank you lysergia! That was exactly what I was looking for and it's a huge weight off my mind knowing I can take something to get through the imipramine withdrawal. Praise be to benzos! I'll probably take longer since I want to do things at home (if they'll let me) but it's great to hear that the MAOIs and imipramine have no problem with seroquel, I hate it when I can't at least get some sleep. Plus 4 weeks for the MAOI to work is much better than the 6 to 8 weeks all the other garbage needed . Having been on a cocktail of high doses of lithium, seroquel, pristiq, Zoloft and ziprasidone for f
  6. LynnK: We think the T3 could be compounding the anxiety issues-I might stay on it anyway but I definitely have to come off the imipramine. I'd have to wait for my system to clear of imipramine before trying Wellbutrin or Remeron + Effexor; Wellbutrin might be the way to go, I'll definitely ask for that first. I'm not sure what else T3 could augment, it seems the only studies have focused on tricyclics. Thesystemisdown: The serotonin syndrome only happens for me when two medications combine. It's not the increase of serotonin or the block of reuptake that causes it (they don't actually know w
  7. Hello all! I have 'severe' treatment resistant depression? I'm currently on 225mg of imipramine with 30mg of T3 (thyroid) for augmentation. After six weeks of waiting I had two weeks of bliss where i was 'cured' but then it just failed to settle. Unfortunately I've been having huge problems with anxiety and panic attacks. The only way I've been able to outrun these episodes is to increase the imipramine to this high level but I can't go any higher than 250mg. Has anyone else had problems with imipramine/t3 and anxiety? I see my pdoc Tuesday and he wants me to shift to a MAOI. But to do th
  8. Seconding the higher dose of Seroquel. You'll find that 200mg upwards stops the sedative effect, just be wary of it causing insomnia if you react differently to drugs, but since you're on remeron as well that could be a good combination.
  9. 2 weeks to a month. It can lower your blood pressure and I found myself getting a bit hypoglycaemic so you have to eat and drink to keep it stable. I did get car/train/bus sick for a while but you do adapt.
  10. I took Pristiq for 3 years and at 200mg for about nine months. So yes, doses over 100mg are ok and are used by psychiatrists to treat treatment resistant depression. I was on Effexor XR for 7 years on doses from 75 to 275mg but switched to Pristiq because it was supposedly stronger and worked at lower doses and was not such a pain to come off. I found it easier to cope with withdrawal wise but it gave me digestive problems. Earlier this year I was on 200mg of Pristiq plus 200mg of Seroquel, 800mg of Lithium, 200mg of Zoloft/sertraline and 120mg of ziprasidone (an AP). Yes, all at once. Of
  11. That sounds like something I should definitely talk to my pdoc about. Also totally agree about warm milk, although I tend to add a bit of sherry
  12. Unfortunately higher doses of Seroquel (I'm currently on 50mg) actually make my insomnia worse. Funny how that works! My dog snores like the clappers which is fortunate because otherwise I'd be snuggling her till the cows come home.
  13. Not snarky at all! Masturbation used to work like a charm but with the ziprasidone it just doesn't work anymore. It's really effective though when it does work!
  14. Hello all, nice site you have here. I'm looking for your best cures or coping methods for dealing with insomnia. As I'm currently awake at 3:30am again and with no chance of rest on the immediate horizon I could do with some help. Please note that my insomnia is medication caused however if you suffer from other types I'd love to hear your stories too! Thanks and sleep tight
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