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  1. Hey strangers.. I gotta say, I was disappointed when I checked in a while back and found that the chat roooms had been closed.. A lot of things have changed in the last few years and wanted to share with my fav people..

    I’m still working as a sleep tech, loving it., I work in 2 different locations, in different states even ... 

    ATM   I am over 2000 miles from home, traveling 8-12 hrs a day, With a friend who is moving cross country for a job that is no longer available due to current circumstances.. 

    I was just laying here, thinking about all of you guys, and thought -  IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO MEET SOME OF YOU IN PERSON.. just for coffee, but there is nowhere you can go and sit to enjoy a cup of coffee or someone’s company.. 

    Anyways, to put an end to my sharing, I am currently in Toledo. I would love to ask all of you to send me a friend request on FB 

    I am unable to share certain pics and info on FB due to my blood relatives knowing nothing about what is going on, but I am sharing some of the pics here....  

  2. med free for 10 days and surviving well

    1. Amontillado


      Congrats :) . I hope you feel well from now on.

    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      Iv'e struggled with meds. being on them and off them for over 15yrs. Sometimes, when none are working any more, it's time to take a break.

  3. get outta my head. I have no vacancies

  4. glad to have lived my life with 'oh well' rather than 'what if'. looking forward to many more 'OH WELLSl

  5. forgot how good it feels to be clean

  6. I think it likes me.. but I think its ugly

  7. starting to get excited about Xmas

  8. never miss an opportunity to say nothing

  9. trolls: they steal your socks. but only the left one.

  10. the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit...

    1. BlurredBoundaries


      I bounce from one to the other like a see saw

  11. do alligators alligate?

    1. Stickler


      They are very fond of allegories.

    2. Alie Fireside
  12. words with friends?? start a game with me -username dieselfairie

  13. The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

  14. just when the caterpillar thought the world was over. it turned into a butterfly

  15. laughing is exercise for your body. Its like jogging on the inside

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      One time I went to a free yoga class and it was laughter yoga! I gave it my best shot. Sure it was silly, but it did loosen up inner tension!

  16. waiting anxiously for my boys to get home from the 1st day of school

  17. have to pee and my husband is pooping

    1. nonuser


      They do take forever on the toilet, don't they? Mine reads freakin novels while sitting on the toilet. Arg.

    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      mine uses his tablet. plays games and cruises FB.

  18. my breath fogged up the glass so I drew a knew face and I laughed

  19. I start school tomorrow. Anxiety city here we come

    1. jt07


      Good luck!

    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      thx. my anxiety was a lot better than the days leading up to it

  20. wanna feel like me

  21. changing meds is a nightmare

  22. happy to have my new bathtub in. even if it is leaning on the wall

  23. wishing the whirlwind of anxiety would stop

  24. looking like a very lonely night

  25. very eventful yet unproductive day

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