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  1. Hey strangers.. I gotta say, I was disappointed when I checked in a while back and found that the chat roooms had been closed.. A lot of things have changed in the last few years and wanted to share with my fav people..

    I’m still working as a sleep tech, loving it., I work in 2 different locations, in different states even ... 

    ATM   I am over 2000 miles from home, traveling 8-12 hrs a day, With a friend who is moving cross country for a job that is no longer available due to current circumstances.. 

    I was just laying here, thinking about all of you guys, and thought -  IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO MEET SOME OF YOU IN PERSON.. just for coffee, but there is nowhere you can go and sit to enjoy a cup of coffee or someone’s company.. 

    Anyways, to put an end to my sharing, I am currently in Toledo. I would love to ask all of you to send me a friend request on FB 

    I am unable to share certain pics and info on FB due to my blood relatives knowing nothing about what is going on, but I am sharing some of the pics here....  

  2. adderall, skittles and a Miller Fortune

  3. Albert Einsteins Insanity - that's me

  4. anybody want to be my friend??

  5. awake and feeling great

  6. being lazy..ordered pizza for dinner

  7. being mooned by a kid walking across... gotta love this town at night

  8. blog is now private. friend me to stay up to date

  9. changing meds is a nightmare

  10. Children of the night! What music they make

  11. coffee crash... oh goody

  12. do alligators alligate?

    1. Stickler


      They are very fond of allegories.

    2. Alie Fireside
  13. feeling crazy

    1. brokenchina
    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      seems like this feeling is a common occurrence for me lately

  14. fingers crossed its an easy night at work

  15. forgot how good it feels to be clean

  16. French Kiss... my bedtime movie

  17. get outta my head. I have no vacancies

  18. glad to have lived my life with 'oh well' rather than 'what if'. looking forward to many more 'OH WELLSl

  19. had an amazing trip to Alpine and enjoyed the awesome Mountain Days Celebration

  20. happy to have my new bathtub in. even if it is leaning on the wall

  21. have to pee and my husband is pooping

    1. nonuser


      They do take forever on the toilet, don't they? Mine reads freakin novels while sitting on the toilet. Arg.

    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      mine uses his tablet. plays games and cruises FB.

  22. headaches are my reminder to take my meds

  23. headed off to another night of work.

  24. hiding out in my bedroom today

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