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  1. really need to find a hobby

  2. watching French Kiss.. can't help but feel good

  3. up at 530. work at 630. I'll be late =)

  4. watching French Kiss (again)

  5. hiding out in my bedroom today

  6. fingers crossed its an easy night at work

  7. coffee crash... oh goody

  8. blog is now private. friend me to stay up to date

  9. I can still make my kids mad at me.. =)

  10. how to deal with a bad hair day... wear a low cut shirt

  11. mom, you're my favorite girl.. the mouth of a smart 4yr old

  12. laying in bed hoping that sleep finds me soon

  13. headaches are my reminder to take my meds

  14. if I could just find my.. now where did I put??? I think my shirts on wrong.. what was I looking for?? it's so gonna be one of those days

  15. skittles... taste rainbow!!

  16. vodka isn't the answer... but it makes you forget the question.

  17. I am not a morning person.. looking forward to torturing ppl to make it a better day

  18. anybody want to be my friend??

  19. you don't know unless you're in my head.. and there are no vacancy's here

  20. the best way to get over a man is to get under another one... Rose Nylund {doesn't mean anything personal. just thought it was extremely funny(could be that its late)}

  21. in need of some me time...

  22. being lazy..ordered pizza for dinner

  23. sometimes... just sometimes I wish he'd say hi

  24. not feeling the 'work' vibe tonight

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