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  1. I'm at work, what's your excuse

  2. no matter how I'm feeling, my kids always make my day brighter

  3. watching a few Mentalist episodes before bed

  4. waiting for the mania and I get dropped on my head

  5. I'm actually happy to be up today

  6. tinfoil dinners tonight.. can't wait

    1. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      maybe if it stops raining we will.... :(

  7. needing something, just wish I knew what

  8. love working nights, but tonight.. paranoia city has taken up residence in my head

  9. feeling crazy

    1. brokenchina
    2. Alie Fireside

      Alie Fireside

      seems like this feeling is a common occurrence for me lately

  10. proud I am up and showered with no plans or to have to be somewhere to do.. did I mention I came out to snow!?!!

  11. overwhelmed, insecure, and totally lost

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