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  1. Ok. The itching of the eyes comes and goes and right now im not itching at all.
  2. The 2 last thimes i quitted zoloft and abilify, i get itchy eyes with alittle pus in the eyes on the morning. Can this be an allergic reaction of wuitting this pills?
  3. Ok. I was cold turkey them by my self without the pdocs permission.
  4. Ok. I have not recently changed my medication. Can this things happend more if i quit abilify and zoloft cold turkey? Can cold turkey abilify or zoloft create epileptic seizures?
  5. Ok. I also one night have walked to the livingroom fom my bedroom, and feeded my aquarium fish with all the food in the foodbox. I only remember a little little moment of it. Is that also completely normal? I also have a tendense to "wake up" from bed standing in another room sometimes, and i also often get numbness in my left part of body at nights, without even lying on the left site..
  6. To day i did something i never does. I locked the door after a shopping tour at daytime at home, and i dont remember it. It is like it was a unconcious moment. When i talked on the phone with my dad, my mum had to lock up the door before she came back. Can it have been an complex partial seizure or something? I dont remember any moment when i had locked the door. I had buyed chinese food.
  7. Ok. In 2013 i was on mental hospital in 3 days bechause my pdoc trough i was psychotic, after a month after i cold turkyed abilify. But i didnt hallisunated, so i think he had wrong.
  8. I think my pdoc has missdiagnosed me. Bechause i took a psychological test in hospital and the psycolog told me i had none of psychosis or scizofrenia at this time. My psyciater in other hand, said i was sick. I dont trust him. I saw a youtube video of how wrong some psychiatrists can take. So tomorow i quit abilify and zoloft for the 4rth time and this time for good.
  9. Thanks. I have been on zoloft and abilify in 4 months now. Can serotonine syndrome come after 4 month? I didnt had shaking or cramps. But i was very unconsentrated when i had this strange attack.
  10. I have never had seizures like this before. I have an appointment to my pdoc 12 may.
  11. I have never had this attack of mania before and never had mania before. But yesterday i had a overactive and happy time, followed by hyperactivity and extremly hot face and fast heartbeat even when i tried to sleep. Something wasent right. It lasted the whole afternoon starting with a strange unusual feeling in my head. and the night was sleepless. I got 2 hours off sleep this morning from 06.30-08.30 Can this have bin a long epileptic seizure in my head? Or have i signs of mania? Im using zoloft and 10 mg abilify.
  12. I gained over 30 kg weight, so i desided to quit this medications today. This is the 4rth time i trying to quit abilify. My pdoc says if i go long enough without abilify i will get more and more psychotic. I had no psychosis before i ever started abilify, but i have almost always been on antidepressant. Is that what my pdoc telling me true? He is a psychriatic specialist also.
  13. Ok. I think i may had a psychriatic disorder in chuid an teen ages, and that i was missdiagnosed.
  14. Im not going to begin on other meds. I had no psychosis when i first begun on abilify in 2010. But the pdoc told me i was psychotic a little more than a month after stopping abilify in 2013. He then hospitalized me in mental hospital for being psychotic. I dont belive im autistic, even when im diagnosed with light-aspergers syndrome in 2008. I do not recorgnise my self in the aspergers symptoms. How could i be gone psychptic when i stopped abilify in 2013, when im not was psychotic in 2010 when started on abilify?
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