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  1. That's lovely lol. I've just been put on a low dose of metformin so lets hope all I need is a low dose as a newly diagnosed diabetic. *RIP pants*
  2. I've had a therapist in the past who would send me to the hospital for mention of sui thoughts and any self harm. My MI was worst during this period of time. It's frustrating when doctors will put you in what feels like prison for being mentally ill at all, not just when you/ others are in danger. FWIW, I've called a suicide prevention line in the past and they didn't send anyone out to pick me up. They only do that if you're actively doing so or have a plan. I hope you're able to speak to someone about this soon.
  3. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and have not had any treatment for my ADHD. I don't want to take stimulants due to a family history of heart problems and I can't think of taking Strattera with the risk of serious liver injury it possesses. Does anybody have/ know of any coping mechanisms or skills to cope with untreated ADHD? Are there any AAPs that might have off label uses for ADHD?
  4. I don’t wish for harm to befall him but I do wish him karma so he may learn and grow from this experience
  5. My wife became diabetic from Zyprexa within a matter of a few months. Her A1C was 10.0 when she was admitted to the hospital and continued to be insane even with insulin until she stopped Zyprexa. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I could imagine how frightening this is.
  6. I’m sorry you’re struggling. That being said, I am proud of you for recognizing and accepting that you need help and doing the thing. I would recommend taking some books (if you can focus), some coloring books, and a bound journal or composition notebook to write down your thoughts and feelings. I hope you feel better soon, hun ❤️
  7. Perhaps what you can do is ask her to require approval of follow requests for her instagram and ask her to only accept people she knows IRL to follow her. It keeps the risks to a minimum without making her feel like she’s being smothered.
  8. It’s late, you’re asleep, and I don’t want to awake you with a text. But I want you to know, I love you to the 🌙 and back. Always ❤️ 

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      I love you every bit as much 💕

  9. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Hannukah!

    Happy Birthday!

    1. FairyBelle


      It’s not my birthday! ? 

    2. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      My mother told me 

  10. 7 inches of snow with the potential of another 3 until 7 am.
  11. I can relate. My former best friend of 9 years pretty much just up and left me high and dry and has hardly any contact with me anymore but didn’t even tell me our friendship is over. The best thing you can do for your own sanity is try to accept the apology you never got and to understand that the way they treated you is reflective of their own character, not of you. You did nothing to deserve this. Im sorry people suck and that he treated you like that. You deserve better.
  12. I love you, my Deery Lou ?

  13. I was on Naltraxone for all of a few days. If I wasn't in the hospital during this time I would likely have died as I experienced anaphylaxis fromc a a sit. For the few days I took it, I actually more irate and irrational, but that may be due to me going through a med switch in addition to being trialed on Naltraxone. I hope it proves helpful for you.
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