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  1. I don’t wish for harm to befall him but I do wish him karma so he may learn and grow from this experience
  2. My wife became diabetic from Zyprexa within a matter of a few months. Her A1C was 10.0 when she was admitted to the hospital and continued to be insane even with insulin until she stopped Zyprexa. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I could imagine how frightening this is.
  3. I’m sorry you’re struggling. That being said, I am proud of you for recognizing and accepting that you need help and doing the thing. I would recommend taking some books (if you can focus), some coloring books, and a bound journal or composition notebook to write down your thoughts and feelings. I hope you feel better soon, hun ❤️
  4. Perhaps what you can do is ask her to require approval of follow requests for her instagram and ask her to only accept people she knows IRL to follow her. It keeps the risks to a minimum without making her feel like she’s being smothered.
  5. It’s late, you’re asleep, and I don’t want to awake you with a text. But I want you to know, I love you to the 🌙 and back. Always ❤️ 

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      I love you every bit as much 💕

  6. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Hannukah!

    Happy Birthday!

    1. FairyBelle


      It’s not my birthday! ? 

    2. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      My mother told me 

  7. 7 inches of snow with the potential of another 3 until 7 am.
  8. I can relate. My former best friend of 9 years pretty much just up and left me high and dry and has hardly any contact with me anymore but didn’t even tell me our friendship is over. The best thing you can do for your own sanity is try to accept the apology you never got and to understand that the way they treated you is reflective of their own character, not of you. You did nothing to deserve this. Im sorry people suck and that he treated you like that. You deserve better.
  9. I love you, my Deery Lou ?

  10. I was on Naltraxone for all of a few days. If I wasn't in the hospital during this time I would likely have died as I experienced anaphylaxis fromc a a sit. For the few days I took it, I actually more irate and irrational, but that may be due to me going through a med switch in addition to being trialed on Naltraxone. I hope it proves helpful for you.
  11. I used to drink five venti lattes every day, along with three bottles of mountain dew daily. This was back in high school. Now I drink the odd bottle or two per week of pepsi. It's was Hell for the first week or so but after that started feeling better. I find I have more energy naturally now rather than having to wait for caffeine to help me function at a halfway normal level like before.
  12. Another year without you here has passed (although I am a few months late in writing this). I hope you've found peace and happiness, wherever you are. ❤️ You are deeply missed.

  13. I'm mostly looking for advice at this moment on how to foster and encourage my significant other's (soon to be married) interests. She seems to want to share a lot of things with me, such as things about other people and all; however, when it comes to her interests, she tells me about them but doesn't include me in them. I know she tries but she also gives up if she even perceives that I'm not interested. Often times it isn't a lack of interest but rather that I may be having a bad day or an having difficulties with things and processing. (I have Cerebral Palsy and multiple mental health diagnoses) I don't mean to make her feel like I have no interest or I don't want to get along, but is it not ok to indulge in my own thing/ have some alone time? A lot of things I do bother her sensory issues (singing opera, playing jokes, touch randomly without remembering her boundaries because my memory is shit). I want to better our relationship by sharing some in each other's interests but I also still have that need to do my own thing when it is something I know she can't handle. She's also pregnant which makes her sensory issues twice as bad, which has lead to some hard feelings, especially when I would like to sing (as I have a generally loud singing voice as I've sung opera for the past 8 years. She also has a developmental delay that causes her to need to speak things aloud and get that feedback on social situations and some other things to process them, in which she is quite long-winded most of the time. That has also lead to more hard feelings as it leads to limited time to indulge in anything else but talking from the time we are up until the time she goes to bed. Any other time that's left during the day, she usually insists that we spend it together because she wants to be close but she has also said that if we don't have that closeness each and every day, multiple times a day even (most days) then she and I will be too distant and she won't be able to open back up to me because I'll be a stranger (she has had issues with selective mutism when she was a child is the only thing I could assume she means by she will stop opening up). It may just be a matter of her mental health and I just misunderstood what she meant, however, is it wrong of me to feel like she is somewhat playing mind games/ manipulating me/ twisting my arm for me to pay all of my attention to her?She is currently visiting from Canada and I live 422 miles away from her home. She has said that things will be different when we go back to Canada in 5 days, but I don't know whether or not I can trust this as I have seen different happen when she's back home and we just talk over video call. She says she doesn't really lie, and I know that, but is it bad of me to feel like she just doesn't really know herself all that well in what she really and needs from a person, especially when she's never really been in a long term relationship before us getting together? I'm really trying to let go of the past but this is just a lot to handle. Does anybody have any advice on how to cope with these situations? Is it too much for me to continue to wish for and sometimes expect her to understand my needs? Is it too much for me to want to be left alone sometimes (as it helps me to cope with life and process my own emotions)?I really don't want her or our relationship to suffer because I'm not giving her what she needs. Thanks for any responses. They are much appreciated. P.S. ~ Are there any books you would recommend somebody in a relationship with somebody who has ASD reads to have a better understanding of what it is like to have autism or books on how to cope with the differences in their partner? P.P.S. ~ I know she's not a manipulative person and she wouldn't mindfully force me to do what I don't wish to, it's just I feel backed into a corner most days and I lash out emotionally in anger and start to yell when she's annoying me, most often times at the expense of being called mean when I say something she doesn't view as true and, at the best of times, neither do I. I guess it's just hard when both parties have mental health issues that result in a lot of emotions (and a TON of anger) and developmental issues, and social skills deficits on her end. I love her to death though and just want to make things easier on the both of us, more so on her though.
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