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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Hannukah!

    Happy Birthday!

    1. FairyBelle


      It’s not my birthday! ? 

    2. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      My mother told me 

  2. Another year without you here has passed (although I am a few months late in writing this). I hope you've found peace and happiness, wherever you are. ❤️ You are deeply missed.

  3. You are never forgotten <3 

  4. This is for all the girls with the tightest pum pum! :P

  5. Halloween is in a couple weeks! Are you prepared?

  6. Hey there hun. Been thinking about you. I hope ECT is going well and I hope you are beginning to feel better. Please keep us updated whenever possible but, most of all, take care of you. Much love and many well wishes <3 

    1. Geek


      Thanks so much Ang. Great to hear from friendly voices. No real results yet, but they say that will take time. I've only had 2 treatments so far. I might get to come home on Wednesday though!

    2. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      That would be great if you could. I'll inbox you my number in case you want to give me a call before you come home, as I know IP can be lonely. 

  7. Hey hun, I'm not sure if or when you will get this but I hope you are well. You are much loved and sorely missed. Best wishes and love to you. 

  8. I miss talking with you. Hope all is well! Much love 

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    2. inabook


      Me too. And Mini misses you too. I hope you are well.

    3. hamster


      Me three. Hope your good.

    4. tired tammy

      tired tammy


      I just now saw these sweet posts, and they were sorely needed! I missed all of you as well. MI is a mean bitch, but you guys are awesome!

  9. When the night leaves me searching, you're the North star guiding me home, back to you where I belong 

    *Carry your world, I'll carry your world!*

  10. Worrisome day ... hopefully tomorrow will be better ...

  11. You gotta love it when people want to pry into your life when you say, "I don't want to talk about it".


  12. It takes a storyteller to be a writer, but you don't have to be a writer to be a storyteller. Stories are told through our day to day lives and are never immortalized in print but they leave an immeasurable impact on those whom our lives, and actions, affect. Those moments shape a destiny; changing what was into what can be.

  13. Sarah Ruth Shifflett Marcus Lehr

  14. Anthony Griffis

  15. YES!

    1. Southern Discomfort

      Southern Discomfort

      NO! Wait, what are we playing?

  16. Cara Darnell Congrats! You made it!

  17. Disgusting!! Why not get your son punished for his crimes?! Oh yeah, he's Christian and straight so that makes his sins less than the sins of Gay people. People like this family dumbfound me when it comes to their bigoted beliefs. Maybe if they read the Bible and praised God as much as they speak out about same sex love being "wrong", they'd know that no sin is greater or less than any other sin. We all sin, every single day. Educate yourself, Michelle Duggar. Your bigotry and blatant hatred...

    1. Seahorse


      I heard about that in a YouTube video. Damn..

    2. cosima


      when i saw the news story i was sickened.. i understand your anger.

  18. I hope somebody can help her save herself.

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      You've got to fight yourself. No one can save you but you.

    2. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      That wasn't about me. The way facebook measures a "status" update now is beyond atrocious. I had shared a link about a 40 lb anorexic woman who was reaching out to the public for help and the comment I made what what showed up here.

    3. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      Thank you for your concern, though.

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