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  1. perphenazine, anyone?

    1. jt07


      It's been years since I took it, but I remember that it was good for me. I took a low dose for anxiety and it helped. I can't speak to higher doses though.

    2. puddle of fire

      puddle of fire

      Thanks for responding jt07, I had to lower my dose because of side effects. Seems like it's helping psychosis some, but I'm still on the fence about it.

  2. I agree, please don't close this thread. Sometimes only schizophrenics can understand each other. Just a reminder...it's a thought disorder.
  3. hey pud, just stopping by to say hello. long time, what's new, how's you, etc.

    i guess it's been a year or something since i was around. being a mum is really consuming. better than the delusions taking up all my time, certainly ;) yeah, it's a lot...a LOT...but she's awesome. i'm pretty overall ok and so forth. enduring.

    thought of you. hope you're in a good place.xx

    1. puddle of fire

      puddle of fire

      Hey mel,

      so good to hear from you! I have been thinking about you often. That's wonderful that things are going well with you and your daughter :) They finally gave me a dx: schizoaffective bipolar type. The meds aren't working great, but I'm relatively stable. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for reaching out to me, take care.

    2. mellifluous


      so good to see you, too!

      let me know, if i'm around, if you're going to chat sometime. i don't know about the whole board if there're loads of folks on there, but would love to catch up :)

    3. puddle of fire

      puddle of fire

      Hello again :) I've kind of been on chat sporadically, and rarely use the boards. I will keep an eye out for you though and hopefully we will cross paths. Glad to hear that you're doing well!

  4. I was on 2-4 mg of Haldol and noticed uncontrollable movements of my arms. I went off of the Haldol and it stopped. Seroquel hasn't caused anything like that, and I'm on a really high dose.
  5. That's great confused, I'm happy to hear that. I was going to ask you if you were driving to the play because I thought of the possible sedation. I really hope the higher amount of abilify helps you. Take care.
  6. Hey Asho. I'm currently on 1000 mg seroquel for psychosis. My doctor had recommended 900 mg at night and 100 mg in the morning. I found that the 900 mg gave me tachycardia, so I decided to split it up. I take 100 mg in the am, 150 mg in the afternoon, and 750 mg at night. My doctor is fine with me splitting it up like that. Seroquel is a weird drug because it gets less sedating at higher doses. I wouldn't worry about splitting it up, unless your doctor tells you not to. The way I'm taking it now is working well for me.
  7. Mine is also just free association at the time when I needed a new name. I changed my old username on the fly cause I thought someone was stalking me on here
  8. This probably isn't much help, but I managed to avoid all notifications by unfollowing the 60+ people I had. I didn't want the disruptions.
  9. I have this symptom as well. For a while I would see shadow people straight on, usually in dim light. I see a lot of patterns in low light currently. Not sure if my new addition of Haldol has helped this or not. As far as I know, hallucinations are a feature of psychotic disorders.
  10. Yeah, I've had this for over 20 years now. I see people's faces morph into mine, other ethnicities, older/younger, etc. Never had anything really scary or ugly luckily. I used to think it was a super power lol, now I think it's just my sz.
  11. Hey and welcome I have a somewhat similar diagnosis. I have thought that I'm the next Buddha too. Maybe we both are? Lol. I'm in chat often, hope to see you around!
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