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  1. I want to drink...so, so bad. I'm 2 days away from one month. I can't f-- this up. :(

    1. fantod


      congratulations, a month is huge. hang in there. give a shout in the substance abuse forums if you want.

    2. dragonfly23


      Sending you strength, 2 more days and you hit a milestone!

  2. my sponsor actually acknowledges psychiatric conditions and doesn't think they're just a spiritual problem :) she nags me to take my meds

  3. new sponsor, picked up 24-hour chip. Starting over.

    1. nonuser


      that's great, i'm with you

  4. up all night doing schoolwork after working the midnight shift. My mind is shutting down I can't cope.

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    2. Katamaran


      I'm up because I forgot about an exam I have tomorrow! It's a super easy class, and probably a super easy exam but I have such bad test anxiety :(

    3. whatsizbucket


      I have test anxiety too. I didn't want to hit submit on my test yesterday.

    4. Ceicbot


      i hope you did well! i went to take a nap for 20 mins and my stupid body said nope, 6 hours sound more beneficial so now i have class in 20 mins and my anxiety is really high and ive not finished.."/ iduno im trying to make myself at least just be late to class instead of not going >.< i hope you did well on the exam though sorry

  5. survived the week! I had a breakdown in therapy on Tuesday because I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did :)

  6. my appetite has noticeably decreased on Wellbutrin. Considering Abilify caused weight gain, I am happy about this

  7. I left therapy feeling more at ease than when I came in. And not just talking about my feelings. Real, concrete plans to manage my emotions and curb dangerous impulsive behavior. This woman has saved my life on multiple occasions. I am extremely lucky.
  8. had a near panic attack during therapy. Walked out of the room, and eventually came back. It felt like my throat was closing.

  9. I'm coming down from 10mg too. Eventually going to discontinue it (with doctor's guidance!). I have found that it's best to not quit cold turkey. I ended up back in the hospital when I went from 10-0 immediately.
  10. had a very productive therapy session today. Felt much better afterwards and am more calm this evening :)

  11. asddgsfsjafljksajklafsklfas <-- my mind. I need serious help. The thoughts just won't stop!!

    1. dragonfly23


      Spaghetti brain, that's what I call it.......hope it leaves you soon

  12. I want to give up on everything.

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