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    love doing crafts and helping people anytime i can. i believe that everyone deserves to have someone care about them. i have 4 beautiful teens that i love to spend time with.

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  1. there is so much going on in my life right now that all i can think about right now is to cut myself. My two older kids are constantly using me, my twins are so stressed at school and in their love lives, which i try to give them the best advice i can but it still dont seem to matter. I feel like a failure as a parent and in turn need to cut myself deeply. all i want is to be able to make everyone feel better so i know i am being a good parent to them....................i feel so useless to everyone also. i have what i need to cut and it wont belong before i do..........................................................im just no good right now........JessL
  2. well i made it through last night without cutting. Yeah me. even though i didnt sleep very well cuz of my pain.......today is a little better i am moving around and doing things and keeping myself distracted..................ty for the comments of support and ideas.........
  3. Lately i feel like my dr doesnt care about my health. I have sarcoidosis and my kidneys only work 26% and now all my joints are aching to the point that i cry and have gone to the dr and all she said was to start physical therapy and to take 4,000 mg of tylenol a day. Thats an aweful lot of tylenol if u ask me in one day. She will not give me anything for my pain. I am becoming moody because i cant sleep and then i snap at those i love.....I am feeling so low that i really want to cut myself. Hell that pain would be less than what i am feeling now.........I have it all figured out as to what im going to do to myself. My kids are home but i can do this without them knowing. they are 17 yrs old and stay in their rooms mostly. I am hoping someone will reply to this message and help me get past this shitty feeling............Before i hit my breaking point............Please help. JessL
  4. JessL


    ty for your reply. I am being treated for depression and mental health issues. i will google forums for sarcoid and see what i can find. sorry about your illness and hope u get to feeing well where the prednisone can be reduced. take care. JessL
  5. JessL


    Im pretty new here so please bear with me......I have an illness called sarcoidosis. It is affecting my kidneys in which they are only working 26%. Dr has me on prednisone for the past year. Starting out at 40mg and I am now down to 2 mg. Well I had a dr appt. today and my condition is no longer stable. It is acting up so to speak again. My dr upped the prednisone again to 5 mg. My potassium and iron are also low so upped the potassium, added iron pill with vitamin c. I just feel as if I am all alone in this. Is there anyone out there that has this condition or knows of someone with it? Any help would really be appreciated.
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