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  1. Yes I can tolerate this in the short term no problem. It worries me it won’t go away like the other meds. It is very odd that the Ativan didn’t control it 1mg normally plenty. I ended up taking 50mg of Seroquel. It took a little while but it stopped. I fell asleep for an hour or so and woke up feeling calm but tired. Im wondering if it is interacting with the lamotragine as that is quite stimulating. I used to have a tremor with Moclobermide but much less. On a bad day I used the Ativan to control it. Any way I can always stop taking it 50mg isn’t a huge dose to come off. I don’t think we have that gene sight in the uk but I will check. Update. I have found something similar I have emailed them for information.
  2. I’ve moved up to 50mg of imipramine. I’m having some issues, I’m very overstimulated. My hands a shaking it’s making me clumsy it even going to my voice. I’ve had the same issues with SSRI/SNRIs this isn’t as bad as that. I’m also very twitchy. The drug is helping me with some things but I can’t work like this. 1.5mg of Ativan has hardy touched it. I don’t know if I should push through and hope it goes away or just give up. It’s really hard to concentrate. I’m not sure if I’m just very sensitive to any med that blocks reuptake. Last resort I’ve take 25mg of Seroquel.
  3. Is there any medication that can help with hand tremors. I find it embarrassing sometimes in work and it’s hard when people notice. I just made something up that sounds somewhat convincing. My body creates to much adrenaline. I have take meds for so long, I don’t know if it’s me or the meds.
  4. That’s totally overkill. You would have to pick me off the ceiling if I had that. I took mirtazapine and Effexor. That was insane I gained a ton of weight and I was totally wrecked. It was like being on some club drug. I have weighed myself 3 times since starting and it’s no difference. I don’t mind putting on a few lbs if it works. I have found food tasting much better. I’m sure it will go away.
  5. It made me crazy for a few days. It almost went in the bin but I’m glad I stuck with it. My sleep is a bit restless I would suggest a benzo for the first few days. I’m not sure about giving it to kids for bet wetting, it’s bad enough for an adult to deal with the start up effects let alone a kid! I might add I good effect is increased sex drive it’s made things very intense. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point......lol 😂😂😂
  6. why are you hesitant to try the Nardil? Is it because it is an irreversible and non-selective MAOI? Or because of the liver problems that are associated with Nardil? They just look a little scary all of the interactions. I did well on Moclobermide. I’m wondering if I could work full time with all of the side effects. It gets me down how much medication I take. I do have a mostly normal life. Im going to stick with the imipramine for the time being. If that doesn’t work well I will have to perhaps give it ago. I would have to get my doctor to agree, and Im not sure if he has the balls. He did think about it. The Seroquel and Lamictal give good stability I’m just flat and miserable with out an AD.
  7. All of the issues have cleared up took about a week. I would suggest starting on the 25mg dose. The standard stating dose is 75mg. I’m going to increase to 50mg on the weekend. I’m happy with it so far.
  8. Your quite right I need to give it more time. I was doing great on Moclobermide it’s quite a mild medication but very effective. There have been supply issues a few times. I had a few months extra tablets hoping the issue would be sorted. I was taking it more for the social anxiety issues. Apparently it’s not prescribed very much very little side effects. I have taken a few weeks off work my manager was extremely understanding. I get the impression she was on some kind of medication. I took dothiepin when I was 19 for around 10 months for depression. If I got up to quickly I felt like I would pass out. I used to sweat like crazy, it did the job. It was an old school doctor that gave it.
  9. I have learnt so much it’s been very useful. The imipramine is making me stupid. I’m finding hard to put sentences together and I’m trembling. I really want it to work, I feel like I’m slurring my words but nobody else says I am. Working is an issue at the moment I can’t afford to be stupid with my job.
  10. I have found reading this thread quite fascinating. I recently had to come off Moclobermide as it was out of stock. I don’t really get on with SSRI/SNRIs. Mirtazapine made me fat. I’ve just started imipramine only 25mg and I’m finding it challenging. My doctor did mention Nardil but I think they are reluctant and so am I. I take Seroquel, lamictal and gabapentin. The gaba is for nerve pain. The imipramine has taken that away completely. I have Ativan and Zopiclone PRN. I have treatment resistant depression and various anxiety disorders. Also get extremely rapid mood drops that last 60 seconds or so. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  11. She told me to take them at night. I’m going to do that from tomorrow. I have a phone call with her Monday. I’ve taken 1mg of Ativan and I feel so much better. I’m not sure why I decided to take them in the morning!
  12. I started imipramine 25mg on Wednesday taking in the morning. I’ve been ok until today I feel like utter garbage. Really drugged, mixing up my works, trembling, can’t concentrate I feel I’m walking around in a world of my own. I really don’t do well on ADs I was forced of my existing AD as it was out of stock. I had a failed attempt of Prozac I have tried so many meds. Do you think it could be start up effects? It’s not unbearable but not nice. I think I need to change taking it at night I took it in the morning as I was worried it could effect my sleep. Any input would be much appreciated. Hardly anyone seems to take this drug I can find a great deal online. It has completely stopped nerve pain in my leg! I am currently taking seroquel 300mg lamictal 300mg and gabapentin 3x300mg. Ativan PRN.
  13. Does anybody know why it causes insomnia with doses less than 100mg. Surly the insomnia would increase if the dose increases? 50mg has decreased my anxiety.I’ve had a little bit of sleep issues, getting to sleep but once I’m asleep no issues. I am increasing to 75mg this week and 100mg in 2 weeks. I do take Seroquel to go to bed but I’ve taken it for many years so it doesn’t really make me very sleep anymore.
  14. Thought I would come back and fill in how it’s been going. I’m on my second day of 50mg. No sign of any rash or skin problems not really any side effects a little bit of nausea. I did find it hard to get to sleep last night but did manage to drop off and had a good 7 hours! My mood has improved I’m not sure if that’s because of lamictal as 50mg seems A tiny dose, or if I’m just having a better time. I do hope it continues as I’m going back to work next Monday!
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