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  1. Does anybody know why it causes insomnia with doses less than 100mg. Surly the insomnia would increase if the dose increases? 50mg has decreased my anxiety.I’ve had a little bit of sleep issues, getting to sleep but once I’m asleep no issues. I am increasing to 75mg this week and 100mg in 2 weeks. I do take Seroquel to go to bed but I’ve taken it for many years so it doesn’t really make me very sleep anymore.
  2. Thought I would come back and fill in how it’s been going. I’m on my second day of 50mg. No sign of any rash or skin problems not really any side effects a little bit of nausea. I did find it hard to get to sleep last night but did manage to drop off and had a good 7 hours! My mood has improved I’m not sure if that’s because of lamictal as 50mg seems A tiny dose, or if I’m just having a better time. I do hope it continues as I’m going back to work next Monday!
  3. So started today on 25mg of lamictal is it likely to cause any weight gain?
  4. When it look Lithium it was the extended release. I always took it before bed. I started on 400mg and it increased to 1000mg over a few weeks.
  5. Well I’ve had the medical report I’m going to see my GP on Tuesday. The doctor has suggested stating on 25mg and increasing by 25mg every 10-14 days up to 200-300mg depending on tolerance.
  6. I’m glad lamictal is different to Lyrica as I didn’t have much success with it! It made my mood worse!
  7. I did have the choice of imipramine but I really didn’t want to come off the Moclobermide.I feel that’s the only thing that’s keeping me going at the moment. The lamictal did seem the best option, I hope I don’t get any stimulation for it! Lyrica didn’t cause any stimulation so fingers crossed the lamictal is the same!
  8. I’ve taken so many types of tablets I’ve lost count! I’m basically treatment resistant. I was given the option of valproate or lamictal. The lamictal seems a little less harsh but I can give valproate a try at a later date if lamictal isn’t any help. Ive taken Moclobermide for a number of years it’s not like the other MAOIs it doesn’t have the dietary restrictions like the non selective MAOIs. SSRIs and SNRIs did nothing to help but Moclobermide has been helpful.
  9. I’m definitely going to give it try. I’ve got to wait for the report to get to my GP so will be starting in the new year. I’m sure the doctor said it would be 50mg per day initially but I’m not 100% sure.
  10. Many thanks for the reply, sounds worth a try! What type of dose do you take?
  11. After recent appointment with PDoc he wants to prescribe Lamictal for depression and anxiety. I’ve had ton of previous meds I’m a bit unsure of trying this med. It seems to be given for BP and I just have “ normal” depression. It it likely to have any effect on MDD and GAD? Many thanks!
  12. I take the IR version 400mg at bed time. I've take it for a number of years and it doesn't make my sleepy at all. It did to begin with. I even took it on a long haul overnight flight and didn't sleep at all I watched films!
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