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    NOT FREAKING OUT!!!! also trying to figure out how i could get the world to come to me n not the other way around!!!!
  1. What ever you want flutter

  2. flutterly,

    I can't respond to e-mails - that page is all jacked up. Will try to call you sometime this week! Glad to see you back!

  3. A SWIFT KICK TA THE HEAD!!! just jokin' sweets... but i sent ya a p.m. n am sorry i wasn't around!!! ya know i love ya!!! i've never heard of that drug...is it new or am i just unaware???!!! flutterfly xxooxxoo
  4. hey sweets... STILL BASHING HIS HEAD INTA THE PAVEMENT!!!! flutterfly xo
  5. hey sweets...what did ya need ta get ahold of your mom 'bout? if you don't mind if i ask...how old are you? i hope your o.k. ...think of this...FLUTTERFLY'S BEATIN' THE EVERLOVIN CRAP OUT OF HIM...HE THINKS I'M DONE...BUT NO!!! HIS HEAD IS SLAMMED INTO THE PAVEMENT 3 MORE TIMES!!! does that help?! seriously though how are ya???? and if you feel like it elaborate!!! many good thoughts ta ya!!! flutterfly xo
  6. hey sweets... a big welcome ta crazytown!!!! wow what a journey! i hope this new p-doc can help!!! see ya 'round the boards!!! many good thoughts ta ya!!! flutterfly xo p.s. you're handsome!!!
  7. hey sweet... i've been on 60mg. since 2002 for panic 24/7 n associated depression...it has worked great...take it an hour before bed...the first couple of weeks you'll sleep like the dead (at least i did)...then the sedation gets better...it's like takin' a potent antihistimine...plus a feeling of just smokin' some cronic...but you'll have ta give your body a chance ta adjust ta it!!! you will have the munchies (there's that cronic again)...if they get ta be too much the only suggestion i have found is alot of gum, h2o, n diet pop!!! good luck hon n if ya need more info bout any of this you can p.m. me any time!!! n yes you are a little paranoid...but with panic n sleep deprivasion that is understandable!!! good thoughts ta ya!!! flutterfly xo
  8. HEY SWEETS... i can't take doxycycline 'cause it makes my panic excruciating!!! but anyways i wouldn't worry 'bout it...take what the doc. rx's n if it fucks with ya...tell 'em!!! good luck n good health!!! flutterflyxo
  9. hey sweets.... a big warm welcome ta crazytown!!! hope you feel at home real soon!!! good luck with your journey n many good thoughts ta ya!!! flutterfly xo
  10. hey sweets...a big welcome ta crazytown!!!! hope you feel at home real soon!!! there is alot of great info n even better people here!!! SEE YA 'ROUND THE BOARDS good luck with the journey n many good thoughts ta ya!!! flutterfly xo
  11. hey sweets... parents can be "helpful" in soooo many hurtful ways!!! and what is even more fucked up is that they probably don't even give it another thought when all is said n done!!! i know it isn't the same but if you just want someone ta listen...you can p.m. me anytime!!! i suffer from major depression n panic n agoraphobia so i understand all too well how isolating m.i. can be!!! i'm here if ya need me!!! good thoughts ta ya hon!!! flutterfly xo
  12. hey sweets... CONGRADULATIONS ON THE GRADES!!!! even non m.i. people don't get grades that good usually!!! BRAVO!!! hope 2006 is good ta ya!!! keep up the good work sweety!!! good thoughts n good luck with your journey!!! flutterfly xxoo
  13. hey sweets...i responded ta your p.m.'s...sorry i wasn't around yesterday!!! n just so ya know springer land can be very theraputic ta get your daily thoughts down n people can get ta know ya!!! just a thought... happy new years ta ya!!! n lotsa love!!! flutterfly xxoo
  14. HEY YOU...MY SWEET THANG YOU!!! glad ta see you're FINALLY posting!!!
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