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  1. Words with Pdoc, a poem: For my thoughts, he asked Bedazzled turtles, I answered Phew, nice save, I thought
  2. "Dai diamanti non nasce niente/ dal letame nascono i fior" / "Nothing is born from diamonds/ flowers bloom out of shit" [deAndré, Via del Campo]

  3. Solving other people's 4am existential problems since never. I may have found a new hobby though. Doc would be so proud.

  4. That awkward moment where no one knows if you're happy or hypo. Oh let it be the first, plz i'll be so good!

  5. I regularly take both bromazepam and 80mgs Inderal daily. Personally I find the two work very well together, and Inderal has helped me considerably as far as the physical manifestations of anxiety/panic are concerned.
  6. I only just realised while answering this poll that I take meds 5 times a day, vitamins and PRNs not counted. Never really actually thought about it, for some reason.
  7. Hi Kayblah! I'm new-ish here too and also pretty isolated in the 3D world. I've found this a great place for when you need to get out of your own head a bit and talk with people who understand and don't judge. It's also very informative. I hope you like it here as much as I have and am looking forwards to talking to you in chat . I'm more sensitive to the cold, but too hot is also no good, and it sure sounds like things are boiling where you are!
  8. Bromazepam 3mg/30drops every 8 hours so 9mgs daily - keeps me quite calm through the day unless something sets me off Lorazepam PRN when I'm in a particularly bad way Propranolol 80mg - went on it for essential tremor, also helps with physical symptoms of panic (especially palpitations). It also fixed my migraines, now I just get "regular" headaches Paroxetine 20 mg, titrating up to target dose=40mg Zolpidem for sleep (I try to use it only when I need some sleep really bad)
  9. heh, looks like we made it...

  10. 12. Huh, pretty good. Apparently I can't really tell my greens from my blues ... but I already knew that, so I'm actually surprised it went so well. Thanks for posting this Katamaran, it made for a fun few minutes! e.s.
  11. Thank you for the welcome, And now I know what a kompoloi is! Uh, well, I inherited a nice set of buddha beads from my grandmother. Guess I can try and make do for the time being...
  12. I regularly take bromazepam [am I the only one?], 3mg every eight hours, keeps me sort of calm throughout the day but quite lucid. I also keep some lorazepam on hand for when I'm in a particularly bad way [panic attack incoming] or I REALLY can't sleep but try not to use it too much. On the one hand I find it "stronger", maybe also because I've built up less tolerance to it, on the other it "fuzzes" my brain up a bit too much for my liking.
  13. "The hills are alive, with the sound of music..." (and of my teeth grinding together - starting up paroxetine, oh the joys). Thanks for the welcome and for getting that song stuck in my head till I don't even know when. Unfortunately goats sort of unnerve me, it's the eyes, I think. But living in the middle of nowhere has pros: long walks in the woods for example help me clear my mind and wind down - still need to try running through the fields singing, though. Definitely will be sticking to meds/doc appointments. I've always been pretty good at managing them, and I really love
  14. Hi everyone, I've actually been lurking around the boards for a few days but felt too shy/nervous to actually post anything (oh, me). Finally worked up the nerve to introduce myself because I really really like the environment in this forum, the directness and above all the fact that it is informative and at the same time good for a laugh or two - sometimes a touch of humor is all that gets me through the day but chances for a chuckle tend to be in short supply! Anyway, about me. I'm a young woman, university student, currently writing my thesis (or trying to, anyway) in a tiny town in
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