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  1. I have been compulsively picking at my scalp for years. It started when I was in sixth or seventh grade and now I'm a junior in college and continue the habit. I think the habit started when I noticed a scab or two on my scalp. I picked at those scabs, and then they came back, and I created new sores in the process. Once I start picking my scalp, it is very hard for me to stop. I have never told anyone about this habit because I am aware that it's gross and I don't think anyone will understand. It wasn't until today that I read about skin picking being added to the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and thought it sounded similar to my problem, so I looked around on the Internet and found out other people have the same problem. I want to get help for my condition but I don't know how. I do not want to form permanent bald spots on my head but I do not think that I can stop picking on my own. I am already taking Paxil for depression and anxiety but like I said, no one knows that I have this problem. I guess I also have a bit of trichotillomania because I compulsively pull out my pubic hairs at night. How can I stop these habits?
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