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  1. Back when I made my sig my doctor had diagnosed me with add. I haven't tried lamictal yet.
  2. I only get hypomania not full mania. People I know didn't even notice nor did my family. I took the tablet.
  3. I didn't mean to come across that way, I just see a lot of big cocktails exclusively in the US and have never seen it in Australia and I kind of wonder why. The weight question would be because it's a main part of the risk vs benefits. I'm overweight myself and if I had a thin body type I know I would be much more inclined to be on seroquel or depakote. I haven't updated my sig. This year I have tried: Abilify: did nothing but make me worse. Lithium: could not tolerate heart burn Olanzapine: made my voice weird Valproate: hungry, itchy sore nipples Seroquel currently: sleeping 14 hours
  4. I just read your signiture, do you REALLY need 1000mg lithium AND 800mg seroquel xr? That would pretty much incapacitate me. Do you have a skinny body type?
  5. Well lithium upsets my stomach straight away. Depakote upsets my hormones so does risperidone and Seroquel makes me sleep too much. Also I have high cholesterol. I'm going to ween off my seroquel and see how I go, if I can't cope with an ssri alone I'm going to try lamictal. The reason I want an ssri is because I also have OCD.
  6. I've been diagnosed with BP2 and I personally don't think my hypomania is bad enough to warrant mood stabilizers or anti-psychotics. Wondering if anyone here is only on an SSRI for BP2?
  7. I was on 200mg sertraline and 3mg risperidone for a year. Now I have been on 200mg seroquel and 100mg sertraline for MDD and my lips twitch sometimes. My upper lip sometimes twitches if I turn my head one way. My lower lip will often twitch if I look down for example from looking at the TV down to my phone. Is this TD? Will it go away?
  8. I think you are getting in to semantics, it goes without saying whatever anyone posts on a forum is their opinion it does not need to be professional, and we do know his history he said it, he was fine before all this happened, and I went through the same thing. I have not diagnosed him with anything and I see people make medication suggestions all the time, there are countless threads by myself included asking for advice on medications for consideration. I saw 14 psychiatrists of the 4 who had the opportunity to change my medication dosage they were not very staunch on it at all, I could be on any dosage right now between .5 and 3 mg, my doctor also said I would be on it for "months" which is vague. So my guess is that the chances of his pdoc refuting anything I have said to be low. I am doing my best to help this guy with what he is going through and if I need to come off like I want to do the prescribing myself then sorry I could edit my post to change my wording to be "request this dosage" and "request to perhaps try for this amount of time" but again, semantics. At least he has an idea of what time frames and medications he will be looking at.
  9. Are you getting these hallucinations before falling asleep? You havent really done much for your condition you have been on and off Risperidone so havent really given it a good run, it could even be the risperidone itself causing the hallucinations, if the hallucinations continue then you might need to switch to, my guess would be seroquel as thats what they 1st tried with me. Things dont just get better the month you quit, my symptoms changed somewhat in the months following amphetamine use. If you have been on Risperidone longer than 2 months straight then switch to seroquel (100-200mg a night), try find the right AP then start Prozac or Zoloft working your way up to a med-high dose. You should only need to be on APs for 6-12 months. The best thing you can do right now is go out and buy some fish oil caps and take about 9 of them.
  10. I couldnt get endone anyway, I am just gonna stick to exercise. And I second that pot is an hallucinogenic class of drug.
  11. I have been in your boat, you dont have schizophrenia for starters. My psychiatrist has said that drug induced psychosis can last after the drug is out of your system but it is not schizophrenia even though it can exactly mimic it. You need to stick with the risperidone if you want to overcome any psychosis. Secondly what you are experiencing is the after effects of amphetamine use, do you have concerntration problems as well? The anxiety and paranoia will last about 1-2 years, the worst of it being the 1st 9 months. I strongly suggest you take fish oil and begin exercising and zen meditation every day if you want to make a full recovery. Dont stop the risperidone, if anything start an SSRI for your anxiety. You will be surprised how much better the right SSRI will make you feel, if anything else ask to have your risperidone dosage lowered. http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/addiction-science/relapse/it-takes-time-brain-can-recover Evidence for: SSRI: http://mentalhealth.about.com/cs/psychopharmacology/a/neurogenesis.htm Exercise: http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2012/09/14/exercise-brain-iq-benefits.aspx Meditation: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120314170647.htm Fish oil: http://www.diannecraft.org/fish-oil-as-healing-brain-food/ http://edition.cnn.com/2012/10/19/health/fish-oil-brain-injuries/index.html?hpt=he_c1
  12. I think it does, they make you eat more but when tapering you dont feel very hungry and eat less but I think you need to try a bit harder for the weight loss.
  13. Zoloft barely does anything for me, it helps my mood but it doesnt make me manic, I would say if it makes you manic thats better than being depressed, try 25mg or less and start exercising if you dont already then once you are fit stop the zoloft and continue exercising.
  14. I used to jog 20+ minutes every day until I hit a wall and suffered an exertion headache that lasted weeks and had me unable to exert myself for months, so this time I am doing C25K I have started with brisk walking 10minutes 3 times a day and once my feet stop hurting I will be doing C25K with brisk walking on off days to keep my metabolism and mood up. After I complete C25K I am gonna do 5K210K
  15. Is anyones anxiety like this, I feel restless and bored, and when it gets bad I get headaches, I think about what I can do for the moment but theres nothing, I am starting to exercise now in the hopes it gets rid of this.
  16. Do you think its your condition or your medication? If its your medication you should consider exercise and reducing your dosage.
  17. Zoloft treated my social anxiety really well and helped my mood but it sort of blunts your excitement for things. It make alcohol more pleasurable, and its treating my OCD. But it can be very subtle, its not a happy pill. You should try Prozac 1st though and this is what my new psychiatrist said I should of been on 1st, I also heard Prozac has less sexual side effects for men. I am also part of the 5% or so that dont get stimulated from SSRIs so sleeplessness isnt an issue for me. From what I have heard Effexor is meant to be better than Zoloft and Prozac.
  18. So you arnt allowed stimulants because you were a meth addict? Did they ever consider you were self medicating, or are you not allowed stimulants because of the psychosis? Do you trust yourself with an amphetamine script?
  19. I had speed psychosis, dextro instead of meth amphetamine, I hallucinated while on the drug without sleep once, and I had a single simple delusion which subsided by the time I quit, I also had cognitive impairment. Your brains dopamine system will take about 9 months to recover from meth, I strongly advise you take fish oil, this helped me a lot, you should also try exercise because you might become physically depressed due to previously being on a strong stimulant. A month really isnt very long to recover from psychosis, as long as your APs are working you should recover from acute psychosis in 2-3 months thats how long it took me from steroid induced psychosis. I dont know what your meds are but you might want to consider wellbutrin and an SSRI as welbutrin will help your dopamine system and the SSRI along with exercise will help your brain recover from the damage of amphetamines. My psychiatrist says I should consider myself alergic to stimulants, apparently not everyone gets psychosis with heavy use, so I am switching to opiates for recreational use.
  20. Dont worry about embarrasing situations, desensitisation is good and you will feel less embarrassment about other things, shame isnt good to have in this world. As for your neighbours just carry on like it never happened.
  21. I saw one in highschool, then I saw one for about a year last year, and another in the ward briefly. I find a good tell to their insincerity is their overly animated facial expressions. I think they have tendancy to be too positive and uncritical about things which makes it hard to get any depth to a topic. All the ones I have seen have also been closed about their own thoughts so that they can play assumptious mind games. For example my old psychologist(the one I saw for a year) would make up a situation he was in or make reference to an anonymous patient, at the time having me believe it were actually true, get my response on it and assume my reaction or attitude on that situation based on my response to what he said. I met a girl once who studied psychology, I remember her asking me some blatant line of questioning like what animal would you be, what drink would you take to dessert island and one other question and the answers you give are quite revealing about your personality, such as if you choose water, fruit juice, or alcohol. My friend has studied psychology and he says most of what psychologists say have an alterior motive that involves a mind game.
  22. Things didnt end well with my last therapist, and I find they are too ingenuine for me to take seriously
  23. They are two seperate issues but I suspected the negative symptoms where keeping me away from people but its internet addiction thats keeping me away from people thats how they are related. When he said smart I think he meant speed of thought not intellect.
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