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  1. Similar, stay at home except essentials, apparently I am an essential employee. I wish I was not. My office mate and I talk about our fears. It is a residential facility. I am terrified of an outbreak. 80 beds, it would be bad. We take temps before shift and resident vitals daily. She is worried we will be quarantined in the building. Other than work and walking the dog, I am at home. Kids are online schooling 18 and 21 they take care of themselves. My husband grocery shops. We take our temps at home too. My husband also goes into work. Yesterday, The computers were down, my group was cancelled so I was done early. My boss was in a meeting, I went home early, no reason to hang around there. I doubt they will be upset. I will find out tomorrow. I have a scheduled day off today to do an online training. I think we have had this order for 2 weeks? I can’t keep track of time anymore. I like our governor, but Trump does not because we are a blue state, I think withholding life saving supplies for political reasons is genocide. People are dying because of his inaction. stay safe, I am very fortunate, people in my area get bored but I think being bored in a pandemic is ideal.
  2. Has anyone else seen this? It’s pretty suspenseful. I had to take breaks. spoiler ahead i could relate to parts. The having no life outside of work and getting frustrated and angry when people don’t believe you or you think they lied. The acting was good. People say it is just like a movie called God is in my Ear. I have not seen that. i saw Joker recently and there was a similar feeling afterwards. The confusion. What did I just see? Edited: I watched God is in my Ear and it has the mental illness/supernatural premise but I don't really find them that similar.
  3. If it is tangential thinking it may be part of sz. I used to go off on tangents all of the time. I guess I still do some. My friend jokes about it.
  4. I find bruises that I don’t know where they came from. I guess it could happen.
  5. My cousin has chronic fatigue/ME. He is very sick. I send emails but I never know when he will have enough energy to reply. I have a lot of fatigue, but it is different. I can push myself through it to function, but I can sleep 14 hours if I don’t have coffee (even with provigil). I think mine is due to sleep apnea,( I wear a device but my sleep is fair,)medication, and me. I am hypothyroid but it is controlled with medication. my sister has an autoimmune disease, myasthenia graves, which makes her muscles weak. She is awake, but she may have trouble breathing and/or swallowing. And can not walk. they say when you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras. CFS is real, but I would rule other things out first.
  6. I think i will try writing some things down beforehand. It may just take me a bit to get comfortable, I guess.
  7. I am seeing a new therapist. I told her at the end of our first session that I want to delve into the past because I think it is affecting me today, at the end of the session. It took me the whole time to get the nerve to bring it up. Today, I went through my husband, kids, dog, work, anxiety. Everything is okay. I ran out of things to say so I left early. I will try to plan for next time. I am not sure how to tell my therapist that I think I have more to say, I just don’t know how to get it out. Not sure where to begin.
  8. Yes, I did not know this was a thing at the time, but I would explain my thoughts that they were like the Truman show. Even with product placement. It was exhausting trying to decode messages in everything. I hear voices of people I know and I felt like they were guiding me, in a way, but against my will. I wanted to say something when I saw them, but I did not know how to break the 4th wall. They would just say it was a delusion. I still am unclear on what is/was real and not, but I put it aside and live in consensus reality.
  9. I looked into Qsymia. I went to a weight loss center that would prescribe it, but my insurance only covers over a certain bmi and I was obese, but not to that extent. It was too expensive for me to buy myself. It is a combo of topomax and phentermine. I tried just topomax but I did not like the way it made me feel. (agitated and stupid).
  10. Thank you for the explanation This may be silly. but do you like music? I have trouble getting in the shower, so I play music to help get me going. I would wait until you get your stimulant to make changes, so it will maybe be a little easier. JMO Can you hold off on the job until you get some routines in place? or is that an immediate need.? I do work part-time and that is one thing that I force myself to do is to be there on time (my schedule is a little flexible with my start time). I was not sure if I would be able to do it. I thought I saw you write something above about planning something you enjoy that you would get up for. I like that idea. Would you be interested in finding an activity in your area? I have had some success with meet-up. I hope you find something that helps you to get up and do some of those things: showering, going outside, being with people
  11. @browri can you explain that a little further.? I read that, but have trouble understanding. like a ssri inhibits the reuptake of seratonin, so it is around longer. Does it make the glutamate work more or less?
  12. I am sleepy all of the time. I sleep in unless I have obligations. Then, I manage to make some coffee and push through it. You are depressed. That can be harder than my fatigue. And, you are out of your stimulant. if you made plans to do things earlier, could you get up? Do you want to change? I ask because I usually have one day on the weekend where I recharge and sleep all day. Some people think that may not be a good thing, but it works for me. Is your sleeping causing problems?
  13. I know it must decrease dopamine and increase seratonin,. what does it do with glutamate? I asked pdoc about caplyta and he has not heard of this med, yet. I am doing fine on abilify.
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