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  1. 5, I have changed for various reasons, one no longer took my insurance, one got weird and started ranting at appointments, one was just too long of a commute. I like the one i have now. I will probably stay with him until he retires. I never had to give much history, except family. I brought in a list of meds I have tried. I hope your eval goes well.
  2. Sorry that happened. FWIW my dad told me "everyone hears voices but they don't run to doctors" huh?
  3. My son will be a senior in high school. He took the ACT test last year and is starting to get notifications from different colleges. He is an A/B student and I don’t think he can get into his first choice. My daughter will be a senior in college when he is a freshman. My husband is encouraging him to go to community college and transfer to his first choice because of the expense. I am trying to get info on some of the other schools. ultimately, it is his decision. Are we being too involved. My son can speak and assert himself. I just want to know various options.
  4. I shake a little during the day. I think it could be from my meds. I have helped serving food at work. I was picking up 1/2 ears of corn with tongs. I started shaking and dropping them. I continued to shake for awhile. I think it was a combo of the weight, and my meds. But, it did not last all day. Does this happen often? You should mention it to pdoc. There are medicines for tremors, but mine is not too bad.
  5. HI, I am taking a short flight this weekend. I have everything in carryon. I am not packing a lot but I am on many medicines for mental and physical health. Is there anything I should do besides bring them in their labeled bottles? I am embarrassed I take so many pills.
  6. I got depressed when I started a high dose of Ativan. I took klonopin 1 mg long term with no issues
  7. I am not sure where to post, move this to therapy if it is more appropriate , please. i don’t lose time, maybe briefly. I have fragments that don’t come out anymore. I have some sort of dissociative disorder, not did. but, I feel like my mind is broken and I want a “mechanic” to make it function properly. i had a tdoc who really understood me and I felt he could really help. He stopped taking insurance so I went elsewhere. I tried seeing him again, paying out of pocket, but he was not like I remembered. My memory is fuzzy sometimes. i had some dissociative tests done and that tdoc asked specific questions about childhood. He seems really good but does not take my insurance. I asked him for recommendations but they did not pan out. i like my. Tdoc now, but she is retiring in December. She has helped me to feel emotions rather than going numb. I still have trouble sitting with uncomfortable feelings but I am better than before. She has not “fixed” anything, but I don’t even know if that is possible. i went to a different tdoc to check her out. She seems fine. I just don’t know what I want. She said as my mental health improves, I won’t feel broken. I rely on others for calming and I am not sure what I am going to do to deal with distressing symptoms when tdoc is gone.
  8. Yes, I know it is not purposeful because it happens with different groups. It just hits me that I am not part of any of the conversations. I try to find one and to join in, but I am not very assertive, like you mentioned. Is it okay to just hang out by myself when everyone is conversing? I feel like a dolt just standing there. Maybe, I will go for a walk, check my phone, I don’t know. this is a meetup group for mothers who have grown children and free time. Most have/had more of a career than I do. I can’t say I am a peer in mental health. I just say mentor and that I assist the residents. But, it does not usually get that far. There were 7 women at this activity. I am not sure why I joined. It was the first meetup I thought I could follow through on because the activities are light. Yesterday was a paint and sip where you follow an instructor and everyone paints the same picture. They all looked different, but good. Mine was not very good, but my family was kind and it was fun. Don’t know that I need to do that again. It was a beach scene and they gave us a cup to trace to make a sun and I still could not stay in the lines. What do you do when in that situation (not part of conversations)?
  9. I often find myself in groups where people break off in discussions and I find myself excluded. It happens different places, so it must be me. I end up standing back, and observing the conversations. Not a dissociation thing, just watching. this has happened since I was school age. In a way, it is good. No pressure to answer questions about myself, but I am not sure what to do. I feel like I missed that day at school where they taught social skills.
  10. I never know how long to make eye contact. One trick I learned is to look at their forehead so it seems like I am paying attention. My dad went blind and could see a little from the periphery but he would look at people, even though he could not see them that way, to make it seem more natural. i either look away quickly or stare. I tried counting once but then I lose track of the conversation.
  11. high 80s and humid Trying to stay cool
  12. Yes, I tried tracking and that was the only consistent thing. I guess I am more anxious than I realize.
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