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  1. My niece created a picture of my dog with pastels on wood. This is a time lapse of her drawing. I am including the original photo
  2. My life comes with a soundtrack, but the songs change depending on the environment.
  3. Hi there. My dx changed from bipolar to schizoaffective, bipolar type. There are links in my signature to a series of articles by Michael Crawford who had schizoaffective. I found them helpful. there are 2 types: bipolar and depressive. not much changed with the diagnosis. It seems to fit better. I have mostly psychotic and not so much mood symptoms. I did have my antipsychotic increased but I was symptomatic. I am on a cocktail of meds. I have been relatively stable for 15 years. It is possible to have a good life with this disorder. Stress brings out my symptoms so I have a pretty quiet life. there is also a book called the center cannot hold by Elon Saks that I found inspiring.
  4. Continuing stage 2 here. Dine in restaurants open and malls opening soon.
  5. Our phases haves stages. We are in early phase 2. I get confused what is allowed. Beaches are open, but I took my son and there were a lot of people. Too crowded for me. There had been red tide that was bioluminescent and glowed in the evening but I guess it was gone by then. dog grooming is allowed, people grooming-not yet. different counties have different rules.
  6. My niece is going to draw a picture of our dog, Raider. My pictures were too dark and blurry, but I finally got one.
  7. Cheese I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I would try calling the sleep clinic. They may be able to help you over the phone. Congrats on improving the sleep apnea. My husband would never go for a test but I thought he had sleep apnea. He has lost weight and doesn't even snore anymore.
  8. Wow. That nurse was not very helpful What is your sleep issue? If you have to taper get advice from who prescribed it I don't have narcolepsy, either I have apnea and have tiredness in the daytime even with treatment. I did not go off meds for my sleep study. I did one there and have done 2 at home.
  9. Don’t start tapering on your own. Talk to your pdoc first. my insurance won’t cover nuvigil, so I take provigil. I have obstructive sleep apnea. My sleep dr prescribed it. I would be upset if they took it away.
  10. I was really depressed, felt like nothing but a burden, when I had no income. Now,I feel like I am contributing. I am not sure what will happen with my ssdi next year. I am in a program where you can earn more, but they take out a certain amount. I am earning a little over sga but less than my ssdi check. I have the permission to work more hours but not the stamina.
  11. Yes, I have been symptom free for about a month. I was sick, and miserable, but nothing like you are going through.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8255763/Thousands-Californians-flock-open-beaches-despite-Gov-Newsoms-pleas-stay-home.html I understand the desire but this is not helping
  13. @Spiny I ordered a combo bp/oximeter. I ordered from Amazon about a month ago, it should be here by Mon. my dr ordered the covid antibody test for me. I had a cold that turned into a sinus infection in March that she thinks may have been coronavirus. But, it does not mean you are immune or that you can’t spread it, just that you were infected and made antibodies. I am having the blood test on mon. get well soon
  14. Wow, I went to a chain pharmacy. They had the whole area sealed off with plastic and a small opening to slide the medicine through. The credit card machine was on a table outside of the plastic wrap. He was wearing gloves and mask and I wore my mask. They had markings six feet apart on the floor for if there was a line.
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