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  1. Thank you for the explanation This may be silly. but do you like music? I have trouble getting in the shower, so I play music to help get me going. I would wait until you get your stimulant to make changes, so it will maybe be a little easier. JMO Can you hold off on the job until you get some routines in place? or is that an immediate need.? I do work part-time and that is one thing that I force myself to do is to be there on time (my schedule is a little flexible with my start time). I was not sure if I would be able to do it. I thought I saw you write something above about planning something you enjoy that you would get up for. I like that idea. Would you be interested in finding an activity in your area? I have had some success with meet-up. I hope you find something that helps you to get up and do some of those things: showering, going outside, being with people
  2. @browri can you explain that a little further.? I read that, but have trouble understanding. like a ssri inhibits the reuptake of seratonin, so it is around longer. Does it make the glutamate work more or less?
  3. I am sleepy all of the time. I sleep in unless I have obligations. Then, I manage to make some coffee and push through it. You are depressed. That can be harder than my fatigue. And, you are out of your stimulant. if you made plans to do things earlier, could you get up? Do you want to change? I ask because I usually have one day on the weekend where I recharge and sleep all day. Some people think that may not be a good thing, but it works for me. Is your sleeping causing problems?
  4. I know it must decrease dopamine and increase seratonin,. what does it do with glutamate? I asked pdoc about caplyta and he has not heard of this med, yet. I am doing fine on abilify.
  5. I had my first session Th. I think it went well. She asked me goals and I was squirming trying to think. It took me until the end of the session to ask if she ever delves into the past if it is affecting me today. She said that can be a goal.
  6. Years ago my daughter had a anti wart treatment that they use for venereal warts but it is used off label for regular ones. It is a cream. Her hands got red at first but the warts went away. Also, what are they using for freezing. If they handle liquid nitrogen i noticed it works better than dry ice. You can try scraping with a pumice stone and duct tape ( that is how my husband got rid of a plantar wart). My son had one lasered off his foot. The procedure was quick but it took awhile to heal.
  7. Not really, but I can follow directions What do you get for a white elephant? is it a gag gift or something real?
  8. I asked my current tdoc this at my last appointment. I said I want someone that will be able to tell me if I seem symptomatic. She didn't seem to think I need to say that, but i am trying to come up with ideas. Tdoc suggested about wanting help with job stresses which is a big issue with me, but I have other things. This new tdoc specializes in trauma issues. I don't know how you qualify things as trauma or Trauma, but I had an unusual upbringing and felt there was no adult to turn to. I am in a place now that I could talk about these things, but I am not sure how to bring it up. My current tdoc pretty much stayed in the present. Also, I have some relationship issues. My mother and I have just a superficial, how is the weather?, kind of relationship. She only wants to hear good things. She is gentle but I never felt any warmth from her. And, my daughter and i are not close either. She used to be mean, insulting to me. Now,. she has been nicer but we don't talk much. (We are both pretty quiet). When I tell her i love her, she shrugs. My son is different. He tells me about his day and that he loves us. I think I should write things down once i figure it out.
  9. Thank you. She really liked the card and mug. I am going to miss her. I am glad I am doing well at this time.
  10. Is your apnea less when you sleep on your side? I have obstructive sleep apnea (severe on my back) and could not get the cpap to work. My pulmonologist ordered a sleep study at home (the original was done there) with me sleeping on my side. I wore something that kept me from rolling on my back. It was mild on my side so they approved an oral appliance. I see a special dentist. I wear a t-shirt with a pocket in the back for tennis balls that keeps me off of my back and wear the appliance. She was astounded that I had a fine sleep study with the appliance and side sleeping. I have a fitbit that registers your sleep quality. At first, I thought it was broken, it would not record sleep. Now, it is recording 5-8 hours at night in a stretch. It is a huge difference. I also take provigil. It is a type of stimulant that helps because I still have a lot of fatigue and I drink coffee. You should qualify for provigil because you have OSA.
  11. I love the giving tree. No, we did holiday cards for a bit, but didn't stick with it Do you decorate the outside of your house for the holidays?
  12. Not really. do you like anchovies?
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