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  1. high 80s and humid Trying to stay cool
  2. Yes, I tried tracking and that was the only consistent thing. I guess I am more anxious than I realize.
  3. I still lose parts of conversations but tactile grounding helps me, too. Thank you
  4. I guess it is increased anxiety. Everything seemed far away and foggy in a support group I go to. It was pretty crowded. I ended up leaving, I felt uncomfortable. This week, there were few people but we all were talking about anxiety. I felt more anxious as I was describing it. I had a similar experience as the other night. I am not sure if this is the best place to post. I don't know how to calm my anxiety. It is better when I am busy and distracted
  5. If you stare into space and feel foggy, it may be a form of dissociation. There is a sub for that here. I do that and .i find the better I control my anxiety the less it happens.
  6. I have heard other things, not that one. I had delusions because I was lonely or did not want to make my own decisions. I don’t even know what your tdoc means. Your subconscious is not a voice. I understand what you are saying. Who can you trust? Keep telling your pdoc what is going on. Maybe mention what your tdoc said. i am sorry you experienced that. Just don’t let your tdoc ignorance affect the rest of your treatment.
  7. Too darn hot. Weatherman says high 70s F. but it feels higher
  8. I think that is brave. I had a tdoc tell me I have to take suicide off the table because I have children (they are both over 18 now, but were young at the time). It put me in such distress. I did not realize how having the option of an exit plan made life bearable. I am selfish. I had a plan once and I did not think about anyone else. I only was deterred because I realized it was not a very good method. I am not suicidal. I rarely am. I just feel more secure knowing I can exit if the pain gets unbearable. You are right. It would have a huge impact on the people around you, who care about you. I admire you for taking that into consideration. I have a friend that says her cat keeps her alive because no one would be there to care for it. I am so glad she has that cat.
  9. Thanks We did not use the book but I brought it. We talked about sources of support among other things. It was a good session and I will bring the book next time, too.
  10. I go to therapy in a few hours. She is retiring at the end of the year and I am already anxious. I have been looking into other therapy options. I thought teletherapy (facetime) would be convenient but pdoc does not recommend it. He thinks it would be hard to connect over the screen. One thing I am worried about is my distress tolerance. I get worried and anxious and I don't know how to handle it. My coping skills go out the window. I like to have someone to talk me down. My tdoc has been available out of sessions to talk with me over the phone. It helps immensely. I know I can't find that elsewhere and maybe it is not the healthiest way to respond to distress. I want to talk with her about dealing with these times. I also have a wrap book and workbook I thought we could go through. I have never made a plan for when I have symptoms. Would you bring the book today or just talk about the issue today and ask her about what plan of action?
  11. I have done both in clinic and at home. They get more information at the clinic and since I have apnea they were able to get data with and without cpap. The bed was more comfortable than home. I had no problem sleeping. at home, you have a cannula in your nose so they can test respiration. And you wear some kind of monitor and a pulse ox on your finger. It looked like a lot, but they went over it with me. I think they need at least 5 hours and I took it off as soon as I could. It can detect what position you are in. They both had similar results. I want my husband to do an at home study. I can tell he has apnea. I think he would rather do it at home.
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