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  1. I have a link in my sig of a psych central set of articles written by Michael David Crawford who has schizoaffective disorder. It is not a book but maybe he could read it online.
  2. confused

    Targeted ads on CB

    Gluten free diet on side and round table pizza on bottom. (They must not communicate)
  3. thanks. I am going to ignore that person that had me questioning my meds and just be grateful they are working.
  4. Thanks. My pdoc does not follow my labs, but I see an endocrinologist. I take medications for lipids, diabetes, hypothyroid along with psych meds. Everything is pretty stable. Diabetes runs in my family along with the other issues. it’s my own fault. I posted a pic of my morning meds and supplements on a mental health forum thinking people would relate and I got someone questioning my meds. I am not going to stop taking anything but I do question my choices. I did a quick google and am not sure of that http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/ziprasidone-geodon-associated-with-increased-risk-of-hyperglycemia-diabetes/
  5. I have someone questioning my taking abilify when I have type 2 diabetes. They think it may get better if I changed meds. I really don’t want to go through another med trial, but if there is a better option I will ask my pdoc.
  6. I saw a post elsewhere about a 30 day alcohol free “sober October” challenge on spar (an accountability app). You can lose real money with the app. You have to check in daily and if you miss a day it is $3. The winners split the pot. has anyone done something like this? I am sure I would miss a deadline even if I did not drink
  7. Not sure if I am allowed to mention this, but there is a chat room running with mostly people from cb (not affiliated) I am not recruiting just refuting that they all did not work.
  8. Raider giving me his, I am not amused , look
  9. I am glad you have your dog and the surgery and all was covered. I think if we compare a few we may decide on a policy
  10. Yes, I have been doing a bunch of small amounts, too and they do add up. He said he noticed some and was questioning it. I am going to try to put an end to that. i just told him about the insurance. He wants me to try to cancel it, but if we can’t we can get through a year. He said I seem fine, but I have these impulses. I probably sound really backward or something, but I had a time where I was spending because of delusions.
  11. My husband is really frugal and often he takes a long time to make decisions. I usually ask him before spending. We have a joint account, but I have my own credit card. i have bought things like vitamins and clothes, some small splurges. I was cleaning out a drawer and found a T-shirt with my children’s picture on it, I am never going to wear it, but I want to save it. I found someone on Etsy who makes quilted pillows from shirts and I ordered one, mailed the shirt and am waiting now. It is not a big expense but it isn’t something he won’t notice. but, the next is a big deal, and I am afraid to tell. I was looking at discounts I can get through my work, they have discounted gym memberships, but I know I won’t use that. They have pet insurance, a few different companies. I asked my vet and he recommends it and said they are all good companies. I called to get a quote and ended up signing up. The underwriters approved it and I am expecting a notice in the mail soon. I am not afraid, like he is mean or anything, but I am afraid to tell him.
  12. I take both lexapro and wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is more stimulating and has more of an anti-depressant effect for me. Lexapro is more calming and helps reduce anxiety more than works on my depression. When I first took it I felt really weird, speedy, but that went away quickly.
  13. Thank you. I clumped a couple together and got a top 7 i have few close relationships- immediate family, siblings, friends. I lumped those all into number 1. I do try to keep in touch and have good communication. It makes me certain I want to keep trying to be more attentive. stability- financial, mental, physical. I don’t need wealth but I want to be secure. humor and fun peace. Inner peace, less anxious nature- I don’t think about this, but I do enjoy nature wisdom. Creativity interesting exercise. I think I will bring this to my tdoc for something to talk about
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