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  1. I have been told by the landlord they have to sell their place because of a new tax the government brought in under the rader of brexit. This has not been in the news and it will cause chaos across the country, I will leave you a few links to look at but if it effects you then please contact your local counsilers. https://www.propertytribes.com/the-ultimate-section-24-guide-t-127629085.html https://www.property118.com/section-24-campaign-billboards-erected/ https://www.simplelandlordsinsurance.com/landlord-hub/guides/tax-relief You can always google Section 24, I hope this helps some people and we change this. Thank you for reading
  2. Hello all, It has been a long time since I was here but I thought I would post this if anyone in the UK is having to go through the move from DLA to PIP. I have just finished my forms and if needed will post what I wrote once I get a result. I know it is a hard time switching to the new format but the forms are not so bad really. If anyone wants some help with them I can offer my advice. Takecare one and all id
  3. Am I alone, I have got used to having suicidal thoughts, multiples times a day, is this normal?
  4. I do agree with the others but I have a similar thing when donating blood, it is too busy and I can not relax, I have not passed out but maybe it is anxiety that is playing a part in the way you feel. Ways to get through is not something I can say, I would just suggest finding a way to relax it is different for all people, If you wish to t alk about it then I am here
  5. I was planing too but I have asked before and the system is busy, plus I have trouble sleeping in a strange place, I will ask my Doc though, there are some home systems to try
  6. I am so tired, I feel like a zombie, My eyes are heavy and I would love to take them out. I have been sleep for 8-10 hours and a few naps most days but I just can not stop dreaming, My dreams seem to last hours to day, weeks or months. I know I Vivid dream and sometimes I can Lucid dream. It works in stages, I can become aware that I am dreaming, at that point I can stop it and wake up but I will go back to sleep and normally dream the same. After the point I become aware I can change the topic of the dream if that makes sense and then I can control my dream. I do not mind waking myself up but I get to REM sleep within 30mins, when I can look at the clock. Anyone know of a way of suppressing dreams?
  7. I found this game, it is only short and has three endings but it speaks about a thing in a very interesting way. I will not say what it is about but I hope some of you enjoy it. http://www.kongregate.com/games/bento_smile/air-pressure
  8. Just been told not to overthink things and that it is not all about me from my ex, I am not sure about what I demanded and any advice to not over think things?
  9. Hey Asha I can not say it is one thing or the other but going by my life it is a mixture of both, Yes you can be angry, I am hating myself right now Atleast you know you are having problems, Depending on where you live you I am sure someone will be able to help you. If you feel like venting you can PM me I wish you the best Carey
  10. I am in a low mood at the moment but does anyone find that time seems to go slower from your perspective, It is 2pm here and it feels like it should be 10pm to me,
  11. I am sorry to hear that, I have been through it before. I can not give advice on your family but I suggest to speak to your Pdoc, They might have more experience with this
  12. You have to do what you think is best for you and your pdoc is your doc
  13. Cutting meds cold turkey is never nice but it is your choice, it is something you will have to speak to your Doc, I have cut out meds before without informs my Docs and it was not a nice experience, I ended up with a scar on my chest where I stabbed myself. Just make sure your Doc knows about it and if you need help we are here, I wish you the best
  14. It is OK Dopa, was meant to help and try to make sense of types of depressions. Glad you felt better for talking about it, Takecare
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