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  1. i wanted to call the police on him for kicking me, but she said i'm not allowed to because it's disrespectful. there's a fine line between respect and kissing someone's ass just because they're older. i will not kiss his ass and everyone thinks i'm the rudest child in the world because of it. i just want someone i'm close to to hold me and tell me it's going to be okay.
  2. i need validation. if someone has a fear of being touched, does that give someone the right to grab their stomach? and when they freak out does that give the same person the right to threaten to bash their skull and kick them so hard in the butt that a bruise forms? is protesting to this disrespectful? i used to think nobody had the right to make me feel uncomfortable, especially if i've told them multiple times that it bothers me. today my grandfather grabbed my stomach jokingly, and it really bothered me, so i told him he can't do that, for at least the sixth time. he said i was just going to have to get over it, then threatened to bash my skull and when my grandmother tried to stop him from doing so, he reached his foot around her and kicked me so hard it left a bruise. i haven't told anyone that the reason i don't like to be touched is because i was sexually assaulted at the psych hospital i was in, but i've told them that i don't like to be touched. it just feels wrong. but my mother said "it's not like he's some stranger off the street, he's your grandfather, he has a right to touch you" i need validation that i'm right and they're wrong.
  3. i dont have a therapist. the mental health clinic is really slow. even after two suicide attempts i still dont have a therapist because a lot of people need help in florida. its the crazy state.
  4. i'm so sad. i just woke up feeling like crap. i feel so fat and ugly and stupid and i know nobody likes me. i kind of wish i were manic right now so i could feel good. my mi voice is talking at me telling me awful things about myself, how i'll never make anything of my life because i'm not really that great a singer, how i should just lay in bed all day because no one will miss me, even my mother is sick of dealing with my shit. are there any coping skills i could use? my mom wants to take me to the beach, so i guess that would help a little. anything else io could try?
  5. it makes me so tired and i fall asleep in school. i dont want to fall asleep and i want to do my work and get good grades but im tired all the time. what should i do? should i ask for different meds?
  6. i was 12 and i had hidden it from my mother since i was 8 years old. my mom was scaredand worried, and told me i could talk to her about whatever it was that made me upset. she understood because she use to do it too. i just felt exposed and violated which of course made me do it more. i really cant talk to her because she has bipolar too.
  7. my family is getting really concerned about my binging. i eat and eat and eat and it feels like i have to do it. i dont have a therapist because the local mental health clinic is really slow. i tried to kill myself two months ago and i still havent had a first appointment. i dont want to live like this anymore but i feel like i dont want to get better. theres a point when i eat so much that i feel like im about to explode and i want to get better but i feel like i wouldnt be happy if i got better. im 250 lbs and 15 years old. i need help.
  8. okay just go to dollar tree (or a dollar store or whatever you get the idea) an buy whatever you want because theres no way you can spend over a hundred dollars at dollar tree. ta-da!
  9. lexapro really helps. i dont get paranoid at night anymore and my obsessive thoughts havent been occurring as often. does it help anyone else?
  10. i have a lot of apps on my phone and i constantly check them even if i know theres nothing there. is this just a part of being a teenager or is it a compulsion?
  11. i totally get the only wanting to wear simple stuff when youre depressed. when im depressed i wear my favorite pair of pj bottoms and a tshirt all day or possibly for a few days.
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