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  1. Whilst i'm not a grrl i think a separate poll for the boys would also be valid. It's a really interesting topic.
  2. Umm... ok, so many of you know what i'm talking about. I'm going to see my doc about this soon, hopefully. I've been seeing the same doc for 10+ years and it's a bit embarassing now going in to tell him about my issues. I haven't had any for the past 3 days and it's been alright... Any suggestions? BTW It's my first time back here in ages hi to all you nice ppl
  3. Yeh i've done that - i'm undiagnosed. lol I met up with some random guy at a club and decided (stupidly) after much self-medication it would be great to drive to the coast and hang out for a few days. The entire situation ended in disaster but it was an experience.
  4. ok this is kinda tragic, but anyhows... I've had three partners in my life, the first guy i met on a BBS (bulletin board service - before the net) the second guy i met on the net - from another state and i moved the third guy came up to me at a queer march and asked me for my email address.... so yeh, geeky but cool... i love them all forever
  5. Ok... Time for a rant... I know this is a silly post but i need to vent... Stupid f$#%ing ex'bfs... I found someone i really liked, and he liked me... this only ever happens to me about once every four years and i find that it's quite special. We've known each other for about six months and seeing each other for about six weeks.... (all i need is another six and i can be evil). So yeh, his name is [Name removed by preference of my ex-partner], but now i wont see him - during the six weeks we've been together he's been sleeping around quite a bit, it all came to a head the other day when he was bashed and mugged for his mobile phone whilst at a roots house. I knew he was... umm... friendly for lack of a nice term, but i did offer him an open relationship to start with and he said no. All i asked from him was honesty, is that such a difficult thing to give? I went around to his place the other night, i was having a bit of a manic moment and he called the police on me. grrr So yeh, single again, and happy single... not feeling the greatest right now, i thought of admitting myself to hospital voluntarily earlier today. Feeling very triggered, the slightest thing can shift my emotions. Honestly, i've been emotionally shielding myself in this relationship, the first one i've had in 4 years. Even tho i spent the arvo crying it could be worse. I wanted trust from him before we went further in the relationship and that just never happened. Sad, self-pity and tragic - stupid f$#%en ex-bf's and bf's for that matter... where have all the nice boys gone? Sorry for the rant, it's prolly better place in the relationships forum but whatever...
  6. Hey guys + grrls... I'm finding it difficult to get to sleep and my naturopath has given me some Valerian/Passion Flower pills. I did some research on the net and read that Passion Flower is a mild MAOI. I know it's bad to combine an MAOI with an SSRI and i'm just wondering if anyone can tell me that they've tried passion flower whilst on an SSRI? Juz
  7. At one point in my life i had 3 boyfriends, they all knew each other and they were my boyfriends not each others. It was a little weird, jealousy was everywhere... very messy and in the end i stayed with only one of them and we had a relationship of 7 years. My last partner introduced me to courting... where you could date many people at once and each were up for your hand as a partner. Rather old fashioned but i really do like the idea.
  8. I used to smoke quite a bit a while back but stopped. I drink a fair bit now, often just to get to sleep at night as i have insomnia problems. My psych suggested i take up smoking again too. I didn't get the paranoia but i have friends that did, perhaps you could try getting something a bit weaker although it is difficult with most of the strains around today. You could also try and get just the leaf rather than the buds. J
  9. I've replied already, i shower usually daily,but sometimes once every 2-3 days. I don't persperate much or stink much so it doesn't bother me. However i've just started seeing this guy, he has to shower at least twice a day and tries to make me do the same but i resist. ;-) If he truly loves me he will live with it... *smile* EDIT: he has now seen this post since i referred him to CB and he says HE does mind.... :-p
  10. I have to say, despite my previous posts i've now been on Lex for several months. It took a good month on 20mg to get me over my depression, i now feel better than i have in many years. However (here's the but)... i still have my rage days, i still have some moments where i do things and i cannot remember them. It's a sign of something else i know this but in terms of Lex fixing my anxiety/depression, which for me was utter hell it has helped so much. ... although i still have the phone phobia :-o J
  11. He has to be one of the most ignorant public speaking ppl there are in the celebrity arena. I'm surprised it took Aussie Nicole so long to dump him.... i think he's still trying to get over it! Perhaps he needs some meds ? ;-)
  12. Hey boys + grrls... Umm... i've got social phobia problems, and others as well... (don't we all). Recently i've taken the step of putting myself into a position where i'm in intense public social situations.... Has anyone on here tried this to get rid of their phobia? I admit right now i freak out quite a bit, and the anxiety is crazy at times.... I't could of been a crazy hypomanic moment that put me into the position i'm in but it (might or could) cure my social phobia? I've want to reneg on the deal all the time but i hold myself back in the hope it will help me. Am i nuts to try this method? If anyone has tried something similar i'd love to hear your tales. J
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