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  1. When nothing anyone does is ever enough. When your on a first name basis with local cops. When you've ran in front of a car in front of your psychiatrist. When a text message makes you want to off yourself.
  2. I find that strange since this is a non-profit site. Hm.. does this happen with other websites? I use google chrome with ad block and it works well for those kinds of popups.
  3. I think it was very wrong of your therapist to say that to you. Or perhaps it was misinterpreted, I don't know. Regardless, you shouldn't feel unapproachable. I know a few people who work at restaurants and it's part of the job description to complain about the crap you need to take(which is a lot). We shouldn't have to change ourselves to cater others. When working it's almost impossible to keep everyone happy. Focus on your supervisor. Also there will be people who appreciate your honesty.
  4. I have to take my driving test in a few months. I've failed the first one and I'm terrified of driving (although I know all the rules and I'm a decent driver) the test itself is terrifying - the thought of failure especially. All I can say is if you fail - it doesn't really matter. You can take the test again in a month or two. Just remember the person testing you is also human and don't work yourself up over their authority status. They are just working a mediocre job and your future depends on you, not them. You can make small talk and as said above, do relaxing techniques but in the end whether you pass or fail is insignificant toward your life.
  5. It took a lot of strength to do that and she sounds like a great therapist. I wish you many more triumphs like this in your journey to recovery
  6. That's child abuse not to mention completely ineffective at getting children to internalize morals. Children need to learn what is inappropriate and more importantly, what they should do instead. Instead they should be asked "Do you feel bad for doing X?" That will generally make them feel bad about their inappropriate behavior. Then suggest alternate behaviors or solutions. Time-out is another effective option where they think about what they had done but again they must be told what they should have done instead.
  7. I relate to much of what you wrote. Everyone wants to be impressionable when they are around others. I would not say that makes you an impostor or fake, it is human nature. As Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." Unfortunately this is a huge barrier in therapy but if you are aware of it then you can catch yourself and back pedal. I also do very well in initial social situations only to crumble once I am alone and scrutinize my every word. CBT and my anxiety medications helped considerably with this. I do want to make you aware of the fact no one can fake their way into jobs or masters degrees. You do not transform into some other person when you are making first impressions, the fundamentals of your personality are still there. Part of your personality is that ability to identify what people want, be aware of their reactions and modify your approach to cater to them. This is a great skill to have. It doesn't make you fake. As for going back to work, sometimes therapy demands big steps and as scary as they may seem, usually we are ready for them.
  8. Hi welcome to the boards! I can relate to a lot of what you've said. You put a lot of pressure on yourself. I understand family and friends influence our decisions but we understand our needs best, not them. If switching majors would help you and you can still see it leading to an interesting career it sounds like a very good option. Making it to university is quite a feat and you should give yourself credit for that. The first semester is always difficult. You are not only learning a lot of material very quickly but you are also learning how to organize your time and studying. Most freshmen don't get the GPA they had hoped for. You still have a lot of time to improve on it. Personally I would try one more semester in that program and if things didn't improve then switch. Wish you all the best.
  9. That's a difficult situation. I think you need to base your decision purely on whether you would be able to cope or not. Would it be possible to shorten the trip to a few days? Perhaps you can look into staying somewhere else as well and have a therapist or friend on call in case you need support. If you decide you aren't able to handle the trip don't feel guilty. Protecting your health comes first! If your child knows you struggle with mental illness they will hopefully understand. You could send your child a card and a little gift and maybe skype with them to congratulate them. I have been put in situations where I had to choose to support my family or myself and it really is about weighing the pros and cons and trying to find compromises. When I do need to put myself first they are generally very understanding. I hope some of my suggestions help.
  10. Hi welcome to the boards. Please read the rules. We do not give advice on obtaining prescriptions. I suggest being as honest as possible with your psychiatrist and s/he will determine the best course of action for your well being. Have you been on any other SSRI's? What works for some doesn't necessarily work for others. I tried Prozac which did nothing for my anxiety and have now been on Zoloft for 8 months with considerable improvement. I am also surprised your doctor prescribed you Lithium and Lexapro together. It seems like a risky combination. I only did a quick search on this so I could be wrong. http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/38927-lithium-lexapro/ Edit: Rules are here http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/6642-user-agreement-updated-28th-sept-2012/
  11. Being body conscious and having anxiety over gaining 20lbs in a year is normal. It's also normal to feel good about losing some weight. What you described is not healthy behavior but it is not an eating disorder. Eating disorders are extreme, obsessive behavior (more than what you described) for a persistent period of time. Here is the criteria from the DSM: http://casat.unr.edu/docs/eatingdisorders_criteria.pdf Losing your appetite is a fairly common side effect to Zoloft. It should pass in 2 weeks but if it persists you must inform your doctor about this. According to my doctor 25-75mg of Zoloft is the normal dose to treat anxiety, 100-150 for depression and 150 and up for OCD, however dosage does vary by age, sex and weight.
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