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  1. is trying to figure out how all this new CB stuff works!!!

  2. Tenebrae, what were you doing up at 5:40 am?


  3. Hi sweetie! Good to see you again it's been a long time! Thanks for the note. Hope you are doing well!

  4. luli2

    Hi Olga, I don't know why I got the message I can't visit your blog! Can you make sure we are friends? I'm Luli2 here-- I just want to hook up! I got on hideandseeks, tenebrae -- hunh -- Thanks, Lucy

  5. luli2

    Good to read more about your trip -- your summer -- I guess everyone's different about how much you contact them -- you are busy, yanno!Luce

  6. luli2

    Lilybear, missing you!

  7. Hi Red, how are you doing? I miss ya!


  8. Hiya D, just me floating around; it's Val. day and I think you are having a blizzard! I love your photo on this thing...I had to read Minx; I hadn't been around CB for a long while....


  9. Hi Philip! I'm in Michigan, the lower peninsula! My one nephew went to chapel hill and my other nephew will go in the fall as a freshman...that's near you, isn't it? I haven't been out your way. Welcome! Luli
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