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  1. True. The person below me likes to prowl the streets after dark.
  2. No, actually I like them. Have you ever felt really excited about something but not known what it was?
  3. I love manic episodes. I love how I can get high without having to do any drugs.

  4. Quoted, so your trolling intentions will be nicely documented when other people look at this thread.
  5. Also quoted for future reference. Oh, and you've been reported for trolling. It is against the rules, you know. Whoops!
  6. Quoted for future reference, just to prove that you are trolling (i.e. making inflammatory posts to get an emotional reaction out of others for your own amusement).
  7. Well, you turned something that was a general question into a personal attack against me ("No wonder you're still virgin."). You're just starting flame wars with me for the sake of starting flame wars. Why are you still mad at me after all this time? Just leave me alone.
  8. 1. I don't think getting annoyed at people who posted about how they lost their virginity in their teens is the same thing as shaming them. I was asking if there are other older virgins, and if you lost your virginity at 18 or 19, you're not an older virgin, because you're not a virgin. The average age to lose your virginity is about 17, which isn't that far away from 18 or 19. I was complaining about these posts because they were off-topic. I wasn't shaming anyone. 2. What's wrong with talking about myself in the OP? Lots of people do that. Am I not allowed to mention anything about myself at all now? Also, I don't see how either one of these constitutes "vulgar language", so you didn't answer my question.
  9. So define "vulgar language" if you're not talking about individual words. What specifically makes the OP vulgar? Really, I want to know so I can change it.
  10. Just updating my status to get rid of the old one, because everyone was getting all uppity about it.

  11. I have changed the OP so it no longer contains the word "penis". Can we all just move on please?
  12. Yes, now that a certain member changed the subject and deliberately started a flame war, just like she has on almost every other thread I've posted. Nobody ever said "This thread is shit." before her post. Why is it that as soon as she flames me, everyone joins in and starts blaming the OP for the poor quality of the thread?
  13. Come on, Indigo 'n dye, just grow up. So I said something you didn't like about nine months ago. Get over it. Seriously, some people just can't let go of the past.
  14. Okay, did everyone miss the OP or something? This is a thread about older virgins. The question wasn't "When did you lose your virginity?" which is what most people replying to this thread seem to be answering. Why is this mostly being answered by people who lost their virginity in their teens?
  15. False. Never go to bars. The person below me has seen an anteater in person.
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