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  1. i think it really depends on the individual person. living with social phobia/a lot of anxiety for your whole or most of your life tends to make someone averse to maintaining relationships etc. because they haven't really had the room to make good memories and have good experiences. others are just naturally introverted. i do know people with social phobia (from group therapies and stuff) who really desperately want to have a "normal" or healthy social life but just feel unable to because of their anxiety.
  2. true! i love my plants. the person below me has problems with dry skin or rashes.
  3. yes. do you watch any reality tv shows?
  4. false. the person below me routinely takes a lunch to work/school/wherever.
  5. i like both a lot but i guess i'm going to have to go with the dkny one as well.. but i genuinely like both.
  6. true. i like soup a lot but I'm picky about soup (and salad!). the person below me is not fond of eating in restaurants in general.
  7. to study - yes. but i have an interest in both and i think they're both very important. the person below me has never had the chicken pox.
  8. i'm pretty sure that all of those are correct. my sister has an iphone with siri on it and she's hilarious. i'll ask her when she's come home from work.
  9. yes. but not all the time. i'm nearsighted. are you someone who can fall asleep or nod off anywhere?
  10. i'm not sure. everything in my life seems to be tangled up with mi. the person below me hates wasting money.
  11. kind of a ridiculous question. girls/women are individuals and you can try getting to know her instead of going off the comments of people you've never met who've never met her to assess the romantic potential of the situation. maybe she just has an expressive face. maybe she's had too much botox and can't control her facial movements. maybe she's smiling and raising her eyebrows to show she's attracted to you. maybe she's attracted to the lady behind you. maybe her smile is a surface one that she's learned to put on when she's uncomfortable and irritated and the eyebrows are giving away her irritation. if you want to know more about her then get to know her better. you can look up everything and anything about interpreting female body language but its fruitless speculation that can lead to you creating an image of her in your mind that is not realistic.
  12. electronics and money and jewellery and probably other stuff i'm forgetting. do you like to watch horror films? why/why not?
  13. definitely. the person below me has a nightly before-bed routine.
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