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  1. Just popped by to say HELLO

  2. Hey wuts up latinGirl Nice to be back

  3. I'm happy to see you have many friends!! I have been playing many gigs.I play lead in a moderen blues band.I still don't like taking center stage during my solo's.The drummer I've known for some time yelled at me the other night so I walked out up front and had an awesome kick down jam.I like to stay low key maybe from shyness or lack of expierence,But I got off on the s...

  4. Oh........yes she is dying to decorate the tree. So That is a good thing. I know there is no way she is going to eat that, nor will I let her. she plans to cut it up and give a lot to friends. I had the same thoughts it would make a good center piece for a party. Well.................on a good note she loves books about "Facts" all kinds of facts on life, movies, the universe anything on facts. So the Gummy Bear is the only silly gift she asked for. Also I do have plans on the Gummy Bear to go M.I.A. Seriously the Christmas Music is driving me up the wall.
  5. My daughter is 14 and loves, love 24 hour xmas music. It's driving me crazy, but I love her. Now........I was supposed to put up the tree and decorations right after Thanksgiving and she keeps asking when. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels I put everything up just to take it all down. So this mommy feels quilt. I will bite the bullet and put it up this Sat. after all I have to have a tree to put her presents under. Now, that I think about it her being a Jr. High teen Queen w/serious tude I think her still loving Christmas is sweet. btw...............one item she asked for is a 5
  6. F**** Yeah, F*** Yeah. I got the last limited edition of Niki Minaj Pink 4 friday limited lipstick. On Mac.com Can't get in stores. Web site is a mess. Oh yeah Baby

    1. eternal_mystery


      i got one too. i'm selling mine on ebay.

    2. Latin Girl

      Latin Girl

      You McBastard. LOL

    3. Latin Girl

      Latin Girl

      paid 14.50 Now on ebay going for 150.00 No Shit

  7. Wondernut You brought back old school to my head: LOL! Montel Jordon: This is how we do it Tony Tony Tone: Let's get down Jamming in my car. love old school LG
  8. Wondernut Love Old School!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great LG
  9. Hi LT lookin Sharp you do have a nice page.Sorry been a lot crazy as of late.I'm back on board.Lith coursing through my veins again.Started jammin with a band we have a gig in 2wks at a blues dive,should be cool,the rhythm guitarist singer is to picky,I play lead guitar and try to ignore him.He really has to force his talent and emotes too much.I hope your hangin tough take good care

  10. I guess it depends on the approach. Some times men don't get the signal. If he approaches me and I say "No" and he continues then it becomes creepy LG
  11. OK...........Tommy!?........Elton John. The Who? Deaf, Dumb and Blind????!!! ugh!! The thing that goes tilt, tilt, tilt, with a big silver ball.

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    2. Latin Girl

      Latin Girl

      Har har. Santana the Mean Hot chick on Glee. Geek :P

    3. eternal_mystery
    4. JTSD-35


      I really don't know what u'all are talkin about??but I just stopped in to say Hi!! I been going through a shit load of grief,but things are looking up.I rescued a most awesome dog 3 days away from being put down at the animal shelter.He's 9 a little old but doesn't act it he's the best very mellow and smart.I named him Luke as in cool hand,after being sprung from death row.He goes every where with me and has given me something good to focus on.Take care scal gal.

  12. Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalized is a good song. When My Daughter is down I say..................Are you on drugs? are you drinking? she say's no.............So I say Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all's you wanted was a Pepsi. She Laughs
  13. Latin Girl


    I don't own a cat. I think because they are loyal and low maintenance. A dog requires more attention. Just a guess. I have a very chubby dog who tries to squeeze under the bed when it thunders. LG
  14. This may sound silly to some. I am not putting "Insane in the Membrane" or anything like that. At the time Mariah carey's Rainbow CD came out I was going through a bad time in my life and all her songs seemed to reflect what I was feeling.
  15. I think it might actually be making fun of the people that think a pregnant woman isn't sexy, and perhaps the more general idea that woman can only be sexy with tramp shoes and a pole between their legs. Also making fun of the women that buy that line of crap... Knowing what I do about Christina Applegate, that would be my take on it. She has been pretty open about having had breast cancer/mastectomies, and I've read snippets here and there in which she speaks out against women being desexualized/dewomanized for losing their breasts. Also, since she is actually prego, I would guess she isn'
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