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  1. If you like tomatoes, they are easy to grow. What about basil, cilantro, chives ?
  2. I also took 200mg trazodone for sleep 2 years ago, And it was combined with 2mg ativan and 15mg remeron.
  3. I haven't gain any weight on Latuda but it requires you to eat about 350 calories while taking it.
  4. Even if you feel like you tried an incredible amount of meds/cocktail there is still many meds, dosage and cocktail that a pdoc can try. Even if it's seems difficult to keep going just don't give up. Also I'd like to mention that many people's including myself won't take the time to dog through old posts to see if you may have mentioned somewhere the meds you tried. As Rosie said : list them in your signature to make it easier to know. Sorry you don't feel understood here but not everyone is online at the same time. I'm convinced that several peoples can relate. Have you considered going in patient to try to get some help and stability ?
  5. I take Latuda, remeron and doxepin at bedtime and it's been working for me so far. I do wake up sometimes but manage to get back to sleep pretty quickly.
  6. Hey Mousy, An unstable sense of identity can simply mean ''feeling empty'' a lot of the time, wondering how you feel about yourself or sometimes feeling like you don't really know yourself. As for unstable relationships, if you do everything to never feel abandoned or see everything as all good or all bad it could be a part of the ''meaning'' Hopefully it helps you a little, good luck.
  7. Seriously ? How about no ? Dragonfly, you've made an amazing progress, 29 days (or maybe even 3 months now ?) You can do it, don't give up. =)
  8. I sometimes have this urge in me not to take my meds. And I can't explain why. Does anyone else get this? And why do you struggle with taking your meds? Not currently but I did in the past. I've quit meds for a little more than a year thinking I don't really need them and honestly, I feel 110% better with treatment. I've come to realize that they are there to help and it's a lot easier to ''take them'' now. Does anyone else have a hard time accepting the diagnosis? Sort of. I've been dealing with psychologist and psychiatrist since i'm 13. I was diagnosed bipolar II few months after I was 18. I just recently been informed that my diagnosis is ''changing'' again and it's harder for me to understand and accept it. But I know that eventually, it will be settled again and it's just words that doctors use to understand me and help with the adequate treatment. Is it possible at all to only be hypomanic with episodes of being normal? And never fall back into depression? Cause truth be told: I kinda like being up and crazy haha Good question...I'm not sure. I do not recall any full-blown depression in my life but i'm also not a doctor and I have antidepressants meds so I guess she thinks otherwise. And lastly, does it get easier? The cycles? The acceptance? It does ! I find that my best ally is time ; the right treatment and therapy is going to help a lot. Welcome to CrazyBoards !
  9. Appointment made with the old pdoc, we will see what happens from there.

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