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  1. Hey Luna yea i know what you mean i just feel crappy because of this and mentally out of it most of the time and cant think straight like im mentally imagining it and my brain iis just drifting off im scared a lil about this i have not been to the pdoc yet and im not sure what could be causing it.
  2. well i was taking a small dose of hydrocodone a little while before this started but i had been off of them a few days by the time this started im not sure if something could be wrong with my brain.
  3. well i was taking hydrocodone for pain but it was small does and then i quit and then a few days later is when the songs started it seems like its a tick in my brain making the tunes lol
  4. Hi i have been having certain parts of songs repeating in my head over and over again im a 30 year old male not sure what is causing it me and my brother was going down the road the other day and it started in the car out of the blu i did not have any songs in my head and we was not listing to any music and then all of a sudden this old timey toon got in my head like some old blue grass gospel song that i really never heard but it was in my head some how maybe i heard something similar to it before but am not sure anyways now songs just play over and over in my head if i listen to them or not but am not sure why i have never had a problem with songs before playing in my head like this if anyone has any info or insights it would be very helpful. thanks
  5. me and my brother was going down the highway and it started all of a sudden and we was not listing to any music
  6. i have this really bad too and i dont know whats causing it i have certain parts of songs re looping in my head over over and over again non stop like a broken record any one have any insight on this? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  7. ok thanks guys anymore info would be a great help
  8. well i got it in my penis tissue through the rectum wall the doctors checked my prostate and said it was fine but penis is in a flaccid state kinda like a hard feeling
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