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  1. late posting, but ive recently been Dxd with ocpd. i googled and found quite a bit of info, but most important i found the dsm-iv criteria. and you onlky have to four of the 8. OP, from what i read in your several responses in this thread, it sure sounds like you fit the criteria. Diagnostic Criteria ( DSM-IV
  2. my pdoc switched me to seroquel XR after taking regular seroquel for the last several months. she didnt switch me for any other reason other than she didnt have any samples of the regular and only had free XR samples. i dont have any insurance so shes been supplying me with samples since i started it. the thing is the regular samples were for 300mg and she had me splitting them so i would only take 150mg a night. she wants me to do this with the XR, but it says not to split them. but she doesnt want me taking 300mg, just 150mg. its what she had for free so she said try it and see how it goes. anyway, splitting aside, whats the difference between regular and XR? thanks in advance!
  3. thanks everybody! i tried to read thru the posted comparisons, but couldnt quite figure it out. you all have helped tremendously! thanks again!
  4. i have been prescribed, at different times, with klonopin & tranxene. whats the difference? theyre both in the benzo family from what i can tell, but i'm not sure how theyre different. the tranxene is 7.5mg & the klonopin is .5mg (i think). can anyone tell me how they compare or contrast? thanks in advance!
  5. well, what a difference a day makes. the actual dr called me this morning. she is going to fax in the 90 day supply TODAY for my full dosage so i wont have to alternate it at all. she wanted to talk to me and make sure i would come to the follow-up in may and since i promised her i would, shes gonna go ahead and do the fax today so i wont run out at my regular dosage! YAY!!! shes so flaky though. the receptionist told me yesterday that the dr told her that she hadnt prescribed this dosage on a 90 day supply before and thats why i would have to wait (read OP for info). when i told the dr this today, she denied having said that. then she said i hadnt seen her since january and that she was concerned about the length between visits. but i got out my trusty calenday and told her i had seen her in jan, feb AND march. i gave her dates and times. she said she didnt have that noted but would check with the receptionist. i told her i could provide her with receipts if she didnt believe me. i swear, as crazy as i am, im more 'with it' than she is. oh well. im getting my refills and im happy about that, so i guess all is well!
  6. thanks for telling me this. at least i know im not the only one in the same boat. sucks dont it?
  7. i told them that and their offer was to call me in a 2 weeks supply which cost the same as paying for an extra month - which we cant afford. even if they called in a full month, i cant afford that either. the only way we can afford it is to get the stupid 90 supply so we can save the extra $50 bucks. i'm so tired tonight just thinking about it. all the joys been sucked out of me.....
  8. so i have about 3 weeks left of my lamictal rx. i called the dr office for refills. i even WENT to the dr office to drop off the fax forms for the insurance rx mail company so i get 3 months supply for 2 months cost. everything was looking good. dr office said they can do the fax w/no problem. then..... i get a call back (after ive already been to their office) from the receptionist saying the dr isnt comfortable prescribing a long term rx till she sees me. the reason the receptionist says, is because these were prescribed by another dr so this dr wants to see me first before agreeing to keep me on this med regimine. (i know thats spelled wrong) but um, excuse meeeeeeeeeeee...... they were ORIGINALLY prescribed by a different dr one month at a time. but once i went to the 90 day supply at THIS dosing level, it was THIS dr whp wrote the rx. not the original one! i understand her wanting to see me again for a follow-up and all, but the earliest she can see me is THREE WEEKS from today! i cannot afford to pay for the full 90 day supply by filling it that day at a retail pharmacy and not having to run out. they gave me the option of calling in a couple weeks supply till i see her then i can get the 90 day supply. the problem with that is 2, 3, or 4 weeks still cost me $50 cuz this med is in a tier 3 category so it cost the most. plus im having to pay for the office visit to see her on top of the rx cost. like i said, i have NO problem going in for a follow-up, but the fact that she isnt comfortable prescribing an rx that SHE got me to this dosage of and has already written the same rx for HERSELF is what irks me! i was on this same med and the same dosage when i saw her last. nothing has changed. anyway, thats my rant and heres my crazy mind solution. i know youre not supposed to F with your meds, but to alliviate having to shell out an extra $50 bucks, im gonna alternate my daily dosage. instead off 100mg a day, im gonna do 75mg then 100mg then 75 mg then 100mg and so on. this will BARELY give me enough to get to my appointment with her and time for the mail order to arrive. i hate to do it, but honestly, if i dont, im gonna have to keep at my 100mg then run out and be off of it for about a week to 10 days. and i dont wanna do THAT! im just at a loss cuz we just dont have any extra money left at all. our well pump went out, our washing machine died. our well was then struck by lightening and went out again and now my daughter needs to go to the eye dr for a complete eye examine including dialation and then probably needing glasses, and we are just bone dry money-wise. we just cant afford one more red cent. so i guess my question is, and please no sermons, i know i shouldnt F with my meds, i know it and wouldnt do it if i could just go buy more, i swear, but my question is, how weirded out will this make me? will my system notice the varying effects? im crying over this already and worried to hell. please, if anyone knows the effect this might have on me, please let me know. thanks for reading if you made it this far. i think im depressed now.....
  9. i used to keep all my old meds. had a walmart bag full of old pill bottles, some with a full months minus a few days supply. i held onto them because they cost so much and i was hoping to find someone who could use them as opposed to just throwing all that money down the toilet. after checking with everyone i know with a MI and giving away a few bottles of depakote, i finally, just last week, threw all the rest away. gone forever! i feel so de-cluttered!
  10. well, i finally got to see the whole procedure from the patient walking in to the patient walking out. it was on discovery channel (i think) in one of their documentaries. like you all said, and i knew, it wasnt much to see, but im glad i got to see it and know exactly what it looked like. it made me feel better about having gone thru it.
  11. i was at 40mg and my dr wanted me to drop to 20mg. i didnt want to take any chances dropping from 40 straight to 20 so i did it very slowly. 40 to 30 for 10 days. then 30 to 20. i had no side effects at all with 40 and was on that dose for a year, but we were adding and titrating lamictal so they wanted me to lower my celexa dose. oh and because i was lowering the celexa, i titrated the lamictal in between tapering the celexa so if there were any SEs id know which was causing them.
  12. ps: conversion disorder sounds a lot like how some doctors throw people in to the fibromyalgia dx cuz they cant or wont pinpoint an exact dx. this is NOT to say that fibromyalgia isnt a real dx, however i was once dx'd as such and for me it was a crock of sh*t. do you know what meds they gave me for it????? ADs. thats it and i find that very interesting is a suuuuuuure i have fibromyalgia kind of way.
  13. SO - my thoughts and prayers are with you! i wish you all the best and that the much needed break from the wordly responsibilities will help you to find a start to your recovery. i had ect as well and found that though it was helping, it wasnt till i ended it that i was able to come out of the ect fog and feel the improvement. during my weeks of treatment i was so tired, felt to depressed, no energy, and foggy. it wasnt till a couple of weeks after i ended the treatment that i felt the darkness lift. it was like though the ect was helping, it drained all my energy and took so much out of me mentally and physically. i did have my meds changed while inpatient. and was tweaking them for 2 months after i came home. but i do feel better and hopefully you will, too! one thing about inpatient that i couldnt stand was the light in my room. at night i like to have a low light before lights out to ease into sleepy time. but they had these bright overhead lighhts that i couldnt adjust and it drove me crazy. lol - crazy. anyway, i do hope the best for you and look forward to your update once you get back home! {{hugs}}
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