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  1. These days it's much less expensive. The price seems to be between 10 and 80 dollars, depending on quantity, variety, and whether you use a coupon.
  2. My father has a pair of computer glasses for that sort of thing. He usually wears progressives or bifocals. I don't know how often he uses the computer glasses these days, but he has them, and they seem to be a pretty common thing.
  3. I'm on Wellbutrin now, and I love it more than prozac, cymbalta, or zoloft. It might increase the physical symptoms of anxiety because of how it works, but I haven't had that experience. It also lessened my obsessions a fair amount, although that might have just been coincidental timing, considering my other therapy going on. From what I can tell, the seizure thing is pretty overblown, unless you're taking a very large dose or overdose. In that case, it can be extremely dangerous. Another option to think about is augmenting the paxil with welly, rather than an outright switch. That seems to be more common of a method that a straight switch, or at least that's what my old pdoc told me. There's also switching to a different SSRI, like Lexapro. Good luck with your marriage!
  4. I got very few side effects from it. I was on 0.5mg twice a day for a month, so 1mg daily. It effectively handled my hallucinations.
  5. I get both. The external voices sound like they're right next to my ear, but really far away and quiet, but not in a whisper. It's quite hard to explain. The internal voices are clearly not my consciousness, but aren't actually auditory. It's quite hard to explain/understand unless you've experienced it.
  6. When I first went on Wellbutrin, I got kickstarted out of the massive depression I was in at the time. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with some form of Bipolar, and put on Lamictal. The combo seems to be working fairly well for me.
  7. jango

    page 45

    So the closest book to me (a certification guide for the Cisco Certified Network Associate test) had a blank page 45. Might explain a lot. The second closest book (The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett) started with the continuation of a sentence started at the end of page 44: "He gave a cynical laugh, mooched around the abandoned jetty until he found a piece of wood about the right length, wedged it as politely as possible in the gap between the lid and the box, and pulled out one of the flat packages" That makes no sense wrt personality, so let's try the first full sentence on p45. The actual first sentence on page 45 is "It held biscuits that turned out to be as hard as diamond-wood." Well, I am fat. ETA book titles
  8. Can you get in contact with your doc and see if it's okay with them? Otherwise, I would go up, and if it gives you bad side effects, go back down. None of this should not be considered medical advice.
  9. Yay. Emergency visit with pdoc. Gonna get meds!

  10. Maybe. From your meds list, it looks like you have a psych. Tell them about what you've been feeling.
  11. Hmm, may have to go to the hospital. I'm gonna try my pdoc's emergency number first & see if I can get an AP script.

    1. malachite


      Did you end up having to go to the hospital?

    2. jango


      No, we upped my meds a few days early. Unless things get worse, we wait until next week's appt. where I can explain better. If it gets worse, I go to the hospital.

  12. See if you can get a referral to a dermatologist. I've had eczema almost since I was born, and finally getting a derma helped a ton. I was Rxed a fluocinonide liquid to apply PRN (well, I was originally prescribed something else, but insurance wouldn't pay for it), and it burns like hell for a few, then the areas it was applied to feel very warm. However, it takes the eczema out faster than anything OTC. Because it hurts so badly, I only use it when the eczema is really, really bad, and hurts more than the medication would. Also, have you started using any new cleaning products? It could be contact dermatitis masquerading as eczema, especially if you haven't had an outbreak in a while
  13. I'm so done with this anxiety. Even when I'm hypo, it's there. Fuck.

  14. Current cocktail: 50mg Lamictal ODT (in the middle of the starter pack): Mood Stabilizer for Bipolar 90mg Cymbalta: Antidepressant 150mg Wellbutrin: Antidepressant and for counteracting side effects I'm also technically prescribed 5mg Ambien as needed for sleep, but after what happened last time, I'm not going to take it again. This will likely change, as the lamictal doesn't seem to do enough downward stabilization, I still need something for anxiety, and I really don't like the Cymbalta, and don't think it's particularly helpful Most "fun" cocktail 10mg Abilify: Depression and mood stabilization 1mg Lorazepam PRN: Anxiety 40mg Prozac: Antidepressant 90mg Cymbalta: Antidepressant
  15. I'm getting some weird-ass Lamictal side effects

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