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  1. i was prescribed a wellbutrin/prozac cocktail for mine and it has been the only meds that have helped
  2. yes i am! i have been seeing a therapist for over a year, but mainly because i had an ed, some personality disorders, bp, and lots of reckless behavior..etc. i am on a mix of medications for leveling out my emotions, and would really like to try and get rx for valium or xanax maybe (something solely for anxiety since i am already on ssris) but i am still quite young and scared she will think i am trying to scam for drugs! also i am sorry that you have similar issues but i am glad you have found something to help a bit!
  3. does anyone have any help with dealing with visual anxiety triggers? i don't know how to explain it but i have intense anxiety when i see certain things... kind of like when people hear nails on a chalkboard etc.. I struggled with it all through highschool and had to often go to the counselor during biology class because i get so anxious and sick when i see clusters of holes or circles etc. think fish eggs,spider eggs, honeycomb, mushrooms, cells, bone marrow, the frogs that lay eggs out of their back,etc. i finally figured out that it has a name (i don't know if its recognized as a legitimate phobia however)... Trypophobia. I am a young girl and out alot and its hard to see things that commonly occur in nature and physically throw up up or have goosebumps or want to pass out. recently there was a lice outbreak at my sisters elementary school and she didn't have them but i locked myself in my room because the thought of all the lice laying eggs in my hair physically made me sick.. does anyone have any experience with this type of anxiety/phobias?
  4. same here girly! that is part of the reason i am so into horror films! people's will to live absolutely fascinates me!
  5. i went to a behavioral hospital (like a whole hospital that has all different units..one for vets with ptsd, one for adolescents etc..) and was in the adolescent ward. honestly it was really similar to whats depicted in the movie/book Girl, Interrupted. i was thought of as the "hot girl" in the ward and a lot of the girls would touch my thigh when i first got there but i told them i wasn't into that and they understood. they were all cool girls and it was kind of fun. i was there because my therapist thought i was endangering myself too much and behaving too reckless. we really sat around all day watching tv (americas next top model marathons mostly) and went to a cafeteria two times a day for meals. we had a group therapy session once a day, gym class and met with a doctor once a day..but it was really only for a couple minutes tops. there was alcohol and substance abuse classes once a day and if you didnt have a problem with that you stayed in your room and could read or work on homework. we got snacks and girls and boys werent allowed to talk to eachother. there were little kids (ten and under) who the older girls wold normally look after. the nurses are mean and will try to sedate you for every little thing! everytime you got into a fight or were crying not during therapy they would add an extra day to your stay!one day they brought in puppies for us to play with. the first day there i was so uncomfortable and cried all the time. after that you kind of bond with the girls and get into trouble and have fun. i never did this personally but a lot of them would get into fights and stuff for fun!alot of the girls have been there before and will tell you what you need to do and say in order to get out. you haveone phone call a day and visitation once. family can join you for a meal on holidays! really it wasn't that bad but it didn't help me at all and was a huge waste of money because we spent most ofthe day watching tv and i probably talked to a psychiatrist for 10 minutes total.
  6. I can relate a bit.. maybe you don't want him back but you want him to want you back? I don't know how to explain! I was depressed that my ex didnt want me back and when he did i realized that i didnt want him back i just wanted to have the control again!
  7. it was the first time i was meeting my (ex) boyfriends friends, and i was a minor (they were in their twenties) and hadn't eaten for days and we played a card game and they got me really drunk and I stood up and fell flat on my face. it was really cute
  8. i think watching films about drug use (Candy, Christiane F., Requiem for a Dream, Drugstore Cowboy, Trainspotting, etc) might help because they kind of show you the appeal and then it all goes to shit!
  9. i made multiple people i had no interest in fall in love with me just to see if i could
  10. i am on a combo of wellbutrin and prozac! it also has made me not want to self harm at all, but it hasn't helped at all with my substance abuse, so i don't think its helped impulse control wise! what a mystery
  11. she is probably inexperienced and nervous about not knowing what to do. if her ex climaxed from dry humping then they probably didn't do much more than that and she might not know what to do/how to do it and is scared of not being able to please you so she would rather put the blame on you than risk having herself to blame!
  12. tell her your concerns maybe she is crazy too!bonnie and clyde!
  13. yes! i hated him and hated him and hated him. one night he was jealous that all his friends would hit on me in front of him so he bought 200 dollars worth of cocaine and tried to get us to get matching tattoos but we were too drunk to set the needle and thread and ink up, then on my way home he broke up with me and called me a crazy bitch!
  14. it's not a self help book, it's a memoir. it's called Zoo Station , its about Christiane F... a teenager from Berlin who was addicted to heroin and became a prostitute to get her fix
  15. i saw a documentary about some doctors wanting to legalize it as means of treatment for depression.i also do not get a rush from it, just feel content. however, my comedowns are so bad and i have to use other substances just to get through it!
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