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  1. It's a crappy day--time for some soup:)

  2. Another mercury retrograde....bitch alert:ninja:

    1. TakeAChillPill


      Holy S***.  Is that why I feel like I have PMS but my period is not due for 10 days?  I just don't feel like myself.  Bitch mode activated here as well.  

  3. Migraine gone and the angries have left...back to my "normal" self today:goofy:

  4. My new fave word is "No!" I'm getting good at it too...no no no no no no!haha Boundaries are good!

  5. Alone on a holiday is *way* better than being in a drama....if ur alone, embrace the peace with gratitude. I'm gonna do whatever the hell I want ....even run with scissors....just cuz I can? Hope everyone has a good 4th!

    1. M@ri


      YES to all of it, except maybe not the running with scissors part :)

  6. Busy.Fucking.Bee

  7. Feeling really bitchy today. People IRL have pissed me off to no end. I'm eating bacon and chocolate. Yes, im a beast


  8. Contemplating eating everything in the fridge...but everything in the fridge is sprouted, healthy or Kale... I think I lose<_<

  9. Coffee--more coffee!!!!!!!:goofy:

  10. Slowly defrosting...Elsa is beaten and in the trunk of my car...I've had enough Frozen to last me forever!haha?

    1. jt07


      So I guess you won't be moving to Alaska then?

    2. Brokendishes


      only when it breaks off and drifts down to the equator. haha

  11. New Year, new Attitude. #theBitchisBack haha

  12. Holding Frosty the Snowman at gunpoint☃️??

  13. Alive and kicking??

  14. I could eat a whole box of cupcakes right now!!!!

  15. I desperately need a new ipad..why are they so frikking expensive??!! Are the Apple people *that* poor:(

  16. Hoping the sunshine is going to stay and winter isn't going to sneak back again

  17. So tired even my eyes hurt. Where are you my Seroquel?

  18. In a zip code long past 'tired' and 'broke down'...

  19. Some people like 'food porn'...you know, gorgeous tasty treats they see online and in mags and drool over.

    I like 'dog porn'....cute rescue doggies that need a home and are all cute and waggly-tailed. I call it 'dog shopping' cuz it sounds nicer.

    I miss my dog:(

  20. sick, tired, alone and lonely. omg I'm a fucking country song:(

  21. Seething with hatred, but soon there may be an escape....soon....

  22. Mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted

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