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Hmmmmm, about me....what can I say?... Psycho Barbie, Warrior Queen, Goddess....


Inside me is a struggle. A struggle between my inner Jaime Sommers--patron saint of non-violent blondes, and Callisto--the super-pissed of arch nemesis of 'she who is without name'--but she's a brunette with an irritating blonde for a sidekick.

And I do happen to look like them both--like if they had a baby, it would be me.

So I spend my time trying to figure what part of the goodie goodie and the evil hell bitch is really *me*. Which path am I supposed to walk.


I love animals and nature and all kinds of stuff, so I'd make a lousy Warrior Queen--not to mention my total inability to tolerate blood and gore.lol And as much as I'd like to be all hippie, peaceful and stuff, I tend to get Callisto-crazy over perceived wrongs...whether to me or others, I just tend to swoop in like the Avenging Bitch of Justice, even if it's over something like a parking space. Ok, I probably have anger management issues to add to my regular, crazy issues, but I am trying. I'm busily reprogramming my brain to be different than how I was brought up, and am trying to find a balance between hippie calm and Callisto rage. it's a process, so sue me if I don't get it right all the time.


I tend to like animals way better than people because most people suck--not you of course lol--Animals just love you how you are and don't expect you to change, or evolve --or even shower...They're cool with you however you are.


I used to work alot but I have a chronic medical condition--because the Gods didn't think it funny enough to curse me with MI--might as well throw in a rare, underfunded medical condition to make things interesting.lol

Now I'm just trying to chill and recover from my illness and plot where to go and what to do with the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to moving to the southwest and enjoying the desert life. Lizards are cool and can't be that much work to keep around.lol


Anyway, I love all my crazy folks here--and I say crazy with love--I'm not mocking anyone because I would be the last to judge crazy, cuz my crazy is crazy! And I'm glad to get to know everyone.


Feel free to message me anytime or comment on my blog, friend me--whatever....it's cool.

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