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  1. I feel different person...and i think i look as a different person. The only thing i did is cut the food cause im on a diet. I take my 30 mg antipsychotic abilify as usually. I dont understand what you dont undrstand about th free will:P
  2. Maybe im paranoid but can u explain this: CPK 542 IU/L (ordinary values 38-174) SGPT/ALT 108 IU/L (ordinary values 5-35) SGOT/AST 43 IU/L (ordinary values 5-37) G-GT 219 UI/L (ordinary values 9-55) fosfatasi alcalina55 UI/L (ordinary values 25-125) LDH 443 UI/L (ordinary values 170-480) I have the impression that i was under 30 mg abilify...but now im not sure. Plz help
  3. So is it insane to try to lower my dossage? Hypothetical question do not answer...i know that i have right:) Thats my story with pdoc. -Pdoc i want to cut risperdal cause i have a lot of sideeffects and i want to try abilify -Noway...no...no...no (agree after a major fight for 15 mg abilify) -Pdoc i want to go for the max dossage of 30 mg cause im not feeling very good -Sure no problem...great. And the years pass...everything fine. Im working,the october i will stydy in the same time for my third degree,i have goals,dreams and my life goes unbelievable well. They say that they r not sure that the disease is caused by biological factors...so why not to try to lower my dossage? I will call my pdoc in the next days to arrange a meeting...havent see her for years. So if anyone can give some info i will appreciate it. Thx everyone that has already replied.
  4. If Its Not Broken Dont Fix It well maybe they have right...psychiatry has a lot to learn cause they study the human brain...a mystery. My philosophy is to try for the best. I dont speak very good english and i have hard time to express myself.
  5. I will but i need info...I dont think that pdocs have knowledge for everything...and i dont trust them much. I suffer many years cause i was taking risperdal (many sideffects on me)...and i have give a fight to change to abilify...and now everything is fine many years. Sure they study and they have the experience...but they do mistakes many times cause they afraid to take responsibilities...lets leave things as they are.
  6. Cause im on medic for ten years not the best thing for my body. Im stable many years. My liver has some values very high for example...i owe myself a try.
  7. Hello all. Im on 30 mg Abilify for some years and on antipsychotics for 10 years. Im doing really fine and im thinking of lower the dossage of abilify. What is the best way to do it...i need experience from people that they have done this or some links for the best way. Sure i will ask my Pdoc. Thx in advance.
  8. Ok the positive symptoms are the worst but the drugs helps fight them cause they target there. I wonder what is your worst negative symptom that you have to deal in your daily live. Mine i think is alogia...i have nothing to say most of the time.At least i have my work and communicate a little bit in specific topics but when it comes to chat for everything i have nothing to say. My english are not so good to descripe it better...so what you have to deal with who makes your life harder?
  9. I told to a doc (not pdoc) that i take medication cause i have scizophrenia and he said to me if it is permitted to have sex. (well maybe he wanted to say if he permitted to ask this question but he said the above).
  10. I take 30 mg Abilify daily and it helps me a lot.I dont have any side effects (the first few days i have an acid burp and isomnia). The only drugs i have tried so far is risperdal and abilify. Abilify working better for me so far...i like it especially cause my negatives all less severe and i dont have any positive symptoms.
  11. I m on 30 mg abilfy and i feel very well. No side effects for me....maybe less creativity with my antipsychotics pills.
  12. You are not ur illness.You have some commons with other people with the same illness but ur not your illness. I have met only two people with the same illness in my life (i think i dont know for sure probably more statistically speaking:) ) and there was totally different personalities than me..we have some commons elements but thats it. Try do not think too much ur illness...something that i do as well for many times per day. Usually when i messed up with something or i dont do something right i always have the excuse...aaaa its my illness and probably it is most of the times but i think that we must stop thinking like this. Time is our ally. The english language complicates me and i cant tell exactly what i need to tell but i think i did it:)
  13. http://www.schizophrenia.com/sznews/archives/000607.html I think thats the reality not what your tdoc says But that doesnt mean nothing.
  14. Off topic I saw chipmaster in your rx that u take 90 mg abilify daily. I thought that 30 mg abilify daily is the maximum dossage (that is how much i take). Is it working for u?
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