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  1. Some DV (domestic violence) shelters have it down... but most... well, they just remove all access to the internet except for staff - who of course use things like facebook and other IP logging, GPS using, sites to their heart's content. Even to the extent of disallowing parents to continue access to homeschooling programs. Why? Cause computers show your location.... No - they show your IP, and someone has to know how to log into a site that shares it openly to even view it... and then, it says the city. I get that... if the person you're hiding from is a geek that knows how to g
  2. Fine.. On a different note, I noticed the Etodolac mention in your sig, and I'm curious how it compares to rx level Naproxen for you? (One of those is roughly the equivalent of 2 1/2 OTC Naproxen pills) Is there really a major difference in effectiveness, or is it more minor? I'm wondering because the ER here pushes a similar med, Toradol, as if it were the equivalent of 1mg IV Dilaudid...and I'm wondering if the stronger NSAIDS really are significantly better (minus that obvious hype). I have to refuse them because I won't take the risk of causing a MAOI-HTN event to be m
  3. That's not inaccurate, but please understand, there's a good reason why MI med toxicologies are either misrepresented or hard to find. The majority of people can be helped out of of their depression/suicidal thoughts. Most suicidal attempts end in gratefulness it didn't work. It isn't overall beneficial to point to flaws that could prevent finding real help.
  4. I know they're there, I've found them before - and for my MI, it works. But I've gone from a high end Mayo Clinic Psych who naturally understood that, to a Resident --- and she can't seem to find any viable research showing that dopa-agonists work for treatment resistant depression... her exact words, it only works for Parkinsons (or other brain dxs). (What other brain dxs???? A) For one..?) B) I know she's wrong, and I found and have the studies on my old computer, but not with me.. and I no longer have access to my university study database either. If anyone can sen
  5. For me, when my ADHD isn't strong enough to interfere with reading.. I fall into the book. I'm emersed in that world and outside noise and elements fall away. But, when my ADHD rises in severity - reading is like pulling teeth. I can read textbooks, websites, and studies well enough.. but they're broken down into very structured categories. You can have your mind wonder off, refocus on the text and lose nothing. With real books, however, when my mind skips out of the story, I lose the bigger context. I can read and understand the individual sentences just fine... but how it relates to
  6. Exactly. I actually just did an MRI today to look for spinal compression in my neck. My neurologist said that finding something would likely allow me access to the pain medication he already believes I need, but can't give me due to this mess. I honestly don't know how I want it to come back.. A part of me is actually hoping he's right about me having a spinal cord injury. All so that a doctor's ass is covered enough to prescribe how they wish to - and I could actually treat my pain. So fucked up.
  7. Just to be clear, I'm not blaming addicts - I'm blaming society that believes that if only these evil medications could be stopped, there wouldn't be any addicts. That nobody would do drugs and all would be saved. There are of course instances of doctors prescribing much higher doses and amounts than are justified to people who have never been on opiates before, and aren't aware of the dependency element or potential addiction. Adolescents and the Elderly come to mind. I sympathize with that & that was negligent. However, in the current environment, I think you'd be hard pressed to
  8. I'm so fucking tired of this damn war on drugs. The persecution of doctors and even pharmacists (YES - PHARMACISTS are losing their licences in FL for filling "too many" 100% legit scripts - not forgeries, but by doctors with active DEA credentials appropriately medicating -- not some crazy ass amount of oxycodone or worse). It leaves people like me, in chronic hard-core pain (that's only gotten worse) crying in bed from the pain. Doctors are too afraid to treat their patients. Meanwhile.. it's all about the poor, innocent, helpless victims of a world where pain meds exist and they've g
  9. When I lived in FL, trigger point injections were no big deal. Walk-in Clinics, PCP offices... You could get them. What do you have to do here? See a fucking hospital specialist - with a wait of a week or 3 months (depending on if you're an existing patient). WTF? And all these idiots OD'ing on opiates has scared doctors even more & has evoked ER rules like - they can't RX codine meds for any chronic conditions. Migraines, Fibro, even spinal disk issues - you're getting NSAIDS, or at best, lidocaine patches. As a rule, I've never gone to the ER for pain. I knew better
  10. You're really going to need the lab work. 100mg a day isn't advised and you can quickly damage your liver - hence the importance of the testing. You need to catch it early so you can stop the med and not have major issues. The only actual approved alternative dosing schedule I see listed is 50mg M-F and 100mg on Sat (Blue text below). I'm not sure if increasing the dose actually increases the efficiency or if it just increases toxicity. You're basically just blocking opioid (feel good) receptors, which is why they use it in Alcoholism too.. but if eating doesn't actually make you feel goo
  11. It's in the sig. The biggest thing is, her and her medical professional agree on the treatment. It's a case worker who has nothing to do with prescribing that's saying this. That in and of itself is a problem. I'm happy to use my best judgement based on my own history and research to belay her fears on that and share my opinion that what they're doing together makes sense. It would be horrible if a case manager got in the way of a working treatment.
  12. It was probably PET. I actually sent my new pdoc a message asking if there was any diagnostic worth to having one done. They're able to see which sections aren't operating correctly (which is interesting in and of itself).. but that doesn't necessarily equate to them knowing how to target it or why it's occurring. I'd like a look at my hippocampus more than anything. Previous imaging, I think MRI, could show the overall gray matter loss over time.. but other than finding that Lithium was neuroregenerative, I don't think they studied individual meds. It's definitely not in anyone's hea
  13. Oh, and it's a bit off topic, but you should also check out Bromelain (It's stuff in a pineapple's core). I heard about it flipping though Dr. Oz of all things.. but I did my research and it's really promising with inflammatory markers. Most of the research is focused on cancer, but most of the markers are the same ones we're seeing in things like MI and Fibromyalgia too. My GP at the time was rather surprised and happy that I was taking it. I just need to remember to take it more often.. lol. It's a take up to two 2400gdu/500mg pills after food 3x a day (based on research amounts, no
  14. Thanks for the links! I'll have to check them out a bit more once things calm down. This is what I take: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/nutrition-now-b-complex-adult-gummy-vitamins-strawberry/ID=prod6155790-product?skuId=sku6138856 I used to get it from Drugstore.com, but apparently they went out of business. The product got updated by the manufacturer, but all they did was switch the "color" (purple carrot juice concentrate) for (Black Carrot Juice Extract).. and got rid of a small amount of Inositol 7mg that was just used for added sweetness. Makes sense cause extract fla
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