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  1. Hypothetically speaking....what if I believe only the strong should survive? That the world is too populated, and keeping people alive through chemicals that most likely cause damage and suffering down the line is not a good thing?
  2. I'm sorry I was so insensitive by even posting this. I had no idea that it would create such an uproar. I know. I know. I'm an idiot. I never meant for it to seem like I'm saying being autistic is a bad thing. You can hate me if you want to but I am just repeating what I've heard. Thank you to the couple of people who were respectful towards me. I am still 90 percent against getting the vaccinations. The only reason I'm 10% open to it is for my brother. I just would like someone to explain to me why vaccine companies are not held liable, if they are so safe? I'm not completely against meds but I was damaged by meds and no one can reverse that damage. Why do I not have the right to freedom of speech or freedom to deny a medical procedure? Just seems wrong to me.
  3. Measles was nearly eliminated before vaccinations and the only people who died from it are people who have had a measles vaccination. Like Snopes is supposed to be a final decision on anything? Lol. It's a liberal site run by a husband and wife who have no qualifications whatsoever.
  4. I'm honestly very upset that everyone is making it look like I want to harm a baby. My dilemma was that I didn’t know how to tell my brother that I would prefer waiting till it's safe, not that I think he shouldn't vaccinate his child. I didn't realize babies have no immune system, that's the only thing I'm stupid about here. Anyway, I'm not even going to look at any links because no one can change my mind. If you all really want to be educated, check out the the fucking package insert of the dtp shot. On page 11 it clearly states all the dangers and autism is listed right there. IN THE SHOT MANUFACTURERS MANUAL. I wish I could link it here but I don't know how to upload a 13 page document.
  5. He just told me that "the Dr said if I don't get a shot, I can't see the baby until after it's 4 months old cause if she gets whooping cough she could die" Lol. The Dr said. That's fine with me, I'm in no rush to meet her. I will wait.
  6. My brother and his wife had a baby last week and I didn't visit in the hospital cause they said anyone who visits needs a flu shot and TDAP (don't even know what that is but it's some kind of vaccine) But now the baby is home and I was talking to my brother and he asked if I got shots yet so I could visit. I said no. I am completely against shots, is that mandatory? He said he will talk to his wife and get back to me. Are you fucking kidding me? Vaccines are known to have carcinogens that cause soooo many issues. Cancer, Autism, Fibromyalgia, the list goes on an on. Now, if they want to vaccinate their baby, that's their business. But why the fuck do I need to inject that poison into me? I've never even had a flu in my life! I believe in being reasonable and getting a little germs into your system to make yourself stronger. If the baby has a flu shot, why the fuck do I need one? I am not trying to start a vaccine debate here. I am not changing my mind about them. They are something big pharma and the cdc created to make money and poison us. So...what do I do? Should I just never meet my neice? That's kind of sad but honestly, I don't really care. I hate his wife and am against everything about her. But I know that's stupid and I'm sure I would love the baby if I met her. I just can't subject myself to getting a shot just to meet her. They are being ridiculous. Now I'm going to be known as the stubborn back sheep who won't have anything to do with family affairs all because they want to raise their baby in a bubble. Raising babies in bubbles makes them weaker and sicker in the long run. This is soooo against my morals!
  7. I can appreciate that, thank you for clarifying, Wooster. I was a little shamed at first (I'm sure that's my own shit there) but now I understand more so I apologize again.
  8. And also- when you tag someone you are not asking others to speak for them. You simply remind that person you tagged that you care and if they choose to come back, then great. If not, they will ignore it.
  9. *Standing ovation* Totally agree , and I don't see how people's CB usernames being searched on Google is an invasion of privacy but again, it's not my place to say. Just wanted to say than you again to Melli!
  10. Thank you for checking in Bellatrix and Ananke! Also, thank you Melli for speaking out for me in a much more efficient way than I would be capable of speaking because I still don't see the harm in what I did. But I respect Wooster very much and her position of authority here so I will just leave it at that.
  11. 15 below zero windchill.  What a great day to be a dog walker. :cussing:Kill me now.

  12. Thanks, Iaawal! He did two hilarious new things this week (I may mention it in my blog next time cause I'm too exhausted to write much tonight) but I am finding myself really missing him when I'm at work and the thought of giving him back just made me too sick to my stomack. He's eveb been waking up a rad bit later and just being such a fun companion in general . I think it's only going to get better and better with time. It may take a while but I can see it happening.
  13. I've decided that I can't give him up. It's not easy caring for him but I'm finding myself growing more and more attached to him , and he's actually becoming a little bit better every day. Something tells me that in like 2 or 5 years I will wonder how the hell I could have even considered giving him up. I can't do it. We're in this for the long haul. Thanks to everyone who helped me, listened to me, and supported me with this difficult decision.
  14. It's 1:30 am & I can't sleep and I need to be up in 4 hours. I've been struggling so much with this . Last night I dreamt that I put him in a frying pan (with no intention of cooking him or even turning on the stove) I just put him on it to hang out, for some odd reason, and he immediately died. I scopped him up into my arms and somehow brought him back to life. He started flying a little around the room....and died again . I'm not sure exactly what the dream meant but I take it, it had to do with how painstakingly difficult this is for me. 6 more days to decide...
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