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  1. Well, they don't talk about me as far as i know. (although they would have lots to talk about ) But i understand your point and i think your right, i'm afraid that they might be talking about me. So maybe my mind translated that into "real" voices. My Social Anxiety "diagnose" seems not to far off base now, although i'm getting much beter! Yeah, i really dont think my therapist understands me, because i can't verbalize my feelings. Especialy in a 30 minute meeting. *It's supposed to be 50 minutes, but they're always late. Oh the joy of psychiatric hospitals* I used to print out posts and highlight parts that felt familiar. That helped, but not enough. So the update; Last week i been REALLY busy, build decor for a festival. Volenteerwork, just to keep me busy. So i haven't really heard any voices lately, too busy being zoned out while painting. Working does appear to be good for me. Less depressed thoughts, No time to think. It does have a huge effect on my moods, i'm so much more moody. Just what i needed, more moodiness less depressive thoughts, Pick the less of 2 evils right? I did tell my therapist about the voices, he wasn't too worried. And now i'm seeing him once in 2 weeks. I'm dealing with life... feels like a soap-opera No new scars, that's good. :embarassed: Probably be single again soon, can't deal with my own jealousy and co-dependency issues. Great. We'll see how that goes. Thanks everyone! wouldn't know what to doo without CrazyBoards and the everyone on here. Timmet, Dealing with life, badly ps. Wish me luck! The festival is this afternoon... Children everywhere!
  2. Hello, thanks for all the kind words Well, not suprisingly my therapist took it all really lightly, although i guess that's just him. And yes i know 2 years isn't very long compared to many other people on here, but it took me that long to figure out it really isn't about the label, but about the treatment. Although it would feel nice to be labeled. My moods are screwed since my original post, and i haven't really heard any more voices although i do have my headphones on 24/7. REALLY loud, so i can't even hear myself think. In more positive news; I passed my second evaluation on the HKU , Just 1 more and i'll be accepted. So the good news is, i have atleast one talent. Well, i'm off to write a mail to my girlfriend. Yay for drama Timmet, currently all over the place;
  3. Hi Been on zoloft for about 2 months now (i think ), just switched to 100mg from 50mg a week ago. And i'm not searching for a diagnose, i've sorta given up... My psychiatrists have tried for 2 years to figure me out. Still no diagnose, only could be's for the past year. Aparently i show signs of everything from Autism to Bipolar And you have been really helpfull, just knowing someone is listening feels great. Something the people in my live really should try sometimes. Yeah, i'll certainly tell my therapist tomorrow, see what he thinks. Timmet, feeling a little beter allready
  4. hey Blackbird Yes, i'm currently taking 100mg Zoloft although i missed my dose that day because i had none left. And no, never had anything like this happen. Guess that is why it kinda scared me. Timmet
  5. hello, This is my first post on the board, been lurking for some time now... Short introduction: 17 year old male, been kicked off 4 different schools after that i've given up on school... an unemployed welder, currently trying to get into art-school *Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht to be precise*. I'm being treated for currently unnamed problems for about 2 years now by my team of psychiatrists and Psychologists... currently i have 1 of both Well that was my introduction. But i'm going of track... The point of this post a simple question: What do you think this is; Yesterday while sitting behind the computer, i started hearing voices. Inside my head to be precise, like my thoughts. Only this weren't my thoughts, it was the voice of a friend, talking. I first thought it were just my own thoughts, but when i tried to make it stop i couldn't. I had no controle over them. Slowly more voices started to add, untill there were 4 of my friends. Arguing, Laughing, Talking about someone... i couldn't really understand any of it, most of the things made no sence. But i had the distinct feeling they were talking about me, to me, laughing at me, infront of me. I really don't know what happend, it wasn't sleep related because it happend about 2,5 hours before i went to sleep, and i wasn't tired at all. I would really appreciate any input. Thanks in advance, Timmet :embarassed: ps. please excuse any spelling mistakes, english is my second language
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