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  1. Hi Breeze i love your posts-too bad you have not posted lately.

  2. Here's what you do---go to my profile and click on "add me as a friend". That's what I did on your profile, and now I'm showing up as a friend.

  3. So how come I'm not listed as one of your friends??? Hmmmmmm???

  4. hey -where's our pic?

  5. May I? Perhaps if you just "let go" you'll "catch up" to yourself and slowly flow out of the dream state and back into your body. I think it's a protective mechanism that is holding you back. You are just outside yourself and once you are used to the experiences, you'll be back in your body. It's a good thing. Stay with it and the T-doc. Tell her everything. But I don't really know the therapy, I was just reading along and wanting to help. Bleeze
  6. This is an old thread, but you're singing my song. I take it for anxiety. I'm also in need of a BP med (blood pressure) so this works double duty and works well. I can't believe the other SE's you guys are mentioning. I've had none of them. I went to this because nothing else worked for my anxiety. Bleeze
  7. I know this is an old thread. It's gone all over the map. People in their ignorance have been rude and well, ignorant. But here's what I've learned: Not here, just life. You will gain faith as you grow older. And it doesn't have to be in any organized religion or organization. But faith, hope, and trust are great additions to our daily battles to become healthier. If you "believe" in something, and I believe that should be private, then that will aid you greatly in your journey through life. Maybe you've lost faith because the world as a whole, doesn't look so great right now. Maybe you've never tried with trust and hope - but the three to me are a group. There is much I'd like to write, but I want to cook dinner. My husband has trust and hope that I will make dinner for him. And he has faith in me that I will provide him with a good dinner. Bottom line? I think it changes all the time for a human, the older we get. And I think it should. Questioning what others want you to have faith in is a good thing. Finding something that works for you, is even better. Good luck Selene. I think the best news will be that we never hear what you've found. That means it is deeply personal and none of our business. Breeze
  8. S.M. Glass: Great handle btw. Anyway. Do you have a system to help with these kinds of thoughts? Like listening to music? Or going for a walk if you live in the right part of the country? I think the point here is not really that you gave your roommate the Ativan but that you can't get that out of your head two days later. I do the same thing. I get all worked up over small things that most people just trip on by. It's really tough to have this mind that feels like a record skipping. I probably just dated myself there. You aren't crazy. You just need to find ways to help yourself to get past these situations. No, you probably won't give your roommate an ativan again. But something else will come along and when it does you need a way to deal with it. Good luck and I hope tomorrow is better. Bleeze
  9. Yes it will make your depression worse and yes that's a really fast schedule for coming off of Klonopin. I guess you ask to go on a lower dose? Or a "lessor" benzo? Until you get through the probation period? Then you can go off of it. Right? Bleeze
  10. What Steve said. The Internet shouldn't replace the Good Old Fashioned Doctor. And I haven't looked around or seen many of Katy's posts, but Katy: you put a lot of responsibility on CB'ers who want to share experiences in order to help each other if you throw out scary questions like that. He's right. Give some more background on you and your situation. And ML is right too. Could be a symptom, could be something else. Don't make what people say here "fit" into what you want it to be. It's a lot less frightening to have anxiety than a heart problem. Go to your doctor. Good answer Steve. Bleeze
  11. Chew the tablet. You'll notice they're "minty fresh" and the reason is so you can chew it. They get into your bloodstream faster and therefore work faster. I've always chewed them since my husband turned me onto this feature during a really bad panic attack. However, I have to mention ( as I always do ) that my panic attacks have really gotten fewer since I started yoga. This is because learning yoga teaches you how to breathe, and breathing is what helps prevent panic attacks. Or at least you can breathe through it. God I used to hate hearing that. "Breathe!" But I gotta say: it works. Anyway - chew your Klonopin and you'll find your relief faster. Bleeze
  12. C'mon guys. How can you work yourselves into a high pitched frenzy over "thoughts". This is how I bring myself down. They're just thoughts. They can't hurt you. The past is the past. You can't change what is. But today you can do your best to be better than yesterday. So if no matter how you feel about what was, today is a fresh start. (blech) I'm not Tony Robbins in disguise. I just believe that when you get worked up, as I've done, the best thing you can do to bring yourself to Square One is: these are just thoughts. They can't hurt or hurl you into suicide. And I speak for anxiety alone. I guess "think about it" would be dumb. Bleeze
  13. Raj: Obviously to get an informed answer, you're going to have to supply more information. Everyone is different. Everyones body reacts differently to different meds. You may have to go through your own trials to make sure you're getting what works for you. I can't take SSRI's at all. I'm on a different class of meds to help with my anxiety. I had to learn the hard way that SSRI's were too stimulating for me. Also. Are you depressed? Lexapro is commonly used for people who have depression and anxiety together. Lexapro is stimulating and isn't good if you are tangling with anxiety alone. It appears someone has suggested an SSRI to you, or you've read about it. So either come back with more of the story, or take your p-doc's recommendations. (I am assuming you have one) Breeze
  14. Here's your answer: Without a lot of good documentation from a doctor, you can't obtain benzos online. I know that this shit doesn't fly here as I've been a member for a long time. But I'm going to answer the question for you since no one has. You have to have: 1) a script 2) good medical records within the past year that clearly state the reason you need a controlled substance 3) a whole lot of money It's really not worth it. I've looked around at these sites although don't use them because of good p-doc and we have resolved our benzo disagreement. The sites that say they will sell you these meds without a real doctor's script will rip you off. Also you could try the International market. They're probably even worse. I had a friend who went this route and spent a few hundred dollars (and it really was a friend, not me) and got some kind of bullshit for his money. The above people trying to help you are right. Either make up with Daddy and get back into therapy or find a small clinic that you can afford. But you aren't going to find what you want online today. Breeze
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