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  1. I just stopped in to tell people that I started a discussion group in Yahoo for people with both diabetes and bipolar, as we have unique challenges: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bipolar_Diabetics/
  2. What the hell....? You guys are nuts and you are confusing this board with a real time relationship, and that's not possible. Goodbye assholes.
  3. Goddamn it, a.m., you act like we are in a relationship or something - the way you are always accusing me of shit and attacking me. Leave me the hell alone. I'm not safe to post here. I've said it before, I'll say it now. Let go of your obsession with me. I guess I will just stop posting again. Are you "Brian" on that stupid brain-dead board over at About.com? He hangs out among the women and then attacks, attacks, attacks. You guys get these boards confused with REAL RELATIONSHIPS.
  4. The patient died today. Haven't you ever seen the cable TV show, Reno 911? I always call it a reality show, because the cops are so very bumbling in Reno. Once, when I lived in Sparks (where this same cop is from) I had to call 911 because my huge boyfriend was threatening to punch my face in and kill me. I was scared to death and mildly hysterical (rightly so). The cops came out, separated us, while one cop preaches Jesus to me for at least 1/2 hour, and the other cop writes down in his little black notebook "Bipolar." He then proceeds to slyly (he thought) point out this this one word in his little notebook to me, and tell me that they have the 911 tape as evidence of my "mood swings." This had nothing to do with my mood swings. My boyfriend had come home in a bad mood and was taking "swings" at me. So that is how they are, and you know they will put their spin on this, and the murderous cop will get off with no harmed standing in the community whatsoever.
  5. Hi all; My husband and I are totally mis-matched with our sleep disorders. I am 51 and have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, diagnosed by 3 sleep clinics (whch means I am ready to go out and party at night). My husband, 61, I suspect, has Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome. (see below). Which means he's up early and active in the mornings, naps, and is as useless after 8pm as I am before noon! Ok, so we know all that. But what causes him to act DRUNK by 10pm? (He doesn't drink or do drugs or pills). Also, when he's driving after about 8pm, his reflexes slow way down to the point where he can hardly drive. He is in denial about this completely! And he gets so grumpy you can't talk to him. (Which, if he were to get drunk on a few beers, he is totally a happy drunk). Does anyone know what aspect of ASPS having slurred speech is? Or is this a whole other sleep disorder, maybe? He won't go to a sleep clinic because, like I said, he insists "nothings wrong" with him. ADVANCED SLEEP PHASE SYNDROME What is advanced sleep phase syndrome? Advanced sleep phase syndrome is a disorder in which the major sleep episode is advanced in relation to the desired clocktime, that results in symptoms of compelling evening sleepiness, an early sleep onset, and an awakening that is earlier than desired. What are the symptoms? Inability to stay awake until the desired bedtime or inability to remain asleep until the desired time of awakening There is a phase advance of the major sleep episode in relation to the desired time for sleep Symptoms are present for at least 3 months When not required to remain awake until the later bedtime, patients will: Have a habitual sleep period that is of normal quality and duration, with a sleep onset earlier than desired Awaken spontaneously earlier than desired Maintain stable entrainment to a 24-hour sleep-wake pattern There is a chronic inability to stay awake in the evening or sleep later into the morning hours. The major complaint may concern either the inability to stay awake in the evening, or early morning awakening insomnia, or both. Unlike other sleep maintenance disorders, the early morning awakening occurs after a normal amount of undisturbed sleep. Unlike other causes of excessive sleepiness, daytime school or work activities are not affected by sleepiness. However, the evening activities are cut short by the need to retire much earlier than the social norm. Typical sleep onset times are between 6 and 8 p.m., and no later than 9 p.m., and wake times between 1 and 3 a.m., and no later than 5 a.m. These sleep-onset and wake times occur despite the patient's best efforts to delay sleep to later hours. How does this affect a person? There can be negative personal or social consequences that are due to leaving activites in the early to mid-evening hours in order to go to sleep. Attempts to delay sleep onset to a time later than usual may result in embarrassment due to falling asleep during social gatherings, or more seriously from drowsiness or falling asleep while driving in the evening. Individuals with advanced sleep phase syndrome who attempt to work evening or night shifts would have difficulty staying awake during the evening and early morning hours. If chronically forced to stay up later for social or vocational reasons, the early awakening aspect of the syndrome could lead to chronic sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness or napping. Who gets advanced sleep phase syndrome? It is more likely to appear in the elderly. How is it treated? Advanced sleep phase syndrome is treated with chronotherapy or bright light therapy. Chronotherapy would involve a systematic advancement of bedtime until the desired bedtime is achieved. Bright light therapy would involve inducing a phase delay and the light exposure must be in the early evening. There is not a lot of data about the effectiveness of light therapy for ASPS.
  6. In Reno, Nevada, today, a mentally ill man was shot dead in the parking lot of the psych hospital for holding a hammer. He was shot by a "veteran" cop of 26+ years who should have known how to take down a mentally ill guy with martial arts or something, rather than to empty a gun into him. If you are outraged at this and want to do something, call these people and give your opinion nicely. This mentally ill man was in his 40s and needed treatment, not to be murdered. This is a crappy hospital anyway and he was probably angry because they weren't helping him. I'm not defending him - getting a hammer is not the right way to handle this, but do you really think he was in his right mind and thinking right? NAMI PRESIDENT IN RENO: Joe or Bunchie Tyler (775) 322-1346 [Ask them to speak out publicly against this, because they won't unless pressure gets placed on them to do their NAMI duty]. Sparks Police Dept. Non-Emergency number: (775) 353-2231 Westhills Psych Hospital: (775) 323-0478 KOLO TV: (775) 858-8880 KNRC TV: (775) 322-4444 Demand an explanation. Wouldn't a "veteran" cop know martial arts? Haven't they been trained to take down a confused mentally ill person rather than to shoot them dead in the hospital parking lot? Wouldn't the psych hospital attendants know how to take this man down? This man was not rushing at the cop with a hammer, either; he wouldn't put it down when they told him to. Is that enough to get murdered for when other options are available? He was in his 40s and needed treatment. The cops could have called for back-up. They could have done a hundred different things. Please demand that this murderous policeman lose his badge and his pension. He needs to take out his great frustrations on the target range or by shooting an innocent deer, instead.
  7. Update: Just saw my pdoc and he is trying me on Topamax ("Dopamax") one hour before I take Seroquel. They give Topamax to bingers/purgers and I am a binger on Seroquel. The new drug they were testing that someone brought up here is MERIDIA. It is often given to diabetics, and it isn't given very often because it's already known that it doesn't work very well. Hoodia has CAFFEINE from green tea in it. If you are caffeine-sensitive like me, this certainly wouldn't work in the evenings when I get my cravings! There isn't anymore options for me, other than to go off Seroquel, but I can't because I can't sleep without it. My doctor says that the pharma who does come up with something that works will make a bundle because that means people will be able to take Zyprexa, too. The pharmas are trying.
  8. I have to take exception to this. Risperdal is my "emergency med." In case I get paranoid; the begnnings of psychosis. I don't normally take it and it works fine for me this way. If I took my Seroquel in the daytime, I would get too sleepy to do anything and I would eat way too much for my diabetes all day.
  9. I have my medications totally stable now but the only problem left to tweak is the huge appetitie increase from my 150 mg Seroquel at night. I will get up and eat, eat, eat. It is harming my diabetes (which I already had) immensely. We have tried every other combination and this is the only thing that works for me now. I'm thinking maybe I could take a strong supplement or anti-appetite suppressant when I take the Seroquel, but I can't have caffeine. Has anyone found *any* answers to this dilemma for their Zyprexa, etc?
  10. Read the reviews and you'll see. A better book is The Hypomanic Edge, where it does have something to do with untreated mania in corporate businessmen, politicians, celebrities, etc.
  11. ALL of the OTC sleep/decongestants/cough medicines makes me manic. Can others here actually take Tylenol PM or Excedrin PM or even Nyquil? I used to be able to take them all before bipolar really set in! Now what are we supposed to do when we have a sinus infection or cold? I used to take Nyquil to knock myself out for the whole night and get high while I was sick. Now it does nothing but give me maybe 1/2 hour sleep, or worse, crawl up the walls all night. Here's a good link on this that explains these medicines thoroughly: http://familydoctor.org/otc.xml#Cough]OTC Medicines
  12. You might try stopping caffeine completely. That has helped me a lot mentally. (I know, hard; but do-able). Also, why would you want to tell your pdoc about a small episode like that? They don't need to know everything! If they did, our diagnosis would always be much worse than it is, and they'd start forcing meds on us that we don't need. Or worse, commit us indefinitely.....so, don't disclose if it could bite you in the ass. Best wishes ~~
  13. I know of several MI people who get into small fender benders. Zoning out is one thing, but believing it is a subconscious wish to raise their car insurance is something else! Ha! So maybe Freud was guilty of "magical thinking"? haha! I do, too. Add to my experience that, (1) I didn't have my reading glasses on because I'm not used to having such fuzzy eyesight from high blood sugars, (2) total nervousness with the damn cheap *bending* needles. I also have problems with small motor skills - my brain tells my hands to do one thing and they do another, even if threading beads. My doc is getting me on an insulin PEN which is pre-loaded, doesn't bend, nothing to read. Which makes a whole lotta sense. Either that, or the inhalable kind. :-)
  14. Oh, then you must be from Reno, too! Either that, or think you are a mindreader.
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