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  1. My eyes occasionally dart around really oddly. It's uncontrollable and lasts like 10 seconds, maybe. I have no idea why!!!!
  2. I was on 450 MG of the XL for a loooong time and it worked so well. Then I had a surgery that required me to switch to immediate release so now I'm on 400 MG and it works the same. I <3 it.
  3. I just want to say that having the pest control guys come and them making us take everything out of our cupboards each time is a pain in the ass. We don't have bugs!!!
  4. I just want to say, I'm scared to go back to work.
  5. I have good luck with dresses but not skirts!
  6. I just want to say I'm overwhelmed.
  7. Haldol, wellbutrin, lamictal, and zoloft. I used to take saphris too! It had all mixed nicely with Haldol.
  8. Red sauce also tasted weird to me when I was on a higher dose. Like, spaghetti sauce.
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